Keeping a positive attitude at work can be hard. The stress, the pressure and the mood swings can all contribute to a very heavy atmosphere. However, there are ways to maintain a positive attitude in the middle of it all.

Talk yourself into it

Truth is, you won’t feel excited all the time but you sure can talk yourself into it! Exercise your mind so that in the morning, you can remind yourself of all the reasons you are grateful for the job you have. It could be a colleague you like, a boss you admire or the fact that you get to help people through your position. The trick is to find a reason to be grateful no matter what.

Set affirmations for the day

Use sticky notes on your desk with positive quotes. It could be quotes about positivity, verses or anything that will keep you happy and in a great state of mind throughout the day. Reading them during the day has the power to change your mindset

Smile and be nice to people

“A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle”.

 A smile has the power to positively affect all the people around you and automatically set a friendly tone at the office. Smile to everybody even if you do not feel like it. Have a kind word for your superiors and coworkers and watch your whole world change!

Set goals

Setting goals instead of simply going with the flow will give you a sense of purpose that will boost you through the week. Set goals on a calendar and make sure you set up yourself for success. Celebrate your small victories and make yourself proud.


Disconnecting is good sometimes. Set up a playlist so you can separate your mind from the busyness around you. Take your lunch out on stressful days if you have to. There is nothing wrong with being alone from time to time to regain your energy.

Our circumstances at work won’t always be positive but it is our job to make sure our attitudes does not respond to them in a negative way. Do you have any tips to stay positive at work?

Ann-sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints

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