Freelancing is hard. In order to maintain a steady flow of clients you have to be dedicated, organized and motivated. Since you are in control of your income, you are responsible for all aspects of your business. Therefore I understand why some people would be afraid to have their freelance business. However for those of you who have the drive but are afraid to start, here are 3 common roadblocks that you must overcome.

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-I don’t know where to start

This is  one of the most common roadblocks that people often people use as a reason to not start their side hustle project. Before starting freelancing, I was always using this excuse. Truth is I was afraid to start. Once I eventually started I realized that it was the fear of the unknown that was paralyzing. And for most people, it is too. When freelancing there is no clear answer on where to start or how to start. You simply have to go for it. For instance before my sister and I started our youtube channel, we were very unsure on how to go about it. We realized that if we stopped overthinking every small detail then we would be able to advance our project. So we did! And two years later, we are still making videos.


Don’t overthink everything. And by that I don’t mean to not take it seriously but to really zone out the important stuff and take care of them first. It’s so easy to get caught up in minutiae and then end up not producing anything. So write down all the goals that you want to accomplish for your project and start working on them.

-I don’t have time

We’re all busy. However if your passion project takes a backseat because of your schedule then you need to rethink your goals. When pursuing your side hustle you have to be willing to make time for it. One of the things about freelancing is the ability to create time for you to hone on your skills. If you keep putting it in the backseat then you will not get anywhere. This will then delay your goals. Last summer, I had a full-time internship, some freelancer social media management work and still had time for my side hustle. I made sure to create a schedule to manage all of these.


Create a schedule that will fit your lifestyle. Maybe early mornings work better for you when it comes to working on your side hustles.

Establish a routine. You have to know yourself and establish your body’s rhythm.

Make use of your downtime. If your commute is longer than 30 minutes, use that time to write an article, work on your blog, design a template etc. Downtime can help tremendously when it comes to finishing projects.

-I won’t find any clients

This is one the biggest uncertainties when it comes to freelancing. When you are just starting out, it will be to difficult to find clients. However if you are putting in the work, you will eventually land some gigs.


Reach out to clients daily

Network, network, netowork,

Spread word of mouth

Update your social media accounts and presence.

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Freelancing is not for everyone. However if you are thinking about starting your side business, you should consider overcoming these roadblocks.

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Christy Joseph, Writer, Shortstints


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