How People Found Work During the Great Depression

The job market can seem daunting. However, despite how it has been in the past, finding a job is not as hard as it was back then.

Today, there are more opportunities than there were before. Thanks to technology and the ability to even work remotely or virtually, the job market is healthy.

During tough times like the Depression, when the economy was in turmoil and jobs were scarce, life was scary.

Let’s explore how people found work during the Great Depression.

Great Depression
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What Was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression (TGD) was a rough time for people living during the 1930s and ‘40s. It was one of the hardest economic times in America – and the rest of the world.

It began with the stock market crash in 1929. From there, more than half of the nation’s banks failed, and people were laid off. During this time, it’s estimated 13-15 million Americans were unemployed.

TGD affected everyone in America. The poor, the rich, the young, the old. Fortunately, many people worked together to help each other out. Anything could happen at any time, and the future was uncertain for every American.

World War II is credited with ending the Great Depression when Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor created a high demand for factory jobs and unemployment.

In addition, WWII called women to the workforce, while men were drafted for the war.

Great Depression
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What Jobs Were Out There?

Unfortunately, there weren’t many jobs available. During this time, most of the middle and lower classes were forced out of their homes because they couldn’t pay their mortgages.

Men and women worked; sometimes, even children. The most common jobs during this time were seamstresses, servants, or working in the textile or other positions with railroad companies.

Work was often dangerous; however, people would work it for little pay because they had to feed their families.

Many children dropped out of school to work and help feed their families. Those who survived offered essential services like plumbing and mechanics.

The military was also an attractive option for those who could get in. When Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1932, he implemented work programs, which tried to alleviate the skyrocketing rates of unemployment and the death of the economy in his New Deal plans.

Great Depression
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How Did People Find Work?

The Great Depression was scarcity in every sense of the word. People lost their homes, their houses, their family, everything. Some had it rougher than others.

For many, the Depression happened over a series of time. It didn’t happen all at once.  It left many families struggling for years, as the Depression began in 1929 and ended in 1939; however, the economy was still in turmoil until 1941 with the beginning of WWII.

To pay their bills and support their families, people were forced to leave their homes and travel where there was work.

Most work available was farming related or working with the railroad, and many women found work as servants or seamstresses. Some families even made and sold toys out of their homes.

Work was always uncertain. People found temp positions and short term work – anything they could get to stay alive.


Have you experienced long bouts of unemployment? How did you handle the challenges of being unemployed?

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4 of the Most Unusual Jobs

There are thousands of different jobs out there. People need to earn a living to pay bills, support their families, or do things they enjoy.

What would you consider a normal, average everyday job? Perhaps an accountant, customer service representative, teacher, or auto mechanic come to mind.

But what about the strangest or most unusual jobs? Do you know someone whose job description couldn’t fit into the definition of average?

Ready to learn about 4 of the most usual jobs? Let’s get started.

Chicken Sexer

This title may sound confusing at first. You may not know what to think. Chicken sexers tell chickens apart by their sex and separate them accordingly.

Unusual Jobs
Chicken Farm

Looking casually at female and male chicks, you cannot tell them apart. Hatcheries use the help of professionals to weed out the males – ultimately separating the eggs from the chicken meat.

Professional Cuddlers

In recent years, professional cuddlers offer “cuddling” sessions to clients. It’s meant to be a relaxing and therapeutic process.

Participants are completely clothed, and lay next to each other, or hold each other, to cuddle. Sessions are intimate, but not sexual in nature.

Unusual Jobs

Japan was one of the first places to introduce this idea and even has its own cuddle café.

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Pet Food Tester

Have you every opened a can of cat or dog food and thought the look and smell were equally unappealing?

Unusual Jobs
Pet Food

Well, there are people that smell and taste pet food professionally to ensure smell and taste quality. Your pets have them to thank.

Snake Milker

Snake milking is a dangerous job; however, a snake’s milk is in high demand. We use it to create antivenoms to cure snake bites, among a wealth of other things.

Snake milk is considered an elixir that can be used to create many different treatments, and used in many different ways.

Unusual Jobs
Green Tree Python

But someone has to collect that snake milk – a process that involves carefully exposing a snake’s fangs and milking its venom by hand.


What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had? Do you have any additions to the list?

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How to Make Short Term Work Matter to Employers

Most job seekers have an employment history that has nothing to do with the current position or industry they’re pursuing. However, short term work and temp jobs don’t have to be useless. Use them to your advantage, especially when you don’t have a solid history of relevant or related experience just yet. Let’s explore how to make short term work matter to employers.

Translate your skills. Every job requires a different set of soft skills and hard skills. Reflect on the various skills you needed and acquired working in your position. Soft skills are particularly useful because most are universally wanted by every employer. List every skill and responsibility at every position, and then translate them into useful skills for the current position you’re applying for.

Short Term Work
Temp Job

Show you’re a quick learner. Every employer desires workers whom can learn quickly. If you have to list irrelevant work experience, demonstrate how that role allowed you to learn something new. Show hiring managers you were able to excel in a difficult situation as well, and how you learned from it and came out on top.

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Focus on results. Companies want results. The better you can demonstrate and show you can achieve results, the better. In most cases, unrelated short term work and temp positions aren’t going to have job responsibilities that will align with your new desired role. Skip listing responsibilities, and provide examples of accomplishments and results. Focus on your actions and the positive benefits.

Short Term Work
Web Design Work

How do you highlight short term work to hiring managers?

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Why Job Hopping Won’t Ruin Your Career

Job hopping is often met with strong and mixed opinions. It’s when workers stay at a company 1-2 years before moving onto the next opportunity. Some job seekers think it harms your chances of getting hired while other employees find it helps them get the most out of their career. Are you considering job hopping? Here are some reasons why job hopping won’t ruin your career.

Boosts job satisfaction. Studies have shown job satisfaction decreases the longer you are with a company. If you hate your job, should you stay there? With job hopping, you have the opportunity to choose work that you enjoy and makes you happy.

Job Hopper

You’ll get paid more. At many companies, raises only increases a little every year based on performance. But job hoppers can start at a new position making more than before. Salary negotiation can play a key role here as you accept a new job offer – something you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do at your current positon.

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You can climb the career ladder quicker. Often, getting promoted in-house takes a long while. Sometimes several years. However, with job hopping, you can apply for management roles with your background and skill set. You could get hired for the positon you’ve been waiting for at another company.

Job Hopper
Contract Work

On the other hand, it is important to note that job hopping has downfalls too. Some employers may see job hopping as something that harms your reputation. In the long run, you may lose skills as well.

Job hopping isn’t for everyone, but it’s something to consider. Internships, short term work, and temp positions are all excellent ways to try it out.

Do you think job hopping is beneficial or detrimental to your career?

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HR Jobs – 3 Different Human Resources Jobs

Human Resources is an important part of many companies and organizations. Employees in this field keep a company running smoothly, keep employees happy, and complete office various office and business-related tasks. Every company is different, and some will have more than one type of HR worker to handle different areas. The following are 4 different human resources jobs.

Human Resources Assistant. HR assistants assist the HR department and management with everyday responsibilities and duties. They can help with benefits, compensation, employment, HRIS, training, employee relations, and more. HR assistants report to the human resources management team, and implements company policies, programs, and services through the HR department.

HR Jobs

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Hiring Manager. Most people think of hiring managers when they think of HR employees. HR hiring managers work for a company and are responsible for hiring and firing employees when necessary. They also oversee the entire HR department in small and medium-sized companies, and in large companies manage specific departments. Other duties include recruiting and staffing, performance reviews, training, employee relations, compensation, and benefits administration, and performance improvement systems.

Compensation and Benefits Manager. There are many specialty areas in human resources. This is one such specialty. Compensation and Benefits Managers in the HR department are responsible for developing and implementing the policies related to compensation and benefits. This includes bonuses, life and medical insurance, and salaries and pensions. They may work for small, medium, or large companies and organizations.

HR Jobs
Benefits Manager

Which area of human resources interests you?

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Marketing Jobs – Why You Should Consider a Marketing Degree

A marketing degree is a powerful and important degree. It opens many doors, including work in public relations, advertising, internet marketing, market research, business, and more. Studying marketing gives you a powerful toolbox of skills that will always be in demand. Here are some reasons why you should consider a marketing degree.

Versatility. With a marketing degree, you can work with any business that sells products or services. You can work with non-profits, small businesses, large businesses, and even the best private and public corporate entities.

Marketing Jobs

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Sustainable Salaries. It is one of the highest paid degrees of most college graduates. On average, graduates in the field make who are marketing managers make $129,000 a year. Salaries differ from field, position, experience, education, and the size of the company you work for.

A Way to the Top. Most top executives have marketing degrees. If you’re interested in pursuing a career to the top of a company, a marketing degree can help you get there.

Marketing Jobs
Director of Marketing

You Can Market Yourself. When it comes to the job search, you’ll have the skills necessary to “sell” yourself to companies. This is essential. If you can’t convince companies why you’re perfect for the job, you’ll have a difficult time finding employment.

Healthy Job Outlook. Between 2014 to 2014, marketing jobs expect to grow 9% for marketing, promotions, and advertising managers, for instance. That’s faster than average. Plus, there will always be products and services to sell. Companies and individuals will always need someone with the skills to do your job.

Why should you have a marketing degree?

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3 of the Top Job Outlooks for 2016

Job outlook can be an important factor when considering a major or switching careers. Every year, our needs for work as a society shift. Some job demands and growth are higher than others, and some jobs slowly decline. Here are 3 of the top job outlooks for 2016.

Web Developers. Web developers have a high projected growth of 27% by 2024, and it’s no surprise as individuals and companies rely more heavily on technology and the internet. As our demand for mobile device and online shopping increases, so will the need for qualified web developers. The average wage of a web developer is $63,000, or $30/hour.

Job Outlook
Web Development

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Home Health Aides. Though the salary is low for home health aides, there is a significant demand for these positions. As baby boomers begin to retire, and many choose to retire in their homes, rather than facilities, there will be a need for home health aides. The average salary is $21,000, and workers are not required to have a high school diploma. Instead, training and education happen on the job. Depending on the employer, formal training, workshops, and lectures may be required as well.

Engineering. The job outlook is exceptionally positive for biomedical engineering. You’ll need formal education (e.g., at least, a bachelor’s), internships and other forms of work experience to be employed in one of these fields. You’ll need to have a higher education, and be a competitive candidate. But with the increased demand for these jobs, more positions are popping up everywhere. Projected job growth is 72% by 2018, and the average salary begins at $54,000, and by mid-career can reach $98,000, or more.

Job Outlook
Biomedical Job

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Clerical Jobs – What Are Clerical Skills?

Clerical skills are necessary and essential for basic office jobs and tasks. There are many different administrative positions, and some require more experience, training, and skill than others. If you’re interested in office jobs, we’ll cover skills you need to get hired and succeed in most positions. So, what are clerical skills?

Answering the Phone. Being able to handle multiple phone calls, both answering, placing callers on hold, and transferring appropriate calls to the right individuals is an essential skill. Most clerical employees handle phone calls more often than other duties.

Clerical Jobs
Making Calls

Typing. A strong WPM is essential. Most employers seek employees that can type 60 words per minute with few errors. It’s also important to be familiar with Microsoft Word and other word processing programs.

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Scheduling. Schedule management is an important skill for many job seekers. Often, you’re hired in a busy office environment where employers don’t have the time or organization skills to manage schedules. That’s where you come in. Scheduling can include booking flights, arranging travel, and confirming meetings, among others.

Clerical Jobs
Appointment Setting

Math. Clerical employees often deal with numbers, so they must have strong basic math skills. You need to be able to add sales, tally receipts, and operate a basic calculator or adding machine. Plus, you’ll need to be able to verify your math quickly for accuracy.

Data Entry. Accuracy is important as well, and this is most common for data entry clerks. While they may use the general keypad, most of their work deal with numerical numbers. Familiarity with Excel is a must for most employers as well.

Filing. Organization is key here. Many companies have numerous files, especially if you work in the office of a college, dental, or medical establishment. Most filing is alphabetized. Employees must handle some files under the same letters, and know how to file them properly.

What do you enjoy most about working in office environments?

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Best Jobs for Banking and Finance Majors

Banking and finance degrees offers solid education that can lead to rewarding business and financial career paths. Students learn how to make sound financial decisions, understand financial analysis and modeling, handle significant assets, liabilities, and investments, and learn about corporate finance and calculus. If you’re interested in pursuing this field, you can find many different employment options, including internships and temp positions to gain experience and essential job skills. The following are the best jobs for banking and finance majors.

Financial Analyst. Financial analysts provide financial guidance and investment advice to individuals and businesses. They monitor stocks, bonds, and other avenues of investment. When working with companies, they can help determine its future value and earnings.

Best Jobs for Banking and Finance Majors
Jobs In Chicago

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Budget Analyst. Budget analysts are employed by private and public companies to organize business finances and spending. Their duties include creating annual budgets, reviewing departmental budgets and spending, monitoring business spending, and determining if current and future expenses are cost efficient.

Financial Advisor. Personal financial advisors provide financial advice to families and individuals related to insurance, taxes, investments, and more. They also help clients reach financial goals and monitor their appropriate accounts to ensure financial success. In addition, they may help individuals smoothly transition into income changes due to marriage or family planning.

Best Jobs for Banking and Finance Majors
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Auditor. Auditors ensure financial statements are error-free, and companies abide by all federal, state, and local rules and regulations. They usually work in-house, and help reduce business costs and spending, while making the company’s system more efficient to increase revenues.

What career path do you plan to pursue as a banking and finance major?

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Secretary Jobs – What Does a Secretary Do?

Secretaries, also referred to as personal assistants, perform essential office duties for individuals, companies, and organizations. They provide support to staff so things can run smoothly. There are many different kinds of secretaries, such as medical, legal, and executive. So, what does a secretary do?

Office Support. Secretaries may serve more than one supervisor, or work for only one individual. They assist the staff with clerical and administrative duties to help their busy employers. Secretaries can work in-house for a company, or be hired virtually. Today, many companies are outsourcing secretarial duties to virtual assistants online, if they can.

Secretary Jobs
Secretary Work

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General Tasks. Secretaries must be professional at all times. They complete different tasks, depending on the employer. Most often, they perform typing in Microsoft Word and Excel, schedule meetings, book flights and travel, and prepare weekly schedules. In addition, they answer and transfer phone calls, create and reply to emails, operate fax machines, and some may even revise and edit memos and documents.

Specialized Duties. Some secretaries have specialized skills if employed in legal, medical, dental, or higher education offices. Tasks and duties will vary from employer to employer, and not all secretaries will perform the same tasks. For instance, legal secretaries may be responsible for the preparation of motions, subpoenas, complaints, and summonses. On the other hand, medical secretaries may communicate with insurance companies and transcribe medical complaints and patient information.

Secretary Jobs
Scheduling Appointments

What draws you to a secretarial career path?

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