Going through the recruiting process requires the help of your team and I am not only talking of the HR department. You might not think about involving your employees in the recruiting and selection process but doing so can be very beneficial to you and especially to your company.

Here are 4 reasons why you should not hesitate to involve your team in the recruiting process

They will help you take better decisions

Employees, because they are involved in the day to day activities of the company, will be able to bring light to blurred places. Truth is, recruiting new candidates is not an easy task and you might not always know exactly what voids need to be filled. Your employees will be able to bring some clarity and identify where you need more help. Having more people involved in the interview process gives you more insight into the candidate. Numerous perspectives will also increase the chances that the new hire will be a good fit and someone who the team can work with.

It is an opportunity for future recruiters to acquire experience

Some of your current employees will be your supervisors/managers of tomorrow.  By allowing them to be involved in the recruiting process, you will give them training in interviewing techniques, candidates evaluation, and insight into how hiring decisions are made that will benefit them when they move into leadership roles.

It helps you save money

Since involving your employees in the recruiting process helps you truly identify your company’s current needs, it will decrease your chances of hiring the wrong person and save your company money! Many companies end up spending a lot of money because they did not properly select their candidates. It multiples training and integration costs and is not a good thing for the business.

They will feel more valued and integrated

By involving your team in the decision making, you will show them that their opinion matters and that you care about their general well-being as a team. When your team members feel like their voice matter, they will feel more comfortable and communicate important information with you. When employees feel integrated, it will create a sense of belonging that will increase their productivity.


Remember that team work makes the dream work. Do not be afraid to involve your employees when it comes to enlarging your team and making it better and stronger

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