5 Tips recruiters can use to attract better candidates

It is difficult to avoid ever making a bad hire but what all companies are aiming for, is to minimise (if not eliminate) the chances of it happening. When you are known as being a great employer, more job seekers will approach your company.


Here are 5 useful tips that will improve your candidate selection process and increase your chances of landing that next great hire:

Write clear and detailed job descriptions

Writing a job description is like writing a script for a commercial. Making sure it is clear and precise will allow you to sell your position better and attract people who want to work for you. Your job description will communicate the responsibilities the candidates needs to fill, the daily tasks he/she will be taking care of, some information about the company background and more.

5 tips to write better job descriptions

Involve your employees in the hiring process

Your employees have the potential to help you considerably in the recruiting process. Because they are already inside the company, they will have a good idea of the holes that need to be filled. They can even assist with the job description writing and truly help identify the tasks the new hire will need to take care of.

Use social media

Social media is a great tool to communicate what your company is truly about. Studies have shown that companies with the most social media presence, are able to attract better candidates. Many active job seekers are scrolling through their feeds, searching for opportunities. Social media is also one of the best options to reach passive job seekers. By making sure you are present on most platforms your target candidates use, you are gaining more visibility and increasing your chances of hiring the right candidates. Do not miss out on the opportunity to use this tool.

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Use the right websites to post your job openings

Job search websites like Shortstints.com are a great way to attract the right job seekers. These websites allow searchers to filter information by career and city, which allows them to find you more easily.

Make the application process simple

If your candidates have to fill multiple forms and provide a ridiculous number of documents to apply for your position, chances are, they will run away! Once they’re gone there is little chance they’ll ever be back or recommend you to their peers. The candidates you’re looking for are highly-skilled, which means they probably have many other employment options to consider. Keep this in mind when setting up your application process. By making it easy for them to apply, you add value to the position.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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