As millennials, we are known to be resourceful. We are constantly trying to find a way to earn extra income with relatively low commitment. It could be for taking a vacation, buy new furniture or just padding our savings. As a result, we try to capitalize on our skills and hobbies. This has lead to the rise of the gig economy.

With the start of the new season, here are 5 side hustles that you can start today and earn extra cash right away.

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-Sell your clothes

It’s the start of a new season which means that it is time to revamp our wardrobe. A great and relatively easy way to earn money is by selling your old clothes. There are two ways you could do this: in person by going to the nearest thrift store and selling your clothes. Or online by simply taking photos of the pieces you want to sell and posting them on Poshmark. With Poshmark, you are able to create an account where you can list all of the pieces that you intend to sell. The great thing about Poshmark is that you can advertise your account for more exposure. This is the perfect opportunity for you to earn extra cash. You would not believe how much extra cash you can earn from doing this. So get out there and start selling.

-Tutoring/ Babysitting

Tutoring and babysitting can be a great way to earn cash this fall. With back to school season in full effect, parents are desperately looking for tutors and babysitters. Some of them are even willing to pay a great amount of money( 50$/hour) to tutors . Since they usually tend to take place during after school hours and on weekends, you will able to do other activities during the day. So,  brush up on your math skills and start educating the future generation of millennials.

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-Instagram Consulting

Do you have a sizable Instagram following? Do people praise your ability to manage a curated Instagram feed? Then this is perfect for you. Nowadays with the rise of social media, businesses are becoming eager to build their online presence. Therefore they are looking for social media curators and consultants. You could pitch your services to these brands by leveraging your Instagram. I recently landed a paid managerial social media position by simply pitching myself.

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-Sign up for a Job Board

Signing up for a job board is the perfect way to earn extra money. With its flexible and low commitment nature, you will be able to mindlessly earn money. If you’re looking for short-term gigs, Shortstints is the perfect place for you. Depending on your interest, you will find a wide range of opportunities to fit your needs.

-Freelance Photographer

As millennials, we’re very familiar with technology. We were pretty much born with it. Go out in your local town and volunteer to be an event photographer. There are plenty of Halloween parties happening this season. This could be a great opportunity for you to hone your photography skills while earning some cash.

Earning extra cash is always welcome. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your side hustle business.


Q&A: How will you earn extra cash this fall?

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Christy Joseph, Shortstints, Writer

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