As college students, we rarely fully understand what is waiting for us after school. College might give us what we need to prepare us for the position we want but what about searching for a job? There are a few things college does not teach us about this process. This is why many graduates find themselves like sheeps without a shepered once they have their diploma in hand.

It takes time

Job searching takes time, effort and often tears. While there are no fixed standards, some people get lucky and find a job straight out of college while others wait a year. This is not to make you anxious and worried but simply to let you know that it is important to plan your transition period. You might ask your uncle for a position as an intern while you search. It might also be the perfect time to develop a hobby or pickup a few small contracts on the side. Be productive at all time while you wait for answers. I bet your future boss wont be impressed while hearing you’ve been a couch potato for the last six months.

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It is mostly about networking

While you might find jobs offers online, you will also need to go out and meet people. Get in touch with people you’ve met in college, get in touch with friends who are already working…Do your homework. You never know you might offer you a position.

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It is rarely about your resume

After college, you probably have few interesting things to say on your resume. Yes you probably worked at your library, did some community work, worked at Target but employers need more than this. You have no idea how important your personality will be during the interview. Your employer wants to hear about places you have visited either for personal discovery or work. He wants to hear about your YouTube channel and Blog. Do not hesitate to share these information while applying for your future jobs.

Think outside of your field

Yes I said it. Be open. Make researches in order to find out the different options related to what you’ve learned in college.

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Even if you studied marketing, your writing skills can come in handy for a position in journalism. A social sciences major student has multiple options… do not be so focused on what you had in mind as a freshman that you close the door to incredible possibilities.

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