Time management is hard. The week starts, and all of a sudden, we find ourselves juggling with so many different things. So many things to do, so little time. But it is important to learn how to manage our days in a way that will help us be more productive and fruitful. This is why time management is a tool that we all, especially entrepreneurs and employees should take the time to develop.

Plan your days

Having an agenda is they key to a better planing. If you do not feel like managing your own calendars, hiring an assistant might be a good alternative. When you plan out your days, you will feel less tired and find it easier to prioritise.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Instead of doing more at work, you can manage your time better by taking the time to list your daily activities and see what should be done differently, what should be eliminated and what could be done at a different time of the day. Remember it is not about how much you do but about how well you do what you do that will set you apart as an employee.

Focus more

Focusing on one thing at a time will help you manage your time better and make sure you finish what you start. While multitasking is inevitable sometimes, it is best to concentrate our focus and energy on one thing and get it done properly.

Get some rest over the week-end

Week-ends are the best guarantee that we will start our week on the right foot. Instead of overdoing it and feeling even more drained throughout the week, take this time to rest, do things you love and clear your mind. Taking time to renew your strengths over the week-end will help you mange your week better and have a clear idea of what your goals should be.

Learn to say “no”

Nothing is as freeing as realising you do not need to say Yes to everything. Often, at work, we feel overwhelmed because we think that we need to do it all. There is nothing wrong with telling your colleague you can’t help them with a particular task or to ask your boss to push back a deadline that is unrealistic to respect. By learning when to say No, you will have more time for the more important things and as a result, manage your time better.

Start your days early

Being late at work has the power to negatively affect your whole work schedule. Showing up early will help you feel more relaxed to tackle the day instead of rushing as soon as you enter the office.


Delegating gives you more time to breathe and helps create harmony between you and the members of your team. When there is a task you need to accomplish, letting your teammates partake in the decision making and execution can help you manage your time better and have more time to focus on your area of expertise.

Take advantage of technology

Technology can help us save so much time if you take advantage of the wide list of services available to us on a daily basis. Try some of the many personal scheduling software programs that allow you to keep a calendar, “to-do’ lists, and phone and address books on your computer. Master Excel so that you can save precious hours when working on complicated documents.

Take small breaks

Take small breaks between tasks. This does not mean that you need to be in the bathroom for 30 minutes or that you should leave the office. Reward yourself after each task with 2 minutes to walk a little around the office, going to get some water at the water cooler or exchanging a few words with a colleague. This will help you relax your mind so you can be refreshed before attacking the next task. When you jump from one task to another without taking breaks, you increase your chances of burnout, which will decrease your productivity and result in bad time management.


By managing your time properly, you will reduce stress and feel more relaxed and energized to tackle your responsibilities.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints


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