5 Tips recruiters can use to attract better candidates

It is difficult to avoid ever making a bad hire but what all companies are aiming for, is to minimise (if not eliminate) the chances of it happening. When you are known as being a great employer, more job seekers will approach your company.


Here are 5 useful tips that will improve your candidate selection process and increase your chances of landing that next great hire:

Write clear and detailed job descriptions

Writing a job description is like writing a script for a commercial. Making sure it is clear and precise will allow you to sell your position better and attract people who want to work for you. Your job description will communicate the responsibilities the candidates needs to fill, the daily tasks he/she will be taking care of, some information about the company background and more.

5 tips to write better job descriptions

Involve your employees in the hiring process

Your employees have the potential to help you considerably in the recruiting process. Because they are already inside the company, they will have a good idea of the holes that need to be filled. They can even assist with the job description writing and truly help identify the tasks the new hire will need to take care of.

Use social media

Social media is a great tool to communicate what your company is truly about. Studies have shown that companies with the most social media presence, are able to attract better candidates. Many active job seekers are scrolling through their feeds, searching for opportunities. Social media is also one of the best options to reach passive job seekers. By making sure you are present on most platforms your target candidates use, you are gaining more visibility and increasing your chances of hiring the right candidates. Do not miss out on the opportunity to use this tool.

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Use the right websites to post your job openings

Job search websites like Shortstints.com are a great way to attract the right job seekers. These websites allow searchers to filter information by career and city, which allows them to find you more easily.

Make the application process simple

If your candidates have to fill multiple forms and provide a ridiculous number of documents to apply for your position, chances are, they will run away! Once they’re gone there is little chance they’ll ever be back or recommend you to their peers. The candidates you’re looking for are highly-skilled, which means they probably have many other employment options to consider. Keep this in mind when setting up your application process. By making it easy for them to apply, you add value to the position.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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How to Make the Most of Short Term Work on Your Resume

Short term work is often overlooked by many job seekers. Because of this idea that only long term experiences matter and have the potential to add value to resumes, many candidates tend to be ashamed to list these short term experiences during their job search process. However, Short term experiences have the power to make a strong impact and land you the job you want.

Let’s explore how to make the most of short term work on your resume.

Do not be ashamed

When it comes to short term experience, everything matters. What often hinders shop seekers is the belief that their experience is irrelevant or will not make them look good. Do not be afraid to step outside of that box. Sit down and list all of them. It can be easy to forget about some of our experiences and leave them under the rug while they have the potential to increase our chances of getting hired.

Short Term Work

Many young professionals find it beneficial acquire experience through temp jobs. Don’t be ashamed of your short term work experience. Every experience is valuable and can equip you with the tools you need to execute your next, long term positions.

Magnify your value 

In order to make the most out of your short term experiences, it is important to highlight your value through the description of our different responsibilities/tasks. It won’t matter if you only worked part time for a 3 month contract if you can truly show that the experience you have gained while doing so has given you qualifications that you will be able to carry with you to your future position. Be specific. Quantifying is alwaysa great idea and will help bring more weight to your resume.

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Be honest and open

Do not try to make your experiences seem like something they are not. Be honest about what you have learned without pretending to have more experience than you really have. Open up about what you want/need to learn from the job you are applying for. Be open about it!

Short Term Work

Short term experience is a powerful tool when you use it wisely. They help fill in the gaps in your resume and add value to your portfolio.

Take advantages of them and use them to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints.

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How to transition from Micro to Macro management?

Micromanagement can become a great source of demotivation for your team. When employees are micro managed, they feel like they are not trusted enough to do the work which leads to a serious decrease in their productivity. Even while knowing this fact, it can be very difficult for managers and supervisors to let go of their micro management habits, especially if they have been practicing it for a long time. While it is not easy to let go, backing off from your employee’s back and letting them be more independent can have more benefits than you think. Here is how you can slowly but surely equip your team to be independent, creative, and reach their highest potential.

Train yourself to limit your supervision

Employees don’t need you to ask about their progress every single day. Truth is, verifying their work every second will not make them go any faster. On the contrary, your employees will feel stressed, drained, and demotivated. After giving your employees the necessary guidelines, make sure you only supervise halfway through their progress (to correct and suggest) and towards the end, when everything is almost finished. This will give you enough time to track mistakes while still giving your employees the freedom to execute the work.

Take baby steps

You do not need to trust your employees with very important projects on the first day. Start by giving them small responsibilities that require minimum supervision. This way, you will build a relationship of trust step by step. Remember, it is not about letting everything go and allowing your employees to do what they want. Instead, it is about trusting them enough to believe that they can learn and grown as time goes by.

Make sure you have spies

You are the one who should let go and trust more. This does not mean that you shouldn’t have other people discretely checking on your employee’s work. Make sure you assign one or two people you trust to look over what needs to be done. It could be your employee’s more experienced colleague, that way they can discretely supervise while working on the same project. Keep in mind that employees may become more defensive if they sense that their colleagues are supervising their work. This is why choosing spies can be delicate. Make sure the spy has nothing to prove and is not competitive. This way, you will avoid situations where one simply feels the urge to call out on the other in order to be seen as the hero.


In order to be able to let go and trust your employees, you first need to relax and understand that nothing is fully under control. Find out what works best for you; maybe you could play some lounge music in your office, take small breaks, drink tea, or more. It is all about finding the right balance that will keep you on your toes while still allowing you to breathe.

Know your employees

Each employee is different and has unique strength and abilities. You will naturally trust some employees more than others and that is normal. Take the time to know each employee’s strengths and make sure their assignments match their strongest capabilities. That way, you will be able to sit down and relax more, knowing that your projects are in the best hands. It will also create a more friendly environment where your employees feel like their qualifications are valued, appreciated, and put to proper use.

Most importantly, do not forget to see your employees as people who are eager to learn how they can contribute to your company. Do not discourage them by over managing.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Is it too early to job search in college?

While in college, the future might seem so far away. You think you have all the time in the world and that you do not need to start searching for a job right away. While this might make sense, it is far from being the truth. Searching for a job while in college is a great thing for many reasons. It will challenge you to learn how to manage your time better and it comes with many benefits that will be worth it.

It helps you get ahead of the game

It is never too early to start acquiring experience. While you might not have a lot of free time during your time in college, starting with temp jobs can be a great option for you. It will give you enough time to focus on your studies while still being able to test the waters and explore what’s out there.

It helps you discover your passions

In college, it is not obvious to put your finger on what you really want to do. At the end of the day, courses are just theory. Being able to have a concrete demonstration of what you study helps you decide if it’s really the career you want to pursue. You might realize that what you once saw as a perfect career might simply be a perfect hobby or stay at home activity. For example, your passion for cooking might not come with every characteristic needed to be a chef/restaurant owner.

It helps you be more organized

Having a job in college requires you to joggle multiple activities with successful outcomes. You are gonna have to learn to manage your time in order to keep a high GPA without falling behind at work.

To top it all of

It’s just a great addition to your resume. Remember that after college, your diploma alone will most likely not be enough. Acquiring work experience will make you equipped with the tools you will need to open the door of your dream job.


Why businesses should hire college students as temp employees

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Ann-Sophie, Writer, Short Stints

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Can you be friends with your coworker?

Whether or not coworkers should become friends is a question many have debated over the years. When you become friends with one or more coworkers, the job becomes more pleasant as it is not only about the responsibilities anymore but about companionship and team work. A friendly work environment promotes creativity and helps employees reach higher goals together. However, while becoming friends with your coworker presents advantages, there are also some cons that could create an obstacle to your personal and professional development.

You should not mix your personal and professional life

Mixing these two can be tricky. You might not want your colleagues to know everything happening in your personal life and this is totally normal. It is important to build your boundaries form day one and becoming friends with your colleagues can make this a little more difficult. You do not want to have to explained why “you never accepted that friend request”. While it is pleasant to be friends with people in your workplace, the con is that it will become more difficult to keep your private life private.


Beware of the spirit of competition

Remember that, we are first human. When evolving and growing in a certain work environment, it becomes common for colleagues to aspire to certain positions. When two colleagues-friends target the same objective, the situation can quickly become awkward. You will start becoming shady, which can build tension in the workplace– Do not let the awkwardness build. Be open about what you both want and be transparent. Also avoid keeping important information to yourself. For example, if your boss lets you know that the deadline for the position has been changed, do not pretend that you did not know in order to avoid telling your coworker. However, being as diplomatic will be more difficult if there are emotions involved.


You may become unprofessional

Many recruiters avoid hiring two people from the same circle because being around someone you get along “too well” in the workplace can quickly become a source of distraction. Regular chit chats, stopping by your coworker’s desk a little too often or simple gossips between you, can quickly become an issue. It is nice to have someone you can talk to, laugh with and vent to, but it is important to remember that works comes first. Do not let your personal relations with your colleagues cause you to lose your professionalism. Avoid spending too much time on things that are not related to your job and that can make you miss your deadlines!


These 4 habits will make you seem very unprofessional in the workplace


There is no black and white answer when it comes to whether or not you should become friends with a coworker. It is up to you to take the time analyze the situation and see if it will benefit you or simply cause trouble. In the workplace, work comes first so make sure that no relationship hinders your ability to live this statement.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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How often should I change jobs?




In this day and age, millenials are always seeking the next best thing. Unlike our parents who proudly say that they have spent 10 years at xyz company, young professionals are more interested in acquiring different experiences. The new mentality is to be able to touch different things in order to have a wider portfolio. This leads them to change jobs as often as they possibly can. However, it is important to analyze if doing so is a wise decision.

The amount of times you change jobs should be directly related to your personal and career goals. Depending on your sector of activities, job hopping can be viewed in different ways or from different perspectives. For creative jobs, it is more common to have multiple freelance gigs. Graphic designers for example, can allow themselves to work for different companies and still take on gigs. That does not mean that they are not serious about the job. It is just that doing this type of work allows them to have their hands in multiple places. In fact, some recruiters for creative positions are even looking for candidates who can take on different projects.

For some careers, changing jobs (unless for serious reasons) does not play in your advantage. In fact, some recruiters might even see you as being unstable and indecisive. This will even lead them to think that you are unreliable. If you are applying to be an assistant for example, your recruiter will want to feel that they can count on you for the long run.

The important thing is to have a balance. You want to have enough stable experiences to allow your recruiter to trust you but you also want to have enough experience to increase your chances of being hired for different positions.

Avoid changing jobs just for the sake of it.





Make sure you have valuable reasons to leave your current position. At the end of the day, you want take a great impression, not seem unreliable.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to how often you should change your job. It is up to you to make the necessary researches about the industry and how this will reflect on you.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Things succesful employees do over the weekend




Most employees spend their week waiting for the weekend. It seems like weekends are seen as a time to disconnect and leave everything behind before complaining on Sunday nights about Mondays. From a more positive perspective, weekends are a great opportunity to start your next week fresh. Here are a few things every smart employee should do on their weekends.

Go out with some colleagues

Working with many people from different backgrounds and different mentalities can be challenging; this is why conflict in the work place is sometimes inevitable. Smart employees understand that in order to create a healthy work environment, it is important to create activities that will help you bond with your coworkers and get to know them better. Many times, the best way to reach this goal is to meet with your coworkers outside of the office. Seeing your coworkers in a more casual environment allows you to truly see their personalities and discover their fun side. When you are able to relax around a beer or coffee and find common interests, it will help you break the ice and be more than just office colleagues. Once every trimester or semester, plan a weekend activity with your colleagues. With that being done, you’ll be able to scratch the title “colleagues” and refer to “friends”. Never underestimates how a friendly atmosphere in the office can increase your productivity.


Plan a week ahead

List your objectives on a piece of paper or on your computer, preferably with deadlines. Think about the tools you will use in order to check off your to-dos. There is no need to stress over the next week during your weekend, however taking a few minutes to do so will give an action plan. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.


Give your brain a break

The best employees are the ones who know how to relax and distress from a busy week. Instead of taking your work with you during the weekend, take the time to let your brain breathe a little. People who relax over the weekend tend to be more energize and productive for the week ahead. A few things you could consider doing: reading, dinner with your family, a getaway, or just sleeping. Almost everything will work again if it is unplugged and reconnected; same goes for you.


Put last week in perspective

In order to set the right objectives for the new week, it is important to look back at what you’ve already accomplished. What were your goals for last week? Have all of them been met? What method can you use to work more efficiently? These are all questions that you should ask yourself over the weekend. Taking a step back will allow you to bounce back fully prepared into the new week.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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How to introduce new ideas to your boss

As an employee, it is important that you bring new ideas that will help the company go in the direction of their general objectives. However finding the right way to approach your boss with a great idea can be tricky. You might not know how or when to approach.

Develop a relationship with your boss: By getting to know your boss better, you will have a better idea of what they truly want for the company, their goals and aspirations  which will make it easier for you to develop ideas that go in the right direction. Depending on their personality, your boss might like spontaneous ideas that change the routine and bring novelty just like your boss might be the stable type who does not like to step out of his ways of doing things. Take the time to know them so that you do not shock them with your ideas. Put all the chances on your side!

Choose the right time: Yes, there is such a thing as the perfect timing. When you get to know your boss, you will get to know when they are most likely to welcome new ideas. For some it might be in the morning after their coffee, for others itll be at the end of the day. Observe in order to see what works best with your boss.

Take the time to think it through: Be positive but also think about the worst case scenario. What happened if plan A fails? Do you have a backup plan in case the consumer is not as enthusiast as you had taught? It is one thing to have a great idea but the key to success is to analyze this idea from every possible angle in order to think about the best ways to implement it. Also make sure you come up with some alternatives and leave your bosses with enough options to choose. Your idea might be great but remember you are not the one taking the decisions. Give your boss alternatives they can choose from in case they are not sold with the first idea.

Make sure your idea is in line with the general goals and objectives: Have enough arguments to demonstrate how your idea will help the company reach its goals and objectives. Not only in theory but also with the budget. Backup your ideas with facts. This will show that you pay attention to the company’s way of functioning and that you truly took the time to analyze your idea.

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Let go of the ida of the “perfect” job

We all want the “perfect job” where we can do something we are passionate about, wake up every morning and be excited about the day ahead. Truth is, nothing is perfect and there is no such thing as the perfect job either. Here are the reasons why.

You will never get along with everybody

In the workplace, conflict is sometimes inevitable. Face it, you will have to work with different people, all with different personality traits and baggages. Expecting to get along with everybody might be coming from a good heart but it is not a realistic expectation. As a newbie, take the time to observe your colleagues in order to learn more about their habits and personality. Taking the time to do so on your first days as an employee will save you tons of trouble.

Your boss will have unrealistic expectations sometimes

Bosses are humans who tend to forget that their employees are also humans. You might have to deal with difficult bossed sometimes. This will by no means, mean that you are a bad employee or that you do not do the job well. It will just mean that sometimes, getting along will require communication, compromising and setting up clear expectations.

You won’t feel like it sometimes

No matter how much you love your job, there will be days where you simply do not feel motivated. The causes will vary from personal to professional issues but the important thing to know is that, it is unrealistic to think that you will wake up every single morning all smiles and ready to tackle the day. This is simply not how real life goes.

You won’t always feel integrated

Not all bosses know how to make their new hire feel integrated. This can leave you feeling frustrated and like an outsider. When the integration is not done properly, no matter how fun the job is, you will struggle to truly feel like you are a part of the company.

Reality is, there will be good days and bad days. It is up to you to get ready for them in order to make the best out of your experiences. By letting go of the idea of perfection and embracing the journey as it comes, you will grow and learn along the way.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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The things your employees secretly want you to do

Your employees have a silent language too. They might not always boldly say what is on their mind but they also have things they secretly wish you would say or do in order to make them feel appreciated.

They want you to tell them what is on your mind

If there is one thing every employee hates, it is confusion and assumptions. Most of them can feel when something is going on so might as well communicate in order to build a strong and solid relationship. Many times, when something bothers a manager or supervisor, they tend to keep their opinion to themselves but what they do not realise is that, this will only create tension in the workplace. If an employee is doing something wrong, it is best to simply talk to them in private to let them know. Do not hesitate to meet with the whole team if you need to to communicate your ideas and suggestions. By adopting this method, you will help your team have a clear idea of what is expected of them and reduce stress and tension in the workplace.

They want you to recognise their hard work

Employees, even if they do not tell you, want and need to feel recognised for their hard work! Many managers are quick to mention mistakes but slow to acknowledge a job well done. A basic human need is to be valued, seen, and appreciated. When this longing goes unmet — when our basic value and goodness are not recognised and reflected back to us — we may find it difficult to value and affirm ourselves. This is no different for your staff. When employees feel appreciated for the work they do well, they are motivated to work even better. Look for ways to increase employee motivation by recognizing excellence in the workplace. Celebrate the successes with your team members when they complete a job well done.

They want you to see them as Human Beings

It is easy to see our employees as machines assigned to do the work. This can cause you to become inconsiderate of their emotions and personal needs: sickness, families, kids and more. When you remember that your employees are first, human beings, it shows them that you value and appreciated them. It will make you consider their basic needs and feeling and as a result, make you create a healthy environment  that will boost their self-esteem and productivity.

They do not like surprises

If you are thinking of implementing new rules and regulations, take some time to communicate with your employees first. Your employees need a period of transition to adapt to changes. Taking the time to let them know when changes are about to be implemented will show them that you value them enough to allow them to process these changes.

They need you to trust them

If you are struggling with micromanagement habits, do your best to let go of control and trust your employees more. Employees need space for their creativity to evolve. They need to feel like it is OK for them to share their ideas and way of doing things. Even though they might go along with your ideas and instructions, when they do not have the freedom to share their thoughts, they will quickly lose their motivation and drive.

Employees are the tools that will help you reach your goals. Their well-being is as important as the maintenance in a machine. Take the time to think about what you could do to make it more fun for them to work.


4 things your boss secretly wants you to do


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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