It is common for employees to feel like they need to get out of the routine. Most often, this deep desire for something more is confused with not liking their job, which leads to job hopping and instability. Many employees want to change jobs as soon as they feel unfulfilled. However, feeling like there is something missing does not always mean that the solution is at another company. Sometimes, all you need to do is change your everyday tasks and responsibilities.

Want to approach your boss to tell them you want to change departments? Here are some ways to prepare yourself

Prepare your pitch

Your pitch must come across as authentic and natural.

Know WHY you want this position: The reasons why you want to change positions must reflect a desire for growth. You cannot say you want to change departments simply because you do not get along with one of your colleagues. Make sure you take the time to list all the reasons you desire this change and see how these reasons can positively impact your career.

Explain how it will benefit the company: Figure out how your proposed changes will improve the business. Being able to provide numbers is a plus. Talk about hard skills like: research, strategy or analytics and show why they are important for the company’s growth. By explaining why placing you in another position will be a great idea it is important to be able to quantify these benefits – whether it will increase the sales, bring in more clients, increase the brand’s visibility or give birth to new partnerships, being able to put a number of percentage on these projections will put the chances on your side. Remember that, even though the ultimate goal is to experience growth in your career, any suggested moves should also have a positive impact on the company.

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Have a Specific position/task in Mind

Do not meet with your boss if you are unprepared. This will make you seem unprofessional and decrease your chances of landing the position since your boss will not take you seriously. It is important that your boss feels like you have been thinking about this and took some time to evaluate this before approaching him/her with your request. If you don’t know what you want, no one will know for you. Be honest about why this is important to you and how this will help you reach your goals. This will show your boss that you are very goal-oriented and knew exactly what you wanted when you started at the company.


Make sure it is the right timing

You need to, not only make sure it is the right time to speak to your boss but also that you have earned the right to ask for this change. Before you approach your boss, take some time to ask yourself if you have been doing a good job at your current position. Ensure you are qualified for the job. If you are not faithful in small things, how do you expect your boss to trust you with bigger things?

Be clear about your expectations

Are you expecting a raise with your change of position? Are there any benefits you want to gain? It is important to have open conversations about your expectations in order to avoid bad surprises.


Remember the first impression still matters even if you are changing jobs internally. As you transition from one position to another, take the time to know your new team and learn more about their way of functioning. You’d be surprised to see how procedures can differ from one department to another. Also,networking is always a good idea, even inside the company. Hopefully your new department will make you feel welcomed and integrated


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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