Wouldn’t it be nice to earn some extra cash outside of your full time job or internship? It could be used for paying off your student loans, go on a vacation or simply have extra income for your savings. Either way earning extra money is always welcome. Last summer, I was at the point where I knew that one source of income would not allow me to completely pursue my financial goals so I decided to start leveraging my hobbies by doing short term gigs.



3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Short-term Gig

1)Use your skills to freelance

What if you could get paid for doing something you consider a hobby? It could be anything from doing calligraphy to taking photos of lovely places in your city.  Pretty sweet deal right?

For example if you are interested in photography, invest in a camera and start taking photos of your friends. Post them on social media and reach out to bloggers and other creatives for collaboration. That way you build your portfolio as efficiently as possible. Staying consistent with the side hustle will eventually reward you with clients looking to pay you. You can then evolve to selling your photos as prints or on mugs and other everyday objects.

Last summer, I wanted to earn some money from video editing. So I went online and watched a bunch of video editing tutorials and then pitched myself to different small companies. At first, I did it pro bono, but asked the clients to refer me and spread the word. Once I had a solid portfolio, I started charging and made around $500 a month.

2) Tell your family and friends

Someone once said “Your network is your net worth” and I could not think of a more accurate description of your professional circle. In my experience, word of mouth is one of the best ways to start earning extra cash. When thinking about launching a freelance business tell your family and friends, they’ll be the first to support you and recommend you to their friends. Take this like babysitting, families will start recommending you to other families as you start working for them. For example, my friend Rachel is a photographer. She started off by telling her network of family and friends that she is creating a photography business. She then started taking pictures of her friends to kickoff her portfolio. As months went by, she began receiving requests from clients that came from her network. She now has a growing photography business while still being  in college.


3)Revamp your social media presence and engage with your community

There are so many online opportunities that can arise from using social media as a business tool. Create a website for your side hustle and make sure that you clearly state your mission and what you do. Connect with people in the same industry, it could be by reaching out  and asking them out for coffee or simply engage over a shared interest. Nowadays many recruiters have moved on to social media to find talent. A photographer friend of mine after interacting with a recruiter online and inviting them out for an informal meeting landed an amazing opportunity in which she got to photograph celebrities at an exclusive party.

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4)Sign up for a job board

Signing up for a job board is a great way to keep an eye on different opportunities especially if you are unaware of what your true passion is. So if you’re looking for short-term gigs, Shortstints is the right place for you! You will find an extensive amount of short term gigs.

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Whether you want to pay off your credit card debt or simply take a vacation, earning extra income is always useful. Short-term gigs are the perfect low commitment gigs one could get. 


Q&A: What are some of your hobbies? And how are you gonna use them to earn extra cash this year?

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Christy Joseph, Writer, Shortstints

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