Your college years will have a significant impact on your life. They are important for self discovery and self awareness. Everyone’s college experience is unique but you can make the most out of your college experience by following these tips.

-Try different classes

One of the best things about college is the opportunity to experiment different career path. The best way to do that is by having an open mind and trying out new classes. You never know if you’ll like something until you try it. You might find yourself pursuing a path that is completely different than what you had intended to follow. One of my close friends switched her major to business after taking one business course. Before entering college, she was sure that she wanted to become a doctor but after trying an accounting class, she realized that was her true calling. Even if you don’ t end up switching your major, these classes might teach you practical skills that you might see yourself use even after graduation college.

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-Make use of your school’s job board

You might want to earn some extra money while in college so the best way to do that is finding gigs on your school’s job board. You can find anything from tutoring gigs to administrative work on there. I landed a tutoring gig at my school from browsing the website. In addition, your school’s job board can also be a great way to network. There are a lot of recruiters who are looking for young professionals for internships. Having a great resume can definitely help you secure a great opportunity.

-Go to the free workshops

The best way to network while in College is to go workshop or professional events. You would not believe how much knowledge you can learn from simply attending these events. Since you are in college, these events will most likely be free. Make sure to take advantage of that. These events can cost quite a fortune once you’re out of college. My school hosts resume related workshops every week and I always try to attend. They are very useful and have helped me enhance my resume. In addition to workshops my school hosts a yearly networking fair where Fortune500 company recruiters come to recruit talent. This free networking fair attracts a lot of young professionals.

-Keep in touch with your professors

If done right you can network with your professors. I know it could feel a bit strange at first but believe it can be very valuable when building your network. If you want to keep in touch with your professor, you have to be interested in the course. By doing well in the class, you’re indicating to the professor that you are motivated and interested in the course. After the semester is over, you can simply send a thank you email and ask to keep in touch. Professors love when students go the extra mile. That will definitetly put you in the right direction.

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-Join a club

One of the best ways to make friends in College is by joining a club. Clubs are great because you get to meet people that have the same interests as you. What better way to connect with people than a club setting? It is relatively relaxed while still being in an academic setting. During my sophomore year, I was part of the African and Caribbean Association club and it was one of the best experiences during my college years. I was exposed to many different cultures and stories. I also met incredible people that I am still in touch with.

-Try to study abroad

If your school offers studying abroad options, I would highly recommend it. It is such an enriching experience. It will open your mind about new cultures and experiences. It’s also one of the best ways to experience a new city while being in an academic setting.

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Everyone’s college experience is unique. By keeping an open mind you can have a memorable experience.

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Christy Joseph, Writer, Shortstints

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