Life after college holds many surprises. The perfect scenario of finding our dream job right after we get our diploma is rarely the reality young graduates face. However, it is all about making the best out of it. Temp jobs are a great way to start your career.

Landing a temp job right after college presents many benefits

Experience: Landing a temp job will help you acquire the experience you need to fill the gaps in your resume. If you freshly graduated from college and have no significant experience, landing a temp job might be the best option for you to add value to your portfolio. Plus, many temp jobs provide real opportunities to truly learn something valuable and be more prepared for your next big opportunity.

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Flexibility: Many temp jobs are part-time or allow you to work as a freelance, which gives you more time for a full-time job search or to work on your other projects. After graduation, it is your time to experiment and try different things. Temp jobs give you the freedom to do so while still providing a monthly paycheck.


Networking opportunities: Landing a temp job after college will put you in contact with people in your field of interest. As a temp employee, you will have the chance to meet other temps who are working on interesting projects. This will give you many opportunities to take your career to the next level by doing collaborations, by learning more about job opportunities and more!


Full-time job offer opportunity:Working at a temp job allows you to have one foot in the “real world” and therefore, opens doors to bigger opportunities. If working full-time is your main goal, then, a temp job can make a way for you. Sometimes, companies bring in temps to test their skills in filtering candidates for full hiring.


Motivation: Let’s face it. The waiting period after graduation can be long and depressing. Landing a temp job will keep you active and motivated by keeping you busy and giving you the opportunity to learn and have an income.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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