Job interviews can be stressful. Especially these last few minutes before they start. That is when the hands start getting sweaty, your mind starts  going crazy and you want to run back home. There is no unique secret on how to make sure you put all the chances on your side but job interviews do not need to be so stressful.

Here are things you can do minutes before your job interviews other than over thinking:


Check yourself in a mirror

Make sure you do not have any crumbs left on your face from the chipotle you just ate. Before your job interview, it is the time to check yourself out in the mirror, make sure your makeup is on point, that your hair looks good and that your teeth are clean. This is also a great time to wash your hands and make sure your fingernails are clean and your palms are dry. Stop by a little shop to make sure you are looking sharp!

Get off social media

Now is not the time to get distracted by random things. 30 minutes before you arrive to your job interview, disconnect yourself from the outside world. This means, not checking your emails, not watching YouTube videos and stopping any texting activities. Stay focused!

Be nice to receptionist and security guards

Think of the other employees as your future colleagues. Might as well make a good first impression on them! Take the time to smile and exchange a few words. You could ask about their names or what they do at the company. Avoid asking too many questions. Remain brief and simple.


Stop rehearsing and start relaxing and decompressing. Take the time to breathe. Put your notes away and give your brain the time to think about absolutely nothing. This will help you feel more confident and relaxed.

Think as if you already got the job

Remain positive! The key is to act as if you already got the job so keep your chin up, your shoulders back and eyes smiling. Do not focus on what might go wrong but stay concentrated on positive thoughts.


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 Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints
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