One of the greatest things about college is studying abroad. How exciting is it that you have the opportunity for a semester of pursuing your education in a new city? It could sound scary for some but remember that you’ll be surrounded by fellow college students while being exposed to a new way of life.
With a setting like this, it’s important for you to make lasting connections that could turn into future opportunities once you graduate.
Here’s how studying abroad can help enhance your resume and land a job:
-You’re exposed to a new way of life that will make you more mindful when dealing with foreign 
When studying abroad it is certain that you will be exposed to a new way of life. You get to experience a new culture, new ways of doing business and everything in between. Needless to say that this will make you more mindful when it comes to dealing with people that are from different backgrounds. Believe it or not but this is a competitive edge that can prove to be useful when starting a new job or in the interviewing process. When you think about it in real life you will be exposed to different people therefore getting that head start by studying abroad puts you in a advantageous position. You will be able to show your managers that you can handle cultural differences in a professional manner.
-You get to meet people that are not directly in your circle
Think of the networking opportunities that come with going to new places. You’ll be surrounded with like minded individuals that will help you in terms of career development. So when studying abroad, make sure that you hang out at the local spots, go to the networking events that are being offered and mingle with the community. For example, my friend Rachel did a study abroad program in Spain during her junior year. By being proactive and meeting people, she landed an opportunity from a Spanish company after her graduation. The way it happened was the fact that she met someone who worked there and they ended up staying in touch. When she graduated, the recruiter proposed her the position. Even though she did not end up taking it this goes to show that opportunities can come from anywhere. You simply have to put yourself out there.
-You can add foreign experience to your resume
Nothing stands out in a resume like foreign experience. Recruiters and hiring managers love it when applicants have that distinctive feature about them on their resume. To them, it means that you are determined to explore the different geographical possibilities of your industries. It not only shows initiative but also hard work. Your experience does not have to be a full on internship or job because you are still a student and need to manage your time but it can be volunteering which is less time consuming. So while aways make sure to scour the local newspapers for opportunities.
If you have the opportunity of studying abroad, I highly recommend you taking it. It’s an enriching experience in many different ways. So the next time you’re registering for classes, look into the studying abroad section. I promise you won’t regret it.
Christy Joseph, Writer, Shorstints
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