I Need a Job – What to Do When You Don’t Have Any Job References

Graduation is nearing, and you’re looking forward to job searching. But you have a big problem: you can’t think of a single reference to put down on your job application; you don’t know any references. References are a vital part of job applications. A bad reference can make it impossible to make it to the hiring process. Here are some reference tips to help you land a job when you don’t have any job references.

Professors. Teachers and professors can create glowing references for former and current students. It’s better if the professor knows you well, and worked with you closely. If possible, try this option first.

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College Professor

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Internships. If you’ve interned, ask your supervisor for a reference. You want references from people in leadership roles who have worked with you and knew your job ethic well. They need to provide details of your character to future employers.

Fellow students. If you know anyone in leaderships roles, such as the student organizations you’re a part of, ask. They need to be able to provide objective feedback. Don’t place high school friends as references. They won’t help you, and it looks unprofessional.

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College Grad

Volunteer coordinators. If you volunteered during school, ask your director for a reference. While volunteering isn’t paid work, it’s similar to a job. They should be able to provide a clear description of your character and your volunteer duties and skills, particularly if you’re a frequent volunteer.

Do you have any job reference sources to add that weren’t mentioned here?

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