They key to being a great employee is not simply to execute the job but also to find new ideas and new ways of doing things. When it comes to performance, creativity might be for problem to some.

There are many ways to enhance creativity and reach your full potential. Apply these 5 tips today and you won’t ever need red bull to boost your inner genius.

Surrounding yourself with the right colours 

Colours have a great impact on the way our brain functions. No doubt that, some colours have more power than other to stimulate new ideas. According to the Association for Consumer Research, the colours BLUE and GREEN have a really calming effect on the brain, resulting in a reduction of stress and anxiety and enhancing creativity. An experiment conducted by the University of British Columbia on 600 different participants showed that the colour blue has the power to double your creativity. The tests were performed on computers that had either a blue, red, or white background screen. The blue screens encouraged participants to produce twice as many solutions during brainstorming tasks as other screen colours. I understand that, as an employee, you probably do not have a say in the colour of the walls surrounding you at the office. However, you can make sure to put up pictures of landscapes with a lot of blue and green. If you, can, make sure you have a window next to you so you can get some fresh air and look at the sky from time to time. You can even put a little plant on your desk in order to bring a little piece of nature inside with you.

The office in this picture is a perfect representation of bringing nature inside in order to give employees more freedom and boost their creativity.

Get away from your cubicle

‘An office is where you can climb the corporate ladder. Coffee shops and other hot spots are where you can change your life and have the ideas to change the world around you’ .
Chris Ward, author of ‘Out of Office: work where you like & achieve’.

Seeing new things has the power to boost creativity. Find ways to step away from your cubicle. Some companies provide a relaxation room in order to allow their employees to feel more relaxed. Getting away to the play room with your colleagues can create a casual environment that will boost creativity and encourage the exchange of the greatest ideas. You could also set up casual meeting outside the office. Do not underestimate the power of a beer, glass of wine or great coffee!

Write by hand

In the age of typing things on our computers, writing by hand can seem outdated. However, Sometimes the whole experience of writing by hand is just what it takes to bring out some good juice of ideas!


Let go of the idea of perfection

Wanting to be perfect is sometimes what keeps us from achieving great things. Because this idea produces fear within us, it hinders our creativity. When you let go of the idea of perfection and open yourself up to making mistakes, then you will be able to boost your creativity. Everyone is creative to a certain degree. Just try your best and see what happens.

Working in the dark

A study conducted by the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that working in the dark has the power to boost your creativity. This might seem contrary to point one but dark environments are actually perfect to birth ideas while the colours blue and green will help you develop your ideas.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints


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