One week you can be on top on the game, delivering projects before the deadlines, sharing ideas and making things happen. The other, you find yourself putting your keys in the fridge… burnouts happen. They are a gentle (sometimes rough) reminders that we are not made of stone.

When you are burned out, you feel it in your body, in your emotions and in your spirit. It is crucial in those times, to learn to slow down and breathe. However, it is not always easy to approach our boss and let him know that we need a break. Psychologically, we tend to be afraid of what people will think if we are not constantly working. we fear our boss will think we are just lazy or that we are not a good fit for the job. This leads us to refrain from expressing ourselves, getting even more drained and delivering poor performances.

How can you tell your boss you need a break?


Take the time to evaluate your work load before approaching your boss. You might realize that, maybe you need to manage your time better. It is important to have your fact straight before going forward with a complaint. List all of the things you get done in a day, the different projects you are working on, your break times and more. This will allow you to have a clearer vision of things and see why you are feeling overwhelmed.


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Busy bosses tend to avoid one on one conversation. They are always running somewhere, avoiding these kinds of talk. Make sure you let them know as clearly as you can how important this talk is to you and schedule a time and day to sit down and discuss. Make sure they have your full attention and let them know how you feel.


After you have clearly listed the reasons why you are overwhelmed with your workload and have approached your boss about it, it is time to find a concrete solution. let your boss talk first so that you can get an idea of what he thinks he could do to make it easier for you. – It is also important that you share your opinion. Show your boss that you have taken some time to think this through and that you are ready to propose realistic solutions


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Do not be afraid to tell him/her what you think will help you get back on your feet. If you need 2 weeks off, do not say you just need one so you can look stronger than you really are. Be honest with yourself, acknowledge your weaknesses and be transparent. If you’re a high-achiever with inflexible personal standards, it’ll be harder for you to put your responsibilities to one side and prioritize your well-being. But that’s what you need to do to start moving through this.

It is important to listen to your body and know when it is asking you to slow down. It is better to stop now than to be forced to stop when it is too late.

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints

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