Job search can be a long and frustrating process.

Here are 3 things you could do other than getting frustrated:

Stay proactive 

Finding a job doesn’t just happen like that. It is important to stay proactive and be intentional about finding the right position for you. Have more than one dream company. Get ahead of the game and apply for different types of job in your field. This might seem like a lot of work, but it is exactly what you need to do in order to increase your chances of finding the right job for you. Adapt your resume to the different positions you are planing on applying for. Sometimes, the way you frame your experiences will be enough to get the message across and land you the right job. Make a list of your strengths, qualities and accomplishments. Keep this list where you can see it and check it regularly. This will help you when you will need to write cover letters or get ready for an interview.

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Being proactive will allow you to save time, to limit your competition and avoid some frustration.

Stay positive

No matter how hard things get, it is important to keep going. Spend your energy on things you can control. After applying for a job, hope for the best and let it go. You can make the first move by calling your prospective employer or  by making some researches on the type of qualities you need for the job. However, there are many things you will not be able to control like: when your recruiter is going to call you back or if a candidate with more experience is going to apply for the same job. It is important to make everything that is in your power to put the chances on your side and that you let go of what you cannot control.

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Networking is a great way to get connected to people who will be able to offer you a position. While staying behind a screen might be tempting, it won’t make things go faster. Get out there and talk to people. Networking will put you in contact with employers who choose not to advertise their available positions. Many recruiters and managers may rely on networking, as well as word-of-mouth and inside contacts, to find and attract potential job candidates. Networking with employed professionals and industry experts may help people get up to speed on their employability. It will help you have a better idea of what qualifications employers are currently looking for. Employers using different methods to find great candidates. It is up to you to get out there and make sure they notice you.



Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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