Inspiring your team is very important. As humans, we often need more than someone telling us what to do. We need this feeling of acceptance, mentoring, correction and encouragement. There are many things that can demotivate your employees and negatively affect their productivity.

This is why, as a boss, you have a double responsibility to not only supervise your staff but also, to INSPIRE them to be the best version of yourself. – How can you aspire to inspire in the workplace?


One of the best ways to lead is to do it by example. It is great to motivate your employees with your speech but at the end of the day, if your speech is not backed up by action, it is not worth a lot. Your team wants to see you set an example right before their eyes. Not practicing what you preach has a great power to discourage your team and make them settle in a state of stagnation. Being a leader is about leading/showing the way. 

If you are expecting great quality control, SHOW them in the way you supervise your stock. If you want them to respect all customers, start by doing it yourself, if you want them to give you their best performance you cannot expect to leave at 3 PM every day or as soon as the alarm rings. You need to be the difference you want to see in your office.


Your team needs to feel like you are standing for something. It is important to identify your values from the beginning and make sure that what you sell is a clear representation of what you believe in.  Doing so will show your employees that you know what you want and are not constantly changing your company/business message. This will also motivate them to do their best when it comes to quality control, customer service and anything that will make your consumers connect better with your brand!


Stay anchored in your values and what you know to be ethical and right. The best way to get your employees to be inspired by you is to first make sure they respect you. You might reach all your milestones throughout the years and STILL have your employees not respecting you. Take the time to invest into a relationship of mutual respect. This will make you a better boss and a better mentor for your team.


Prioritizing your employees as human beings instead of machines makes a world of difference in your management style. When you focus on their growth, it will be way more easier to inspire them and encourage them to push further. Identify their strengths and weaknesses and see how they can become better performers inside your enterprise.

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Do not fall so much under the pressure of pleasing your team that you loose the essence of who you are as a person. Most employees chose to work for you because they believe in you and where you are taking the company. So be true to yourself and do not be sorry for it.

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints

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