4 of the Most Unusual Jobs

There are thousands of different jobs out there. People need to earn a living to pay bills, support their families, or do things they enjoy.

What would you consider a normal, average everyday job? Perhaps an accountant, customer service representative, teacher, or auto mechanic come to mind.

But what about the strangest or most unusual jobs? Do you know someone whose job description couldn’t fit into the definition of average?

Ready to learn about 4 of the most usual jobs? Let’s get started.

Chicken Sexer

This title may sound confusing at first. You may not know what to think. Chicken sexers tell chickens apart by their sex and separate them accordingly.

Unusual Jobs
Chicken Farm

Looking casually at female and male chicks, you cannot tell them apart. Hatcheries use the help of professionals to weed out the males – ultimately separating the eggs from the chicken meat.

Professional Cuddlers

In recent years, professional cuddlers offer “cuddling” sessions to clients. It’s meant to be a relaxing and therapeutic process.

Participants are completely clothed, and lay next to each other, or hold each other, to cuddle. Sessions are intimate, but not sexual in nature.

Unusual Jobs

Japan was one of the first places to introduce this idea and even has its own cuddle café.

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Pet Food Tester

Have you every opened a can of cat or dog food and thought the look and smell were equally unappealing?

Unusual Jobs
Pet Food

Well, there are people that smell and taste pet food professionally to ensure smell and taste quality. Your pets have them to thank.

Snake Milker

Snake milking is a dangerous job; however, a snake’s milk is in high demand. We use it to create antivenoms to cure snake bites, among a wealth of other things.

Snake milk is considered an elixir that can be used to create many different treatments, and used in many different ways.

Unusual Jobs
Green Tree Python

But someone has to collect that snake milk – a process that involves carefully exposing a snake’s fangs and milking its venom by hand.


What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had? Do you have any additions to the list?

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How to Make Short Term Work Matter to Employers

Most job seekers have an employment history that has nothing to do with the current position or industry they’re pursuing. However, short term work and temp jobs don’t have to be useless. Use them to your advantage, especially when you don’t have a solid history of relevant or related experience just yet. Let’s explore how to make short term work matter to employers.

Translate your skills. Every job requires a different set of soft skills and hard skills. Reflect on the various skills you needed and acquired working in your position. Soft skills are particularly useful because most are universally wanted by every employer. List every skill and responsibility at every position, and then translate them into useful skills for the current position you’re applying for.

Short Term Work
Temp Job

Show you’re a quick learner. Every employer desires workers whom can learn quickly. If you have to list irrelevant work experience, demonstrate how that role allowed you to learn something new. Show hiring managers you were able to excel in a difficult situation as well, and how you learned from it and came out on top.

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Focus on results. Companies want results. The better you can demonstrate and show you can achieve results, the better. In most cases, unrelated short term work and temp positions aren’t going to have job responsibilities that will align with your new desired role. Skip listing responsibilities, and provide examples of accomplishments and results. Focus on your actions and the positive benefits.

Short Term Work
Web Design Work

How do you highlight short term work to hiring managers?

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3 of the Top Job Outlooks for 2016

Job outlook can be an important factor when considering a major or switching careers. Every year, our needs for work as a society shift. Some job demands and growth are higher than others, and some jobs slowly decline. Here are 3 of the top job outlooks for 2016.

Web Developers. Web developers have a high projected growth of 27% by 2024, and it’s no surprise as individuals and companies rely more heavily on technology and the internet. As our demand for mobile device and online shopping increases, so will the need for qualified web developers. The average wage of a web developer is $63,000, or $30/hour.

Job Outlook
Web Development

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Home Health Aides. Though the salary is low for home health aides, there is a significant demand for these positions. As baby boomers begin to retire, and many choose to retire in their homes, rather than facilities, there will be a need for home health aides. The average salary is $21,000, and workers are not required to have a high school diploma. Instead, training and education happen on the job. Depending on the employer, formal training, workshops, and lectures may be required as well.

Engineering. The job outlook is exceptionally positive for biomedical engineering. You’ll need formal education (e.g., at least, a bachelor’s), internships and other forms of work experience to be employed in one of these fields. You’ll need to have a higher education, and be a competitive candidate. But with the increased demand for these jobs, more positions are popping up everywhere. Projected job growth is 72% by 2018, and the average salary begins at $54,000, and by mid-career can reach $98,000, or more.

Job Outlook
Biomedical Job

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Office Jobs – What are the Duties of an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant (AA) is a popular career choice for job seekers looking for office jobs. Busy companies and employers will always need individuals to perform clerical and administrative tasks so the office can run smoothly and efficiently. Positions are filled by both entry-level and veteran administrative assistants, depending on employer needs. Many times employees filling these roles are interns, seasonal workers, or temps. Let’s explore the duties of an administrative assistant.

Phone Operation. AAs are usually at the front of an office building answering incoming calls. They respond to questions, and screen calls when necessary, take messages, and transfer calls to appropriate individuals and departments.

Office Jobs
Taking calls

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Prepare Documents. Often, administrative assistants prepare and revise memos, business emails, correspondence, and other materials for employers. They may be solely responsible for the document from start to finish, while other times, documents need a second look before being sent or presented.

Schedules. Schedules are a large part of their duties. This task can range from booking meetings, confirming appointments, booking travel arrangements, or preparing weekly schedules for supervisors and staff.

Filing. Filing and organization are essential skills of admin assistants. They may file important documents and folders in their appropriate places, or retrieve files when necessary. With filing, they may also maintain staff, parking, cash, and telephone records.

Office Jobs

Trouble Shooting. When problems arise, admin assistants must be creative to solve enquiries and any administrative issues quickly. If the problem cannot be resolved, they must know the chain of contact to address the problem.

What do you believe are the key roles of an administrative assistant?

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Marketing Jobs – Best Jobs with a Marketing and Advertising Degree

Obtaining a degree in advertising and marketing opens up many different career paths. The marketing and advertising industries are huge, and successful. Most salaries in these positions are well-paid, and businesses and organizations will always need experts in the field to sell their products and services. With so many opportunities, what are the best jobs with a marketing and advertising degree?

Advertising Manager. Advertising managers plan and manage marketing and advertising for companies and organizations. Your duties can range depending on the size of the business you’re working with. Larger companies may outsource all their advertising to agencies while smaller entities may have you write and prepare the marketing and advertising pieces yourself.

Marketing Jobs

Marketing Manager. Marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing strategies. They must align their strategies with the business’s ideals, mission, and goals. Plus, they can help predict demand for products or services. Marketing managers can also create strategies for pricing and collaborate with a team of public relation and sales experts to develop campaigns for product promotion.

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Product Management. The primary goal of Product Managers is to develop and market products or services for a company. They collaborate with many different departments, including product development, and research, and often engineering. They have the keen ability to create products based on customer needs and use their expertise to market the product.

Marketing Jobs

Marketing Communications. Marketing Communication Managers plan, implement, and manage customer and potential buyer communications. This field in marketing directs campaigns, creates press releases and other press materials, as well as develops web content in collaboration with the web department.

What draws you to marketing and advertising?

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Computer Science Jobs – Best Jobs for Computer Science Majors

Computer and technology related degrees have healthy job outlooks for the next ten years, and employers are seeking more candidates with these skills. If you’re currently studying computer science, you’re probably wondering what job opportunities are out there. There are many different career avenues in computer science, depending on your skills and interests. The following are the best jobs for computer science majors.

Database Administrator. A Database Administrator (DBA) solves problems related to data and databases. They correct database malfunctions and maintain and modify systems for the evolving demands of users. In most cases, you’ll work with a company to ensure databases are performing efficiently, and data is being stored securely. The average salary in this field is $77,000.

Computer Science Jobs
Database Administrator Job

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Computer Hardware Engineer. Computer Hardware Engineers create computer components and hardware. If you plan to pursue this field, you must continually educate yourself to stay informed with the latest news and developments. Their primary goal is to create hardware that’s compatible with current and future applications and software. These engineers will also perform tests to ensure all hardware components are working correctly. Median salary is $112,000.

Software Developer. Software developers are creative individuals who have keen troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. You must understand and know computer languages to write code to develop software. Plus, you need strong communication skills to communicate with end users to understand how well the software you’re developing is functioning. The average salary for software developers is $63,000.

Computer Science Jobs
Developing Software

Which computer science job interests you?

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The Best Office and Home-Based Jobs for Retirees

Many people choose to work after they’re retired; sometimes in a new career field. Before accepting a job offer, ensure all work is age-appropriate, and pay and claims are legitimate. Many false companies may try to scam retirees and seniors. The following are the best office and home-based jobs for retirees.

Finance and Tax Preparation. Tax preparation is seasonal and short term work. Tax preparers and tax specialists can make between $15-$30 per hour, and formally trained professionals in the finance and tax fields can make $25-$40/hour. Depending on services provided, you may need no formal education or be formally trained and certified.

Office Jobs
Tax Work

Drivers. Retirees can operate a bus, car, van, or a light truck as temporary work. Wages can range from $10-$20, depending on licensing, certification, and vehicle size. You’re required to have a clean driving record, and any special licensing, such as a passenger vehicle license or specialty vehicle driver license.

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Customer Service/Call Center. Customer service and call center employees handle incoming calls, answer questions, process orders, issues refunds, and more. When working from home, you must create a clear job availability, and pay can range hourly or per phone minute. You may be required to pay training and certification fees, and you must have internet, a computer, and a landline – not a cell.

Home Based Jobs
Customer Service

Virtual Assistant. Virtual assistants work from home. You will need a computer, internet, and a phone. VAs create schedules of availability and commit to set hours. Many clients prefer previous experience performing administrative and personal assistant tasks. Virtual assistants handle document processing, customer service, schedule management, and more.

Medical Administrative Assistant. Medical administrative assistants perform administrative task such as filing and record keeping in medical offices. Related jobs include medical billing, claims, and records, record coding, and transcription. Most require training past a high school diploma and some relevant experience.

As a retiree/soon to be retired worker, what jobs interest you?

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Virtual Assistant Jobs – 5 Types of Virtual Assistant Work

Virtual assistants have experience in clerical and administrative duties, and they work from home. Many companies and individuals outsource work to virtual assistants, short term and long term. If you’re interested in becoming a VA, here are 5 types of virtual assistant work.

Customer Service. Virtual assistants communicate with a client’s customers through phone, Skype chats, calls, email, and even mail. They may also handle incoming calls, and follow-up calls to customers to check on them and build customer relationships.

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Research. VAs often perform research for clients that do not have the time or skills necessary. Most research is performed online; however, research offline can be handled as well. They can conduct research for potential website content and blogs data, analysis, business competitors, and more.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Scheduling. Scheduling is often a large part of a VA’s job, if they choose to offer this service. They can set and re-schedule appointments, book meeting rooms, and travel accommodations, and fill out registration information for meetings and conferences, among others.

Web Maintenance. In an online and technology-driven world, web support and services are in high demand. Virtual assistants can maintain websites, create and update blog posts and website content, perform search engine optimization (SEO), and backup sensitive data.

Virtual Assistant Jobs
Maintenance Work

Document Processing. The most common document processing jobs for VAs include transcribing videos, clips, and interviews, and writing and editing memos, reports, and other materials.

What services will you provide as a virtual assistant?

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Office Jobs – Top 6 Jobs Working in an Office

Office jobs are highly desirable for many job seekers. Most positions pay well, and workers can work from the comfort of offices. Plus, many office spaces provide upbeat, dynamic environments that bring employees into contact with different people every day. For some, office jobs offer seasonal and short term work. When it comes to office jobs, here are the top 6 jobs working in an office.

Office Manager. Office managers oversee and manage an office. Duties can include creating schedules, hiring, training, maintaining company software and computer systems, and more.

Office Jobs

Receptionist. Receptionists are at the forefront of an office. They answer calls, greet customers, write and respond to emails, takes messages, and forward appropriate phone calls.

Custom Service Representative/Call Center. These two positions are very similar. Call center employees answer calls to handle complaints, process orders, and respond to questions. Customer service representatives answer calls as well, but answer questions related to a company’s product or service, issue refunds, respond to emails, and process orders.

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Accountant. Accountants, in-house and freelance, work in office environments. Typical duties of an accountant include tax preparation and filing, paying client bills, handling financial statements and documents, and receiving funds and payments.

Office Jobs

Writer/Editor. Like accountants, writers and editors work in an office environment whether they work for a company or work from home. Writers create content, articles, and posts for online and print publications. Editors correct the content created by writers before it’s published.

Medical Office Jobs/Medical Receptionist. The most common of office jobs in this category are medical transcription and medical billing. Medical receptionists are also common because medical offices need receptionists. These receptionists file papers, take messages and answer the phone.

Which office job interests you the most?

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Hospitality Jobs – Why You Should Consider a Degree in Hospitality

Hospitality is an incredibly important industry. It goes by many names and is the single largest business activity globally. Majoring in hospitality will give applicants an edge on the competition, higher salary, and more. If you’re considering this career path, here’s why you should consider a degree in hospitality.

Top Education. The U.S. offers many of the best hospitality schools in the world. Most of the top ten hospitality schools reside within the United States. Attending a strong hospitality program ensures you receive the best education and experience and are part of new industry developments.

Hospitality Jobs
Career In Hospitality

Plus, well-known companies such as Hyatt, Hilton, and Starwood, as well as hundreds of others, visit major hospitality schools annually to recruit students to fill open positions.

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Various Career Tracks. There are many different career paths you can take because the hospitality industry is so large. This means there will always be openings and job positions available. Graduates with these degrees can consider careers in hotel, food, travel industries and more.

Hospitality management has one of the highest earning wages in the industry. Management can range from cruise directors, travel agents, tourism and travel managers, human resources, food service managers, and many others.

Hospitality Jobs
Management Career

High Demand. There will always be a demand for hospitality degree students. It’s the biggest business industry, especially in the United States. Hospitality impacts the economy locally and globally. Plus, it’s a resilient industry. People will always travel, regardless of the economy, whether for work or pleasure, and they’ll always need lodging, food, and entertainment.

Today, there are 1 million food service and 300,000 hotel establishments in the U.S. Plus, there are over 1 million hotels and 7 million food service-based companies. Every day these numbers continue to grow, as will be the demand for graduates in hospitality.

What draws you to a degree in hospitality?

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