What if I told you that you could build a professional network on twitter? Yes, I know I was surprised as well. Nowadays, Twitter has become a valuable website for millennials to grow their network. With the relatively easy accessibility and real time communication, Twitter is a great place to connect with an untapped audience and grow professionally.

Here are a few strategies on how to build your network on Twitter:

-Revamp your profile

Like LinkedIn, your Twitter profile is the first thing that someone notices when they stumble upon your profile. Therefore you need to make sure that the image you want to portray is reflected through your content.  

*Profile photo and header

Because Twitter is a social platform or as I like to call it  “a looser version of LinkedIn”, you can be more creative with the way you present yourself. For example, if you’re in the creative field, you have a lot of creative freedom to design you header and bio. Your header can be anything from a landscape to your favorite quote. However your profile photo has to be of you. People want to feel like they are talking to someone and not just an image.  When posting your photo make sure that the photo is clear and wear appropriate clothing. An appropriate profile is very important to recruiters.  


One unspoken rule you need to know about bios is that you need to have one. People want to know what you do without necessarily having to look through your tweets. It’s amazing how not having one can discourage people from following you. On the same note, your bio should be fun and engaging. Because twitter only allows 140 characters, make your bio is quirky and relatable. In addition, make sure that you relate it to your brand so people know right away the type of content they should expect from you.

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-Establish your network 

It’s important for you to follow the people that are in your network. For example, if you’re in the business world, make sure to follow all of the relevant people in that field. Retweet articles about what interests you. Engage with recruiters, job seekers. Share and publish your latest find. This will attract a lot of people to your profile.

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There are plenty of ways to interact with your network on Twitter

.*Direct message. This feature is the most direct way to interact with someone on Twitter. You can use it to communicate with recruiters and inquire about opportunities. Even though it is an informal way to communicate, it has made a tremendous difference in the past. For example, my friend once messaged a recruiter inviting her for coffee and from that the recruiter to become her mentor. 


If  you’re not ready to take the leap yet by directly talking to professionals, retweet their posts. It’s a great way for them to notice you and also show your followers what you endorse. 

*Participate in live and twitter chats.

Live chats are the perfect way to grow your following. By using a branded hashtag, you are exposing your content to thousands of people that are interested in the field. It’s the perfect way to grow your following and interact with people in your circle. 

Having a  network on Twitter has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool. It is a great way to connect with recruiters and professionals in your field.

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Christy Joseph, Writer, Shortstints


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