IT Jobs – What is an Information Technology Specialist?

Information technology jobs are a strong and evolving industry. There will always be a demand for specialists in these fields as our reliance on computers and technology continue to grow. There are many different IT jobs out there, one of which is an IT specialist. But, what is an information technology specialist?

Job description. IT specialists work with computer-based information systems, such as computer hardware and software apps. In general, they operate, design, or maintain technology products. Specialists work with many different companies and are not confined to the IT industry alone. They can also provide technical support to organizations and businesses when needed.

IT Jobs

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Education and Certifications. You can gain experience through internships and temp positions, and they’re the most popular options. Most specialists have at least a BS; however, education can range from associates to a doctoral degree. If you’re interested in a career field as an IT specialist, consider majoring in one of the following degrees: computer science, math, engineering, statistics, information science, or operations research.

IT Jobs
IT Internship

 Salary and Job Outlook. Any field in IT has a strong growth outlook. By 2024, information technology specialists are expected to grow 12%. The median annual salary is $52,000; however, education and experience influence this number as well. Someone with a doctoral degree will make significantly more, on average, than an individual with baseline certification or associates.

What interests you in a career as an information technology specialist?

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IT Job Search – Top 3 IT Skills and Experience Companies Look For

The job market can be tough in any industry, even ones with expected significant growth, such as information technology; however, with the right skills, it can make the process easier.

Employers still seek soft baseline skills like strong communication, writing, organization, problem-solving, and troubleshooting. But when it comes to hard tech skills, employers have many of the same in mind. Companies seek these skills for every type of position – internships, short term work, and temp jobs. Let’s explore the top 3 IT skills and experience companies look for.

SQL. Specialized query language, or SQL, is used to query relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Many companies are looking for job seekers with this skill because they need someone who can use it to communicate to a database, and perform functions, such as retrieve or update data, for instance.

It Job Search

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Technical support. As more people use technology, and it becomes an increasingly more important part of our lives, we need someone who can tell us how to use it and troubleshoot it when there are any issues. That’s when tech support comes in.

Oracle. Oracle was the first relational database management system to be commercially available on the market, and it runs on more than 80 platforms. It’s a good idea to be certified in Oracle. The database is prominently used in finance, commerce, manufacturing, national and local government, police sectors, and more – not just IT companies.

It Job Search

What other top skills should IT job applicants have for their job search?

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Information Technology – 5 Job Skills That’ll Get You Hired in 2016

Information technology is a quickly growing career field with a healthy job outlook for the next ten years. Technical skills are in high demand in the information technology industry. To stand out to recruiters and hiring managers, there are certain skills you need to possess or consider accumulating.

The following are 5 job skills that’ll  get you hired in 2016.

• Cloud and Distributed Computing

• Mobile Development

• Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

• Network and Information Security

• User Interface Design

Information Technology
Mobile Development

For best results during your job search, highlight these skills on your resume using bullets. Also, add them to your list of skills and experience on your LinkedIn profile. Companies are looking for job seekers with these skills for internships, temp positions, short term and seasonal work, and full-time jobs.

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Companies increasingly need employees who can manage and interpret large amounts of data. If you’re considering a career in IT or want to make yourself a more desirable candidate, take certification training in the following areas, and other skills and qualifications you come across while job hunting. Many websites offer free courses in information technology and related fields.

Information Technology
It Networking

Target your keywords in your cover letter, resume, and job application as well. Many employers use hiring programs that search your application materials for related keywords. If you don’t have them, no one will ever see your application.

What other IT skills have you found in high demand?

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IT Jobs – 3 Best Careers in Information Technology

Our demand for technology increases every day. With the influx of technology evolving from tablets to smartphones to computers, IT jobs are in high demand. Currently, they have a healthier job outlook than most industries. Let’s explore the 3 best careers in information technology.

Mobile Developer. Mobile apps are widely used today. A mobile developer designs and implements apps for Android and iOS devices. Developers must be familiar with Java, Eclipse, and other programs in order to be strong candidates. Most companies hire applicants who have 2-3 years of experience developing apps for both iOS and Android. The average annual salary for a mobile developer is approximately $91,000.

Information Technology Jobs

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Information Security Analyst. As companies increasingly use and rely on technology to store and secure confidential and sensitive information, there is a large demand for information security analysts. This particular area of IT works with companies to secure and protect sensitive data and information. They also analyze potential threats. Security analysts average $86,000 annually.

Information Security Analyst
Security Analyst

Software Developer Engineer. These engineers develop and design software. They can hold a BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Computer Science or Engineering. As more companies use cloud services, developers with this experience are in high demand. Companies are looking for engineers who can make cloud easy to understand and use. On average, software developers make $85,000.

What draws you to a career in information technology?

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