Let’s be honest. Monday is not our favourite day of the week. Everybody is always waiting for Friday but as soon as Sunday knocks on our door, we start complaining and dreading the new week ahead. However, changing our perspective can, not only improve our mood but most importantly, will increase our productivity throughout the week.

Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD absolutely love Mondays!

1. Mondays give us a fresh start

Oftentimes, a task can seem more difficult than it really is just because our brain needs some rest! Thats’s where Mondays come to the rescue. Who doesn’t like a chance to start over and make things right? Getting a break from our daily routine and being able to return to work with a refreshed mind is a great opportunity to see things with new eyes and tackle our responsibilities with a renewed strength.

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2. Mondays give us the opportunity to plan better

Let’s face it. Even if we always have this perfect agenda in our heads, responsibilities can quickly get out of hand. We often find ourselves at the end of the week frustrated and drained because of all the things we did not have time to accomplish. Mondays are a great opportunity to plan our week, list all of the things we need to do and prioritize. It helps us focus on what absolutely needs to be done and leaves less space for frustrations at the end of the week.

3. Monday is the best time to present your new ideas

New ideas are the most welcomed on Monday mornings, when bosses and superiors are not already caught up in other ongoing projects. Nobody likes to have their genius suggestions put in a drawer. Monday is the perfect time to present your brilliant ideas and getting the attention you deserve!

4. We are more inspired on Mondays

Enjoying our week-ends have a way of making us more inspired and ready to tackle the new week. Coming back to work after spending a few days disconnecting and bonding with your family will help you have a clearer mind and perspective.

So, do not be grumpy as you snooze your alarm clock on Mondays . Cheer up! It is a great day to be great.

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints

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