Workplace Hacks – Best Ways to Improve Focus at Work

It can be easy to get distracted in the workplace. There are plenty of distractions, but also a lot of work that needs to be done. The best thing is tune out workplace noise and distractions. If you’re having a hard time, here are some of the best ways to improve focus at work.

Keep a to-do list. To-do lists help minimize distractions and keep you focused. You know what you need to do, and crossing items off your list can bring relief. Place the important tasks first for maximum productivity.

Creating A To Do List To Focus
To Do List0

Conquer difficult tasks first. We tend to put off the tasks we don’t want to do the most, or tasks that require more effort. Instead of procrastinating, cross it off your to-do list as soon as you can. The longer we wait to complete them, the heavier they can become.

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Break work into chunks. Work can be less overwhelming, at your internship or temp job, when it’s cut into smaller pieces. You can do this by breaking your project into smaller steps, or carve set amounts of time to work on a task before a break. Pomodoro is a great method for this.

Workplace Hacks
Taking a Break For Better Job Performance

Create a routine. If you know what to do as soon as you get to work every day, it’s easier to get things done. You’ll be more efficient, and less prone to distractions. Something as simple as scheduled breaks or checking emails can make a difference.

Don’t neglect breaks. It can be easy to get caught up in work. But staring at a computer screen for extended periods of time, or sitting at a desk, without a break can block your workflow. Grab a coffee, take a bathroom break, or stretch – just move for a few minutes.

How do you improve your focus at work?

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Temporary Office Jobs – Top Ways to Impress Your Boss

We all want to stay on our boss’s good side. Staying in their good graces is a nice place to be. If you aren’t, it could create tension and effect your work. Even if you’re a temporary worker or intern, and you don’t cross paths with your manager often, here are some top ways to impress your boss.

Be resourceful. Try to figure out a solution before you run to your supervisor with every question or setback. If you have to go to them with an issue, think of possible solutions to run by them. Think it through before you ask.

Temp Office Jobs
Temp Job

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Listen. Actively listen to what your boss says. Many employers want to tune out everything their boss says. Don’t. Lean in and nod to let them know you’re paying attention. Show you’re listening, regardless of the topic.

Smile. We often forget to smile. It’s so simple and natural. And if you’re new, your manager can be especially intimidating. Smile at her, and do it often. It shows you’re happy to see her.

Temp  Jobs
Office Job Opportunity

Provide solutions, not problems. Supervisors have a lot on their plates – most of which are problems. They have to deal with them every day. Stand out by thinking through a solution to a work-related problem, or a way to improve a process. Tell them when the opportunity arises. They’ll appreciate it.

What are your tips for impressing your boss?

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Resume Writing Tips – 5 Words That Could Knock Your Resume to the Bottom of the Pile

There’s a lot of resume writing advice out there. It doesn’t matter if your resume is showing off short term or seasonal work, temp positions, or even full-time employment. The wording is everything. These 5 words and phrases could be knocking your resume to the bottom of the pile, and even the trash can. So, what should you delete from your resume?

Career objective. Using objective is seen as old-school. Unless an employer specifically asks you to include an objective or career objective, skip it all together. It takes up precious real estate on your resume, and can get your it tossed in the “no pile.” This rule also includes using “objective” by itself.

Resume Writing Tips
Writing A Resume

References available upon request. This statement tells hiring managers what they already know. If employers are interested in hiring you, they will ask for your references. So keep it out, like the career objective, because it just takes up space.

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Responsible for. Using “responsible for” stops you from showing off your accomplishments. It can be tempting to mimic job ads when they use this language, but don’t. “Responsible for responding…” doesn’t sound as great as “Implemented new response…”

Assisted. Many job seekers use this term when they really mean “collaborated” or “contributed.” It tones down your hard work. Instead, skip it and write what you mean to say. Let your achievements get the spotlight0.

Resume Writing Tips

Utilized. It’s a fancy way of saying “use.” We’ve all done it. Instead of telling potential employers you did something, show them by offering solid facts. Companies want to “see” you can do what you say. Results speak volumes.

A few honorable mentions also include creative, hard-working, and communication skills. Be specific. These terms are too vague for your resume.

What words do you avoid using in your resume?

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Healthcare Internships – What to Expect from a Healthcare Internship

If you’re planning a career in healthcare, you have several steps you need to take. Before you can earn your degree, most healthcare students need to complete an internship. It’s where you get hands-on training and experience in your chosen career field.

Internships are a preview into the day-to-day duties of your future career; you have no idea what will happen and anything can happen. When it comes to healthcare internships, it’s important to know what to expect.

Healthcare Job Opportunities
Healthcare Internship Jobs

Prepare. Before you intern, make sure you’re prepared, and be proactive. Know your coursework. What you learned should mimic the work experiences you’ll face in your internship. An internship may be the first time you see how your classroom learning works in the real world.

Challenges. Internships challenge and get you comfortable with the skills you’ve learned. They professionally prepare you. It’ll be challenging, but rewarding if you’re passionate about your chosen healthcare field.

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Responsibility. The responsibilities you’re given all depend on the clinic or medical establishment. Ask before you intern, so you know what to expect and to decide whether the program is for you.

Enlightenment. Internships also serve to show your strengths and weaknesses. They’re a place to gauge what you’ve learned and understand well, and what you still need to learn. Take advantage of the experience, the skills, and the materials at your fingertips.

Healthcare Internship Jobs
Careers In Healthcare

Possible employment. Internships can lead to job offers. But don’t expect it. Do your best work, and help when it’s needed, but not only when asked. Don’t demand anything in return. You’re there to learn, build relationships, and gain experience. Appreciate what you’re offered.

What’s your advice for what to expect from a healthcare internship?

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Work Productivity – How to Master Productivity at Work

Staying productive at work can be a challenge. There are plenty of distractions, and if you like to procrastinate, getting work done can be nearly impossible – unless you’re on a deadline. If you’re having issues with with productivity, how can you master productivity at work?

What is Pomodoro?
If you’ve researched productivity, you may have heard the term Pomodoro crop up. It’s a time management and productivity technique that’s grown immensely popular. The basic concept is to break work up into 25-minute segments, followed by a short 5-minute break. You repeat this process, completing task after task, until after four hours, you receive a longer break of 20-25 minutes.

Breaks Increase Productivity
Taking A 5 Minute Break

Why You Should Use it
Using the Pomodoro method can kick start your ignition to get work done. Instead of working against time, you work with the time you do have. And by breaking tasks into small segments, and making yourself take a breather, you are more productive.

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How to Use it to Your Advantage
When used correctly, you can gain crucial time management and productivity skills. While it may be tempting to sit in front of the computer for long stretches of time, in the end, you’re wasting more time than you need to on a task. Freelancers, interns, and even temp workers can use it to boost their productivity.

Productiivity At Work
Being Productive After A Break

To implement or try out the technique, download the app, or create alarms on your phone. It’s available on the iPhone. Android users can use a similar app called ClearFocus.

Have you tried this productivity hack? What do you think?

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Staying Awake at Work – 5 Best Foods to Boost Your Energy at Work

When it comes to staying awake at work, food can be an important part of the equation. While it’s important to take breaks between work to get the blood flowing, what you put in your body also has an impact. Let’s explore how you can stay awake at work, and the 5 best foods to boost your energy at work. They’re easy to take to work (regardless if you work full-time or temp) and they’re wallet-friendly.

Peanut Butter. Eat this with celery sticks or whole-grain crackers. Peanut butter is high in protein and is low in sugar. Eat this as a snack as it will provide substantial energy in-between meals.

Stay Awake At Work With Peanut Butter
Energy Food For Work


Matcha. It’s a great way to get energy without the crash, hunger pains, or jitteriness that coffee can cause. Try to stay away from highly caffeinated beverages. Caffeine can wreak havoc on the body in high quantities. It gives you a high, but then you crash afterward. Swap coffee for matcha.

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Yogurt. Add in fresh fruit and nuts. You want to stay away from lots of sugar. Sugar can create sugar highs, but it can also have an adverse effect once it wears off – sugar lows. Low blood sugar can produce mental fogginess and even lethargy.

Water. It isn’t food, but water is crucial to sustaining energy. Keep water with you throughout the day and make sure you’re drinking plenty. Dehydration can cause fatigue and tiredness.

Staying Awake At Work
Drinking Water at Work

Carrots. It’s best to eat vegetables and fruits, instead of foods high in carbohydrates. Carbs, like sugar, cause the blood sugar to spike, which can lead to negative effects later on. You want light foods, like carrots, that aren’t difficult for your body to process.

What is your favorite energy boosting foods?

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Temp Jobs – What to Do When Your Temporary Position is Ending

Transitioning between temp positions isn’t uncommon. They’re temporary, after all. To set yourself up to smoothly transition into your next position, here are a few actions to take before your next ship sails to new employment adventures.

Figure out your next move. Your soon to end temp position may not be your only job or obligation. So it’s easy to delay and avoid job searching. But don’t give in. Be proactive about those applications.

Ask for a recommendation. Hiring managers notice recommendations, especially from former employers. If you use LinkedIn, it can be particularly useful on a professional networking site. Plenty of companies check out candidate social media profiles, and many find work from sources like LinkedIn.

Temp To Hire Jobs
Temp Job Opportunity

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Stay in touch. Actively remain in contact with former places of employment. Provide your contact information to everyone you worked with. Tell them you want to stay in touch. They will remember you, and can help you land future work when there’s another job opening.

Ask if you can stay. If you enjoy your boss or the company, let them know – even if it means occupying a new position or working on another short term or seasonal project. If they like you (and there’s an opening), you may have a chance to stay.

temporary Job Opportunity
Short Term Work

Work hard until the end. Don’t let the end of days make you relax in your job duties. Now is the time to impress. If employers see you are not putting in the effort, you’ll risk losing a recommendation and being asked to come back in the future. Don’t slack off.

What do you do when your temp job is nearing its end?

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Healthcare Internships – Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider Interning Abroad

Interning abroad offers an array of possibilities and experiences you can’t get just anywhere. It provides an opportunity to learn and immerse yourself in a culture, and learn and practice a foreign language. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider healthcare internships abroad.

Can learn new medical practices. When you’re abroad you’re exposed to new medical practices and treatment methods of another country; it expands your knowledge base, which can make you can expert in your chosen field. This can put you ahead of other job applicants when it comes to seeking full-time employment.

Intenships Abroad
Internships In Pisa, Italy

Test a career field. Not everyone is certain if a career field is for them unless they experience it first-hand. Sometimes, students learn it isn’t the right fit.  Internships offer you a chance to test the waters before you fully commit. Learning and exploring are the benefits of interning abroad and seeking higher education.

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Receive academic credit. For many students, gaining credit towards their major or degree is an important decision when interning abroad. Most internships can be used for this purpose. Ask your institution and internship abroad program what their credit policies are. In most cases: your placement needs to correlate directly with your courses.

Internships Abroad
Students Interning Abroad

Builds adaptability. Being adaptable is an asset in the healthcare industry, and work world. Study and intern abroad students will tell you that living and working abroad makes you adaptable. After all, you’re living and working in a different country that’s very different from your own. You’ll adapt to a new culture, workplace, and language. You need adaptability to succeed in the healthcare industry.

What are your reasons for considering healthcare internships abroad?

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Temp Jobs – How to List a Temp Job on Your Resume

Temp positions can be a great way to carve a career path. It isn’t just for the unemployed or the lazy, as some people assume. At times, short term work can get a negative reputation. But you’re making an income, gaining skills, and building your network. When it comes to temporary employment, how do you list a temp job on your resume?

Be open. In many cases, you want to list the type of work outright. Most hiring managers don’t care if your last jobs were temporary. They care about how qualified you are for the position, your job ethic, and if you’re a good fit for the company. If you want to label your jobs, do it like this:

Temp Jobs On A Resume
Adding A Temp Job To Your Resume

Karra Designs, Phoenix Area, AZ
Receptionist; Temporary (June – Sept 2015)
• Provided customer…
• Greeted clients…

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Group it. If you have several temp positions to include, you can choose to present it as a group or a school of temporary employment. It could be particularly useful to adopt this method if you worked freelance or short term work and projects.

Temp Jobs on Your Resume
Including Temp Job On Your Resume

You have two options for grouping: List it all under your temporary company or list it under your own consulting (or freelance) business. The key when doing this is to tie all your positions together, so they make sense to the hiring manager. Add a short paragraph to clarify the grouping. For instance:

Kelly Klein Consulting, Phoenix Area, AZ
Assisted multiple companies with office and clerical duties with a particular emphasis in…

Office Receptionist, Clearwater Designs, LLC (Nov – Dec 2014)
• Answered phones…
• Designated areas…

Front Desk Receptionist, Entreprene Graphic Design Studio (Jan – June 2015)
• Coordinated with…
• Collaborated new organization…

Note: be consistent. If you’re going to label your work history as temporary, temp, short term, or contract, label it that way every time on your resume. Temporary jobs can be a serious asset to your career – not a roadblock to full-time employment.

What do you feel are the best benefits of temp work?

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What is a Web Developer – Everything You Need to Know to Become a Web Developer

Web development is a quickly growing industry. With our growing demand and dependability on the internet, web development is in high demand. Let’s explore what is a web developer and everything you need to know to become a web developer.

Web developers work on the back-end of websites. They’re responsible for programming, and ensure smooth interactions between web pages. The primary goal of web development is understanding how websites work and how customers can successfully get what they need from the site.

You don’t need a fancy education. Many successful web developers are self-taught. And most places only require an associate’s degree for hire; however, further education is not uncommon.

Web Developer Job
Web Development

You can freelance. If you’re not interested in working for a company and want to carve your path, freelancing as a web developer is an option. In 2014, 1 in 7 web developers was self-employed.

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Web design isn’t the same thing. Web design and web development are often used interchangeably. But they aren’t the same. Web development focuses on website operations behind-the-scenes; web design focuses on the part customers see, and rely on design principles to create aesthetically pleasing websites.

It has a strong job outlook. With a stable outlook, people will want your skill set, and it’s a secure job in the future. But that can mean an influx of individuals are becoming web developers so the job market can become crowded. It’s expected to grow 20% by 2020.

Developer Freelance Jobs
Web Developer Job

Continually educate yourself. To get a leg up in the job market and impress with your portfolio, make a point to learn something in your industry in your free time and stay up-to-date on all the latest developments and technology. It will help you become an irresistible candidate, and someone companies will want to keep.

What draws you to a career in web development?

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