How to make your clients connect better with your brand

In order to make sure your customers truly stay around, they need to develop a sense of loyalty to your company. Many people come and go but it is the ones who come back that will help you build  a solid foundation. If you want your customers to come back, you need to give them a reason to. One of the best ways of doing so is to help them connect with your brand.


In order to allow your customers to connect with your brand, it is important to build an emotional connection. One of the most effective ways in building emotional connections with customers is to prove that they are dealing with an actual person and not just a nameless, faceless corporation. And how do you do that? By sharing a story. When you share your story, the WHY behind what you do, people are able to relate to you and want to support what you do. By developing an emotional connection, you allow yourself to be vulnerable and let your audience see what makes you who you are. When people are emotionally connected to you, they will have a stronger sense of loyalty!



Nothing makes customers feel better than to feel like their voices are heard. When you allow your customers to let you know what they think, they will develop a sense of belonging to your company. You might wonder how you will be able to do so. well, it does not need to be as a complicated as you imagine. Start including them when celebrating small milestones. For example, if you are celebrating your 5 year anniversary, you can offer 10-30% off some items to show your customers that you would not be there without them. small gestures like this can go a long way and will strengthen their sense of loyalty.


Yes, newsletters are a great way to stay in touch. They are a brief e-mail newsletter that shows prospects why they should buy from you. However, most people, even after agreeing on receiving these newsletters, get tired of them and usually unsubscribe or send them to spam. In order to make your newsletter work for you, it is important to make sure it catches your client’s attention.

Make it visually appealing by:

  • Making sure the text is easy to read: Use the right font and the right spacing. When selecting fonts for your newsletter, the top priority is legibility. Make sure you select basic fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Consider using the same color pattern as your logo.
  • Adding pictures: Pictures will make your newsletter feel and look more alive

By making your newsletter more attractive, customers will enjoy reading them more rather than being annoyed every time they see your company’s name on their screen.


A product tour is a great way to let your customers know what the company has been working on.  You can use your online platforms to do so by linking a YouTube video to your website. Or, you could also take advantage of this to create an event! Announce it on your website and social media pages and let them know that your doors will be open for some cocktails and a presentation of the company’s novelties. Letting your customers inside what is really going on will develop  a deeper relationship and keep them updated.


Every detail counts when it comes to your customers. Pick your colors, your font, your designs and pictures with them in mind. Depending on your target market, your colors may vary in brightness. Your logo might follow a certain trend… It is all about the details and it is very important to know your market.


Great customer service is the key to building a strong relationship with your customers. If you provide a bad service, you can rest assure you will lose more clients than you gain/retain them.


4 ways to acquire new customers

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, ShortStints

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Top 5 reasons why you should provide excellent customer service

Great customer service is one of the greatest tools for a company’s success. Because in order to do so you need to learn your product/service more, you will be more equipped to properly represent your business. Customer service reflects your whole organization. People will always remember if your customer service was really great or really terrible. This is why it is so important to make sure they have a great memory of their experience with you.

Providing great customer service gives your company many benefits. It is important to an organization for a number of reasons. Here are a few:


Word of mouth is one of the best forms of publicity you will ever have. Never underestimate the power of a satisfied customer. When a customer is happy, you can be sure they will talk about your product/service to other people, which will bring you even more customers. The best part is, it is absolutely FREE! No need to pay for this kind of advertisement.


Let’s face it, things will not always go smoothly. Sometimes, things go wrong and that is part of the journey. Clients won’t be satisfied, things won’t go as planed and so on. When these things happen, a great customer service has the power to save you. Let me give you a simple example to illustrate my point. You arrive at your hotel. You’ve had a long flight and you are exhausted. All you want to do is sleep but when you arrive at the desk, you realize there has been a problem with your reservation (on the hotel’s end). you are angry, tired and so ready to write a bad review. But this very nice manager shows up and offers a free spa treatment while you wait for your room to be ready. The great customer service quickly compensate for their mistake and if everything else goes well, you might even recommend them to other people planing on visiting the city. See how customer service can save a company’s reputation? This is why it is so important to make great customer service one of your top priorities.


When you provide great customer services, you not only acquire new customers but you also increase your chances of retaining your current customers. Satisfies customers will stick to your services without having to go to your competitors. This is a great thing for the company as customer retention costs less than customer acquisition!


More clients = More sales = More revenues. The better, the customer service you provide, the more clients you will be able to retain and acquire, and the better your cash flow will look…increasing your overall profitability. (if of course you are able control your costs)


How to properly manage your cash flow


When you clearly show your employees that customer service is part of the company’s top priorities, it will challenge them to deliver great work and treat the client like a king/queen. This will help you build a strong team of employees and make sure your staff is ready to be independent.

Overall, providing an excellent customer service will give you everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints

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4 ways to acquire new customers


Acquiring new customers is very important for a business. We all need ongoing sales to keep the business going and growing. What are some useful tips for acquiring the right customers?

Know your target market

If you have a clear understanding of who your customer is (and is not), then you can target potential customers and improve your ability to win them. Take the time to analyze who you want your customers to be (Age, geographic location, education level etc…) and identify the best ways to approach them.

Customer loyalty systems

It is one thing to get people to use your product or service, it is another to make sure they come back. Make sure you have ways to keep your current and future clients. You could suggest loyalty cards, discounts of second or third purchase or newsletters. Make sure you give them a reason to come back! Not only will this increase your clientele base but these customers will bring in new ones by word of mouth.


Networking is not only a great way to find a job but also to find customers!

Networking in your sector of activities is powerful not only because it allows you to understand changes in the sector, but it also puts you in touch with people who serve the same customer base in one form or another. This will allow you to easily get in touch with people who need your services or can refer you to the right people.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising can guarantee new customers to your business, but it comes at a cost. Hence, you should always start by  making sure this is aligned with your overall goals.

Ask yourself if:

Is it to sell a product straight away?

Add a prospect to your email list?

Get people to engage with your website or content?

Paid advertising has the power to bring in many new customers for a very low cost. In many cases, it is worth the investment.


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