Millennials have heard it all! When they’re not being called job hoppers, they’re often described as desperate entrepreneurs. Yes, we tend to be more critical of the jobs we get, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t serious about our career development. While trends have shown that we do not follow a traditional career path, we have also offered a new take on the economy – through short-term gigs, side hustles and more business ventures. Here’s why you should consider a short-term opportunity to take your career to the next level.

Your schedule is pretty flexible

What if you wake up on a Monday and get to decide how you’ll spend it? Maybe you want to start with some morning exercise and then treat yourself to a great breakfast. Or maybe you want to dive into the work and then spend time on your hobbies later. Either way, freelancing provides the flexibility you need to manage your own schedule. You get to decide when and where to work on your projects. I once spoke to a few freelancers at a networking event about the nature of the work and they all pointed out that flexibility was the most appealing trait of freelancing. One of them, John, said he was able to work 3 days a week and spend the rest of the time pursuing his other interests. It is definitely one of the many perks of short-term employment!

You get to supplement your income and create a safety net

Doing short-term gigs is a great way to supplement your income while possibly maintaining a full-time job. After landing my video internship, I continued to work with the business owner and made an addition $600 every month. This definitely helped me pad my bank account and save.

What’s also convenient is that some gigs are low-commitment so you can still fit them into your regular work schedule. I worked at my internship during business hours, shot the videos after work for the business owner and still had the weekends to myself.

You can leverage them to land new opportunities

Short-term gigs allow you to develop new skills and hone your existing portfolio. A summer internship at a fashion house for example can teach you skills such as sample trafficking, pitching, event planning etc. These temporary employment opportunities provide the platform to take on a particular project and deliver results – which you can document on your website or resume to impress new employers.

Last summer, I worked closely with the owner of a handbag company and helped her film videos and create content for her social media accounts. Before I knew it, I became well-versed in editing softwares such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. I also learned how to use Photoshop and use different presets to edit photos. These are all skills I didn’t necessarily expect to hone in the three months we’ve worked together, but they’ve helped me land a video internship at a startup a semester later and add new skills to my resume. Anyone can appreciate a hard worker who goes out of their way to creatively learn new things. This quality of making the most out of your experiences will help you advance in your career.

Whether you’re looking to transition into a new career, earn some extra income or make new connections, short-term work is a great way to reach your professional and financial goals. They not only provide the flexibility to manage your own time, but also the opportunity to hone a skills, meet new people and land your dream position. What more can one ask for?

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Christy Joseph, Writer, Shortsints

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