If you think about it your resume is your professional passport. It’s the ultimate way to attract clients and land your dream position. A polished resume can go a long way.

Here are 4 tips to enhance your resume.

-Leverage your side hustle

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When your start your side hustle you learn many valuable skills. You are in charge of your business and therefore are responsible for all of its aspects. So why would you not include it in your resume? Your side¬† hustles can be a great way to enhance your resume even if it is not directly related to the position that you desire. There is an aspect to handling your own business that can be applicable to any position. For example: let’s say you are a business student looking for business opportunities but are also passionate about event planning.¬† You then start a an event planning business on Instagram. One way you can include that in your resume is by showing the skills that you’ve learned from starting your business. For instance, you had to learn public relations and marketing skills in order to promote the business and you also had to learn about finance in order to keep the business alive. These skills would be valuable addition to your resume.

-Quantify your accomplishments

” Did you complete a business project where you won first place?” Have you ever won intern of the month from your previous internships? Do you often get recognized for your great work?” These are accomplishments that will look great on your resume. They are tangible achievements that showcase your skills. For example, I once did a project for my Operations class where I had to evaluate the supply chain process of a travel company. I then went on an interview and mentioned that project to the hiring manager and he was very impressed and eager to see it. Showing mangers that there are more to you than your professional experience is very important.

-Include your volunteering experience

Your volunteering experience is as important as your professional experience. Hiring managers love when job seekers include that social aspect to their resume. They see that you are truly committed to the cause because you are willing to do unpaid work. In addition, volunteering experience can be a great way to show employers that you are still proactive during your job hunt. For example, last fall I unfortunately was not able to get an internship. However I managed to do some volunteering that semester and also started freelancing. Being proactive when it comes to work experience is always a a great skill to have.

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-Make use of courses that you’ve taken in the past

One thing that can help boost your resume when you don’t have concrete experience in the field that you’re applying to is leveraging your related courses. I guarantee you it works. For example, while taking an operations class last year I applied to an Operations internship and ended up getting the position. The hiring manager was very impressed that my coursework was so closely related to the internship. I leveraged it in a way to show her that the learning in my class would be a very valuable contribution as opposed to a professional one.

This is especially relevant for people who are interested in working for tech companies. Nowadays most of the resources can be found through online courses and workshops. One can learn to code and design websites simply by taking seminars online. Therefore it’s important to leverage these courses.

Think of your resume as a longer version of your business card. On there, you mention in a concise manner all of the relevant qualifications. Nowadays the gig economy has made it easier to enhance your resume.

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Christy Joseph, Writer, Shortstints

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