When being interviewed for a new job, you will have to answer some “not so fun” questions. Among all of the uncomfortable questions you will probably have to answer, “Why did you leave your old job” is probably one of those candidates rarely know how to answer. No matter how prepared you are, this question always seems to catches us off guard. – During your interview for a new job, you should highlight the positive reasons for considering a new position and avoid talking about any negative ones if you can.

Here are a few answers you could give:



This will show your recruiter that you are always seeking for growth opportunities, which is a quality most employers are looking for in a candidate. This will also challenge them to think about how you could grow and evolve inside the company. The problem is, some recruiters simply see you as an executor and do not think about growth opportunities when they hire you. It is up to you to show, through your interview that you are not expecting to be stagnant inside the company but that you are willing to learn new things and reach higher potentials.  The general rule is to always make it clear that you are running towards new opportunities and not fleeing bad situations.



People change and grow…so does their interested. After working at a certain position, it is normal to develop curiosity for new things. Of course, you do not want to leave the impression that you are unstable but rather, ready to experience things that will allow you to acquire meaningful experiences. You do not want to give the impression that you will leave them as soon as another opportunity presents itself.  By giving concrete examples of your new interests and how they are based on what you have learned before will be a message to your recruiter that you are not looking for anything monotonous.



Do not say that you did not get along with a particular coworker, as this might cause your recruiter to perceive you as being prone to starting conflicts in the workplace. Simply say you were looking for a different type of environment. It will be a great opportunity for you to let your recruiter know that you have been attracted by this particular company’s culture and work environment, which has the power to put the chances on your side. Do not be afraid to give details about what you are looking for: smaller place, bigger place, more relaxed, more dynamic?



Say you left because you wanted a career in the position you are applying for! Of course… This is exactly why you are here right now. This is a great way of showing that you really care about this particular position and truly believe that it is the best thing for you in terms of “next step”. This will make your recruiter even more interested in your profile.

Never under any circumstance bash your old boss. I am not saying that you should be insincere about your bad experiences. However, try being as objective as possible. Present facts, not emotions.


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