Construction Jobs – The Top Paying Careers in Construction

There are many different jobs available in the construction industry. Some are entry-level and require on-the-job training while others demand more experience and even a degree. Construction is considered a recession-proof career choice because there will always be demand for building and other construction projects. Construction is often considered a low-paying field, but it isn’t. Many pay high salaries. If you’re seeking a well-paid position, consider one of the top paying careers in construction.

Construction Manager. The average salary is between $84-$94,000 a year though managers in New York usually average $135,000. This job type requires a BS in construction science, building science, or a related field; however, with relevant experience, some construction managers only have associates. You’re responsible for planning and budgeting projects, leading a team, troubleshooting, and more.

Construction Jobs

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Cost Estimator. Not every construction worker partakes in hard labor. A majority of a cost estimator’s time is spent in a clean, safe office away from the hard hats. Cost estimators deal with budgeting (large and small), use estimator software, and are familiar with computers. On average, their wage is $63,000 and most have a bachelor’s degree.

Electrician. Becoming a Journeyman or Master is a long process. After a GED or HS diploma, electricians undergo a 4- 5-year internship learning their trade. In most states, you must pass a licensing exam, particularly if you’re an independent electrician or contractor. The median salary is $53,000.

Construction Jobs

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Construction Jobs – What are the Different Job Types in Construction?

The construction industry is vast, and every project requires many different specialties and skills to be completed successfully. Not all individuals on a construction site are general laborers, and many have high salaries, despite the myth that these blue collar positions don’t bring in large wages. When it comes to choosing a career in construction, what are the different job types in construction?

Demolition. This is a dangerous job that isn’t as complicated as construction. Demolition experts calculate the amount of explosive required and place it in the appropriate places to safely demolish a building.

Construction Jobs
Demolition Site

Brick Masonry. Brick masons deal with repairing and maintaining chimneys, walls, stone floors, terraces, fireplaces, and patios. Their specialty lies in brick building.

Glazing. Commonly known as glaziers, these workers deal with glass. They select, cut, install, and replace glass in buildings and developments.

General Labor. The most well-known and standard of construction workers is general laborers. There is a high demand for general labor in every project. Workers often keep the site clean, move materials, mix concrete, and help specialty workers when needed.

Related: Construction Jobs – The Top Paying Careers in Construction

Carpentry. Construction carpenters handle the finishing touches of the building’s interior. They work on wooden trim, cabinets, doors, beams, and columns.

Construction Jobs
Carpentry Work

Construction Managing. Construction managers oversee construction projects and sites, and their teams. They may also handle schedules, and prioritize and delegate tasks to team members.

Excavation Managing. Workers in this particular area use and manage the use of heavy machinery, such as cranes, forklifts, and bulldozers. They also ensure the safety of employees on site.

Engineering. One of the most highly demanded construction fields is engineering. Engineers are highly skilled and deal with overseeing construction, drawing plans and blueprints, and planning and examining building structures.

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