Who wouldn’t say yes to earning extra cash?! If you’re anything like me and are always looking for ways to make extra income, here are 10 side hustle ideas that you can start today.

Renting your place through Airbnb

If you’re going on vacation, renting your room through Airbnb is the perfect way to make extra cash. You get to make passive income from something that you already own. The process is very simple and safe. You simply have to take photos of your place and then make an account. My friend was going on vacation for two weeks and was able to rent her room for 30$ for 10 days. When you add it all up, it ends up being a good amount of cash.

Resume and Cover letter writing

Are you good at helping others build their resume? Well then, this is the perfect gig for you. Resume and cover letter writing never go out of style. People are always looking for help proofreading their work. Some of them even want you to write the whole thing. In that case, you could set up a business where you help people write their resumes for a small fee. Once your business is all set up and are getting a constant flow of clients, you could start throwing seminars and workshops.


It’s midterm season so get out there and help some students. Parents are always looking for tutors to help their children. Even college student are willing to pay to get some tutoring. You could advertise your services through posters at your school and sign yourself up through different tutoring websites.


If you’re good at writing, think about doing some ghostwriting. It’s a very lucrative business. People have reportedly made careers out of ghostwriting. There are several websites that you can check out that offer these services. You simply have to sign up and upload your portfolio.

Selling stock photography

Do you have photos that are simply sitting in your portfolio? There’s a way you can earn cash for them even if you’re not an experienced photographer. You can submit them to stock photography websites and will be compensated depending on the amount of times people use your photos.

Selling clothes online

Selling clothes online is an easy way to make a quick buck. It does not take much effort. You simply have to take photos of the pieces that you would like to sell and share them on either Craigslist or Poshmark.

Manage social media accounts

Brands and small businesses are always on the hunt for savvy millennials to handle their Instagram content. If you’re into Instagram and are looking for a way to express your creativity then this is for you. So go out there and reach out to your local coffee shop.

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The oldest one in the book.  You can never go wrong with babysitting. Nowadays you can sign up to be a babysitter through websites that will help you land opportunities. You also have the option to become a nanny or an au-pair.

Doing online surveys

There are so many websites that are looking for people to take their surveys. I use SurveyU and through doing surveys I have redeemed over 100 dollars worth of money. They are relatively short in terms of lenght. I highly recommend it. It could be a great commute activity.


Do you speak another language? Well there is an easy way to use your skill set to make extra cash. You can do online translation for businesses and people. The pay is very lucrative. My sister once translated a two-page document and was payed 300 dollars.

The great thing about side hustles is that you can do whatever you desire as long as you’re good at it and are able to make a profit from it. So, get out there and start brainstorming ideas.

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Christy Joseph, Writer, Shortstints

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