3 job search techniques you probably did not know about

Job Search

The job search period can be difficult. The waiting season is never all fun and leaves space for discouragement and questions.

Here are 3 tips that can make job search easier:

Just walk in

Yes. You are allowed to do this. Walking in method is when you just show up at the office without an appointment and ask to talk to the boss. This definitely requires boldness and determination but will leave a strong impression. If you get lucky and are able to talk to the boss, just tell him/her why you need to be hired.


Networking activities are one of the best ways to find jobs. If you make the best out of them, you will get a chance to talk to people that are usually so hard to get in contact with. Show up prepared, bring some business cards and do not be afraid to start the conversation.


Use social media

Social media is such a useful tool when it comes to job search. Many people are looking for assistants, bloggers, social media managers, nannies and more on social media platforms! It is all about seeing the right post at the right time. Make sure to check out pages related to your interests and do not be afraid to reach out to people. You’ll never know until you ask.

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5 Tips for writing an attractive resume

Your resume is like an identification card. The person reading it does not know you so your resume is what will make them want to meet you and potentially offer you a job at the company. How can you make sure your resume is attractive and represents you well?

Be short and precise

A long resume will not necessarily increase your chances of being hired but will most likely lessen your chances of keeping the reader’s attention.  It is better to keep it as short and precise as possible. Once you have listed all of your accomplishments, it is important to filter your information and take out the ones that are not very relevant to the position you are applying for.

Detail and quantify your accomplishments

Do not just talk about the jobs you had but take the time to detail your tasks and quantify your accomplishments.

For example:

Do not just state that you had a job in sales and marketing but describe your daily activities, say how many years you’ve worked for the company and the number of clients you have acquired. This will give your recruiter a better idea of what you can do, your strengths and the best position for you at their company.

Think ‘Clean’

No matter how relevant the information on your resume is, recruiters will probably not go through it if your text is not easy to read. There are a few things that will contribute to a clean and neat resume:

  • Use a font that is very easy to read. Do not try to get too creative because things could get messy. Arial, Times New Roman and Book Antiqua are nice options for a clean formatting
  • Use bullet points
  • Use wide margins
  • Make sure your text is centred
  • Use bigger fonts for the titles to help guide your reader’s eyes
  • Use 1.5 spacing.
  • Proofread. Nothing hurts the eyes more than mistakes on a professional document. Take the time to re-read.

Provide your old bosses contact information

This will prove that the information you have provided in your resume are true. Most bosses will not do a background check but it is always good to provide the information they will need in case they decide to do it.  You could also ask old bosses or teachers for recommendation letters. It is always good to have someone sliding in a good word for you.

Include your side gigs

Talking about what you do on the side will prove that you have the motivation to make things happen. It will give recruiters a better idea of your personality, passions and hobbies. It is always good to make the recruiter feel like they have an idea of the person behind the paper.



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Top 3 cities for marketing jobs in 2017

Marketing is a great field to be working in in 2017. It’s been a decade since the internet transformed print media, revolutionizing the rapidity at which news, articles and photos ar being shared. Among all the information circulating, businesses are interested in one thing, selling through the media. All social media platforms are now offering businesses opportunities to promote their work and direct potential buyers and consumers towards their business websites.

You might wonder what the best options are for a marketing major in the United States. Here is a list of the top 3 cities where we think you should start looking for a job:

Oakland, CA

Oakland, with a population of about 420,000 offers 547 full-time jobs in marketing, 81 Internships, 57 part-time jobs, 48 contracts, 33 comission jobs and 31 temporary jobss. Among these opportunities, 282 jobs require entry level of experience, 251 mid-level and 62 a senior level. You can search jobs in marketing in Oakland HERE

San Francisco, CA

San francisco has a population of about 860,000. Silicon Valley, located in the Southern San Francisco Bay area, is home to many startups and global technology companies. Among the companies formerly based in the San Francisco bay area, there is Facebook, Google, Bank of America, Gap Inc, AirBnb, Ebay, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Uber and so many more.

San Francisco’s marketing workers are one of the highest paid in the United States. 20% make six figures; 65% are among the top two-fifths of earners and marketing managers earn $110,000 salary on average. Even tough these numbers might scare you, there are great opportunities for entry level positions. Search for jobs in marketing in Oakland CA HERE

New York, New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. New york always has something to offer. Right now, there are more than 15,000 full time jobs available in New York, more than 1,000 internships, about 945 contrat jobs , about 700 part-time, more than 600 temporary and more than 500 comission jobs. More than 3,000 offer a $105,000+ salary and about 5,000 require entry level.

Search for jobs in New York HERE

Whether you want to work in data analysis, social media management, content creation, media planing, there is always something available for you whether you have experience or not. Click on the links to learn more about available positions.

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3 Things underqualified candidates should always do

Every job asks for experience, but no job wants to hire us so we can acquire the experience

We’ve all heard this from discouraged young job seekers. After college, you will most certainly find yourself under qualified for many positions you desire. However, with a litle bit of luck, it is possible to win your recruiter’s heart and the position you thought you were underqualified for.

Go the extra mile

If you do not have what it takes on your resume to impress the recruiters, it is important to go the extra mile in order to show your interest. Whether it means attending networking events where you will have the chance to meet some decision makers or trying to get a meeting with someone at the conpany, it is important that you show how much you want it. This will compensate for your lack of experience during the decision making process.

Find someone to slide in a good word for you

It might be someone who already works at the company and who will be able to play a part in influencing the decision makers. It could also be someone you did an internship with who happens to know your recruiter. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth.

Talk about your side activities

You might not have 3 years of experience but the work you did on the side over the last year can increase your chances of being selected. Any experience counts and can be a good card to play.

The sky is the limit. Be bold enough to pursue your dreams.

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