`Working from home presents many advantages: independence, more time for your hobbies, less stress, and more. However, working from the comfort of your home can also be challenging. You can’t hide from the procrastination ghost, this is why it is important to find ways to stay motivated even while you work from your bed.

Don’t be a Couch Potatoe

While sitting on your couch might sound comfortable, it can negatively impact your negativity. Make sure you set up a working space in your home where you will be able to work without falling asleep or getting distracted. It could be a desk in corner of your room, somewhere you feel comfortable and let your creativity take over.

Take a Shower

It may be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day while working from home. After all, who needs to shower when you can have business meetings with no pants on, right? However, the simple act of taking a shower can make you feel more refreshed and ready to tackle your responsibilities.

Have a Stay at Home Working Schedule

When it comes to working from home, avoid going with the flow. Planning your days ahead is a major key to your success. Prepare a calendar, set goals, and have an action plan. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Avoid Distractions

Put your phone on silence and stay away from things that will distract you from your work. Avoid working in front of the TV or having many tabs open while you’re working. The goal is to truly act as if you are completing a normal shift. This way, you won’t struggle to meet your deadlines, your work will be more organized, and you will truly benefits of the advantages that the freelance life offers.

Do What You Love

When you do what you love, it will be easier for you to focus. It is important to find what you are passionate about and not only focus on the advantages of staying home. Truth is, even working from home can get boring if you don’t enjoy what you do.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints 

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