One of the hardest things about job searching is not hearing back from hiring mangers even after endless applications.  Nowadays, with a growing amount of graduates entering the work force, landing a job has become more and more competitive. It’s easy to lose confidence and start losing hope.

If you’re one of the many people who are applying away and not getting any answers; here are common mistakes that could be hurting your job search.

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1)Mass emailing hiring managers

Managers can tell right off the bat when a cover letter or resume has been used for many other applications. One thing that they value is when a job seeker takes their application seriously and takes time to tailor their message.

*Not customizing

Customizing is key. Managers want to feel like you actually mean what is said on your resume and cover letter. They want to feel like you are not simply sending your resume to hundreds of other managers. You have to do your research in order to be able to customize your resume. It’s important to go on the company profile and find out as much about them as possible. In addition, you can do some research on the hiring manager as well. Try and find a common ground to relate to yourself.

*Not being concise

Try and keep your email short and straight to the point. Managers don’t like it when job seekers ramble on without ever getting to the point. It’s tiring and quite confusing for them because the message gets lost between the ramblings. An email that is concise and short is always welcome.

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2)Unpolished Resume

Because Hiring managers receive a great amount of resumes for one position, one of their ways of vetting them is a polished resume.

*Having typos: That is the most important mistake to avoid when writing your resume. It shows a lack of attention and care. It automatically disqualifies your application. This is the first thing that managers look for when reviewing your file. Make sure to read and re read your application. If you need extra help, there are many workshops online and in real life that can help you.

*Unrelated work experience:  One common mistake is having too many work experiences that are not related. Managers will think that you do not have a specific career path. For instance, if you’re applying to a videography position, it does not make sense to have babysitting in your qualifications. The two are not related therefore it’s important for you to highlight the relevant experience.

*Too long: Managers don’t have time to read three pages of resume and cover letter. Limit them to one page each. Make sure that you list the experience that are significant to the position that you are applying to. This alone could be a changing factor in a manager’s decision.

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3)Not Following Up

Everyone is busy especially managers. It’s so easy for emails to get lost in a sea of other emails. Therefore it’s important for you to follow up with managers. Send them a quick email to remind them that you exist and are still interested in pursuing that opportunity. It will show dedication and hard work. For example, I interviewed for a position last February however the position ended up being postponed for this fall. Last week, I followed up with the hiring manager telling her how I am still interested in the position. She was very happy to hear that I had not forgotten about the internship. I now have an interview scheduled for next week. It’s very important to follow up especially when job searching.

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4)Not attending Networking Events

An important aspect of job searching is networking. Meeting people in real life is key to building your network. From going to these networking events you can learn valuable tips from industry leaders. For example, while attending a hustle conference this summer, I learned about a videography position before it went on the official company’s website. Even though, the company ended up going for someone else, it was a great feeling having the opportunity to be the first interviewee. I am still in contact with the managers from that company.

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Job searching is tough. It is easy for you to start losing confidence especially when you are not getting any answers.  However if you avoid these mistakes, you are already on your way to landing your dream job.

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Christy Joseph, Writer, Shortstints

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