Taking time off is a necessity every employee should not neglect. Working too much without taking the necessary time to recharge, can result in anxiety, stress, burnouts, and many sicknesses. However, even while taking some time off, most employees are still glued to their laptop or phone, trying to get some work done. How can you, as an employee, be able to relax more and enjoy your vacation without having to worry about work.

1. Take care of everything before you leave

The best way to ruin your vacation is to have unfinished business at the office. This will not only stress you out but it also won’t do your office reputation any good. Taking the time to finish every project and meet all of your deadlines. It might also benefit you to take care of things that are due right after your vacation in order for you to have a slow and peaceful comeback.

2. Take advantage of automatic options

Technology offers many tools that help you avoid behind a screen every day. You can prepare everything ahead of time and decide when you want them to be delivered. Think about it for a minute… automated emails, scheduled posts on blogs, and more. The key is to work smarter, not harder. Before going on vacation, take advantage of this luxury so that everything can still get done while you are sipping in the sun.

3. Have a planner/agenda

Plan your vacation wisely. Make sure you do not take your day off during supper busy seasons. No matter how hard your boss and colleagues try, they will still be tempted to call you or send you an email for “an important matter”. In order to avoid this, go on vacation on periods that are not so hectic. This will also help you relax more without your brain constantly wondering if things are going well back at the office.

4. See it as an opportunity to be more productive

Many employees these days tend to feel guilty for taking time off. This is largely due to a system that has programmed us to feel as if not working means doing something wrong. Taking a step back from this way of thinking, you will realize that your brain and body need this connection in order to reach their full potential. The key to enjoying your vacation is to actually feel good about it. When you understand that, after your break, you will come back more energized and productive, you will be able to fully embrace your time off.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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