Working in writing can be challenging. It requires patience, hard work and most importantly, inspiration. Writer’s block can happen any time and keep you from delivering your best work, or delivering any work at all. Writing, especially when working from home as a freelance can open the door to many distractions. How can you stay focused and inspired while developing your writing career and staying on top of your game?


Sometimes, the change needs to be from the inside in, instead of the inside out. We mostly get inspired by the things happening around us. If words are not flowing, it might be a sign that you need to change what you see and ear. Go work at a café, a quiet restaurant or anywhere you will be able to relax and focused. Some people like to work in nature because this is simply what works for them. Identify what works for you and immerse yourself in an environment that will help you squeeze all the good juice out.



Sometimes, all you need is a little break and some deep breath. Trying too hard is not always the best solution. The mind often needs to be empty in order to be refilled the right way. Taking breaks is actually a great way to feed your creativity and start on the right foot.


You need to be intentional about writing. Do not just expect the words to start flowing without you having to put in the work. Set up a time of the day where you feel most inspired (maybe at sunset or sunrise), sit down on your couch or behind your desk, put on some background music if you need to and start writing. The trick is not to treat your writing career as a part time job. You need to have a time where you intentionally decide to sit down and get the job done. Avoid exposing yourself to distractions such as your TV or kids if you have any. Go to your working room and focus.


Don’t know what to write about? Reading is your life savior! Reading has a way if opening your mind to so many things and inspire you to create something of your own. As a writer, I know that you must be careful when it comes to copyrights but reading from other others can truly help you get inspired and get fresh ideas. We do not create anything in life. We simply use what was already there in order to produce something better or simply different. The same thing goes for writing. When you get inspired from what others have already written, it will be easier for you to add your own twist and own ideas to create something great.



The key is to start somewhere. If you are unsure about what to write, simply put things down on paper, knowing nobody will ever read it. Writers often suffer from blockages because they worry about perfection. Knowing that you are starting just for you will give you the freedom to let the words flow until you find a sense of direction.



Sometimes, writers get blockages because they are trying to copy a style that is not theirs. Remember that, not because something looks nice, it means that you should go ahead and do it. It is important for your work to be authentic and trust me, readers can feel it when it is. Staying true to who you really are, will not only help you be more inspired but also will greatly impact the quality of what you deliver.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints

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