Accounting Jobs – Why You Should Consider Interning at One of the Big Four

For those interested in career fields in accounting, economics, or finance, the Big Four are the companies to work for, and gain experience from. They offer unmatched benefits and learning experiences other companies cannot compare, though competition for full-time, temp positions and even internships are fierce, but expected. Here’s why you should consider interning at one of the Big Four.

What are the Big Four? The Big Four, once known as the Big Eight, then the Big Six, and now the Big Four, goes by many different names. Various names include Big Four Public Accounting Firms, Big 4 Accounting Firms, and Big Four Auditing Firms.

Accounting Jobs
Accounting Internship

They are the largest and leading public accounting and auditing companies in the world. They deal with the largest publicly traded corporations and audit their financial statements to ensure accuracy and abidance with GAAP. They also handle the finances of high-profile individuals, and large non-profits.

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Why You Should Intern. Each of the Big Four frequents the top lists of companies to work for, as students, and even working mothers. They offer working mothers flexible hours and the option to telecommute. There are multiple locations throughout the world, with headquarters in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands respectively.

Accounting Internships
Big Four Paid Internship

Plus, interning at one of the Big Four will improve your career by getting you in contact and learning from the best in the industry. An internship at one of these companies will prove to be an asset to any resume and job experience, given their prestige. You will have the opportunity to work with leaders in the financial and management industries, regardless if you choose a short or long career in the areas of public accounting or consulting.

Which of the Big Four interests you the most?

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Accounting Jobs – Accounting Jobs You Can Do from Home

You can freelance and work remotely in almost every industry. Freelancing is becoming increasingly popularity for job seekers. You can quickly start a home-based business in areas, such as finance and accounting. Accounting is no longer tied to offices and commuting, and many employers understand they can save money and office space by hiring freelancers and consultants. If you’re interested in accounting, the following are accounting jobs you can do from home.

Freelance Accountant and Bookkeeper. Many accountants or bookkeepers can work as consultants to small businesses to help them understand accounting laws and regulations, organize financial statements, track spending, prepare taxes, and more. As online businesses continue to crop up every day, and running businesses online become more frequent, there is a higher demand for freelance accountants and bookkeepers.

Accounting Jobs

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Financial Writer. Knowing how to write well is an important skill that’s often overlooked. If you have experience in accounting or another financial sector, you can work as a financial writer. Freelance writing is an attractive career field. You’ll discover there isn’t a shortage of work if you can deliver well-written work consistently.

Financial Auditor. This job is a less common work-from-home position. As a financial auditor, you audit worker’s compensation, and general liability claims for casualty and property insurance clients, for instance. You may find a wider reach of work, but many companies hire internal auditors to handle their auditing needs.

Accounting Jobs

What draws you to work-from-home accounting positions?

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