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Most employees spend their week waiting for the weekend. It seems like weekends are seen as a time to disconnect and leave everything behind before complaining on Sunday nights about Mondays. From a more positive perspective, weekends are a great opportunity to start your next week fresh. Here are a few things every smart employee should do on their weekends.

Go out with some colleagues

Working with many people from different backgrounds and different mentalities can be challenging; this is why conflict in the work place is sometimes inevitable. Smart employees understand that in order to create a healthy work environment, it is important to create activities that will help you bond with your coworkers and get to know them better. Many times, the best way to reach this goal is to meet with your coworkers outside of the office. Seeing your coworkers in a more casual environment allows you to truly see their personalities and discover their fun side. When you are able to relax around a beer or coffee and find common interests, it will help you break the ice and be more than just office colleagues. Once every trimester or semester, plan a weekend activity with your colleagues. With that being done, you’ll be able to scratch the title “colleagues” and refer to “friends”. Never underestimates how a friendly atmosphere in the office can increase your productivity.


Plan a week ahead

List your objectives on a piece of paper or on your computer, preferably with deadlines. Think about the tools you will use in order to check off your to-dos. There is no need to stress over the next week during your weekend, however taking a few minutes to do so will give an action plan. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.


Give your brain a break

The best employees are the ones who know how to relax and distress from a busy week. Instead of taking your work with you during the weekend, take the time to let your brain breathe a little. People who relax over the weekend tend to be more energize and productive for the week ahead. A few things you could consider doing: reading, dinner with your family, a getaway, or just sleeping. Almost everything will work again if it is unplugged and reconnected; same goes for you.


Put last week in perspective

In order to set the right objectives for the new week, it is important to look back at what you’ve already accomplished. What were your goals for last week? Have all of them been met? What method can you use to work more efficiently? These are all questions that you should ask yourself over the weekend. Taking a step back will allow you to bounce back fully prepared into the new week.


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How to introduce new ideas to your boss

As an employee, it is important that you bring new ideas that will help the company go in the direction of their general objectives. However finding the right way to approach your boss with a great idea can be tricky. You might not know how or when to approach.

Develop a relationship with your boss: By getting to know your boss better, you will have a better idea of what they truly want for the company, their goals and aspirations  which will make it easier for you to develop ideas that go in the right direction. Depending on their personality, your boss might like spontaneous ideas that change the routine and bring novelty just like your boss might be the stable type who does not like to step out of his ways of doing things. Take the time to know them so that you do not shock them with your ideas. Put all the chances on your side!

Choose the right time: Yes, there is such a thing as the perfect timing. When you get to know your boss, you will get to know when they are most likely to welcome new ideas. For some it might be in the morning after their coffee, for others itll be at the end of the day. Observe in order to see what works best with your boss.

Take the time to think it through: Be positive but also think about the worst case scenario. What happened if plan A fails? Do you have a backup plan in case the consumer is not as enthusiast as you had taught? It is one thing to have a great idea but the key to success is to analyze this idea from every possible angle in order to think about the best ways to implement it. Also make sure you come up with some alternatives and leave your bosses with enough options to choose. Your idea might be great but remember you are not the one taking the decisions. Give your boss alternatives they can choose from in case they are not sold with the first idea.

Make sure your idea is in line with the general goals and objectives: Have enough arguments to demonstrate how your idea will help the company reach its goals and objectives. Not only in theory but also with the budget. Backup your ideas with facts. This will show that you pay attention to the company’s way of functioning and that you truly took the time to analyze your idea.

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Let go of the ida of the “perfect” job

We all want the “perfect job” where we can do something we are passionate about, wake up every morning and be excited about the day ahead. Truth is, nothing is perfect and there is no such thing as the perfect job either. Here are the reasons why.

You will never get along with everybody

In the workplace, conflict is sometimes inevitable. Face it, you will have to work with different people, all with different personality traits and baggages. Expecting to get along with everybody might be coming from a good heart but it is not a realistic expectation. As a newbie, take the time to observe your colleagues in order to learn more about their habits and personality. Taking the time to do so on your first days as an employee will save you tons of trouble.

Your boss will have unrealistic expectations sometimes

Bosses are humans who tend to forget that their employees are also humans. You might have to deal with difficult bossed sometimes. This will by no means, mean that you are a bad employee or that you do not do the job well. It will just mean that sometimes, getting along will require communication, compromising and setting up clear expectations.

You won’t feel like it sometimes

No matter how much you love your job, there will be days where you simply do not feel motivated. The causes will vary from personal to professional issues but the important thing to know is that, it is unrealistic to think that you will wake up every single morning all smiles and ready to tackle the day. This is simply not how real life goes.

You won’t always feel integrated

Not all bosses know how to make their new hire feel integrated. This can leave you feeling frustrated and like an outsider. When the integration is not done properly, no matter how fun the job is, you will struggle to truly feel like you are a part of the company.

Reality is, there will be good days and bad days. It is up to you to get ready for them in order to make the best out of your experiences. By letting go of the idea of perfection and embracing the journey as it comes, you will grow and learn along the way.

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When it comes to creativity, these 5 tips are better than redbull

They key to being a great employee is not simply to execute the job but also to find new ideas and new ways of doing things. When it comes to performance, creativity might be for problem to some.

There are many ways to enhance creativity and reach your full potential. Apply these 5 tips today and you won’t ever need red bull to boost your inner genius.

Surrounding yourself with the right colours 

Colours have a great impact on the way our brain functions. No doubt that, some colours have more power than other to stimulate new ideas. According to the Association for Consumer Research, the colours BLUE and GREEN have a really calming effect on the brain, resulting in a reduction of stress and anxiety and enhancing creativity. An experiment conducted by the University of British Columbia on 600 different participants showed that the colour blue has the power to double your creativity. The tests were performed on computers that had either a blue, red, or white background screen. The blue screens encouraged participants to produce twice as many solutions during brainstorming tasks as other screen colours. I understand that, as an employee, you probably do not have a say in the colour of the walls surrounding you at the office. However, you can make sure to put up pictures of landscapes with a lot of blue and green. If you, can, make sure you have a window next to you so you can get some fresh air and look at the sky from time to time. You can even put a little plant on your desk in order to bring a little piece of nature inside with you.

The office in this picture is a perfect representation of bringing nature inside in order to give employees more freedom and boost their creativity.

Get away from your cubicle

‘An office is where you can climb the corporate ladder. Coffee shops and other hot spots are where you can change your life and have the ideas to change the world around you’ .
Chris Ward, author of ‘Out of Office: work where you like & achieve’.

Seeing new things has the power to boost creativity. Find ways to step away from your cubicle. Some companies provide a relaxation room in order to allow their employees to feel more relaxed. Getting away to the play room with your colleagues can create a casual environment that will boost creativity and encourage the exchange of the greatest ideas. You could also set up casual meeting outside the office. Do not underestimate the power of a beer, glass of wine or great coffee!

Write by hand

In the age of typing things on our computers, writing by hand can seem outdated. However, Sometimes the whole experience of writing by hand is just what it takes to bring out some good juice of ideas!


Let go of the idea of perfection

Wanting to be perfect is sometimes what keeps us from achieving great things. Because this idea produces fear within us, it hinders our creativity. When you let go of the idea of perfection and open yourself up to making mistakes, then you will be able to boost your creativity. Everyone is creative to a certain degree. Just try your best and see what happens.

Working in the dark

A study conducted by the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that working in the dark has the power to boost your creativity. This might seem contrary to point one but dark environments are actually perfect to birth ideas while the colours blue and green will help you develop your ideas.

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How to kill the salary negotiation game

During job interviews, there are a few questions that can make candidates uncomfortable. One of them is the famous “How much money are you expecting for this position?” For most people, this is the part of the interview they’d rather skip and get it over with.

While answering this question, you do not want to aim too high because it might cost you the position and aiming too low will cause you to miss out on the available opportunities. That being said, answering this question during your job interview might be very tricky and delicate. However, unlike many job seekers might think, letting your recruiter answer that question for you is not a good idea as it might make you seem unsure of yourself and of your worth. This is why it is better to be prepared to answer this question confidently.

Image found on LinkedIn

Ask about benefits first

When deciding to accept or reject an offer, focus on the total compensation package instead of making a decision solely based on the salary. Asking about benefits will give you a better idea of what to ask in terms on monetary salary. When considering accepting a job offer, it is also very important to make sure you know enough about growth opportunities, reward programs, work-life balance and more. These are all things that will affect your general satisfaction as an employee. When you are asked about salary expectations, take the time to first ask about these advantages. From there on, you will be more likely suggest a reasonable amount.


Do your research before the interview

In order to avoid getting uncomfortable, it is important to do your research prior to the interview in order to find out about the common salary range for the type of position you are applying for. Proposing a range is better than asking for a specific dollar amount as the lower side of the range should be your expected salary. Doing so will give your recruiter some time and space to think things through and see if they can work something out within your demands. Having numbers in mind before meeting with your interviewer will help you have the confidence you need to answer without sounding anxious or unsure.

If you know someone who worked for this company in the same field you are interested in, you can always approach them and ask a few questions about wages, benefits and more. Not knowing what you are getting into might send a signal that you are desperate and will accept anything they offer. You want to start at the company on the right foot by making sure that you feel valuable and are treated as such.

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Be prepared for the NO

Your future employer might get shocked by your numbers and that is OK. It is important to keep your composure and be ready to negotiate. Remember that this is an occasion to compromise and find common ground so be flexible. Avoid saying anything impulsive like talking about your other options. Doing so will only make you look arrogant and insecure. If your resume  truly shows that you have what it takes, your recruiter will know it and will be ready to try to make things work out for both sides. Remember you do not get what you think you deserve. You get what you confidently negotiate.


Know your worth

No need to mention how much money you were making before. Just be confident in your skills and capabilities. Do your research and have proof of the market value for your skills and what you can deliver. It is important to be sure of yourself but not arrogant. Plus, throwing random numbers in the air will make you seem ignorant. You can always mention that you are looking for another job because you current or ex company was not staying competitive on the market. Find ways to tell them that you are looking for a company that will be able to value the hard work you are so willing and ready to offer.


Remember that the key is to be prepared and believe in yourself. You can only be as assertive as your own confidence allows you to. Do not get emotional. Remember it is not about you as a person but about a business negotiation. Stay calm, take deep breaths and believe that the chance is on your side.


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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4 ways to build a stronger relationship with your boss

Employers are often taught to do their best to build great relationships with their employees. However, it is important to understand that, it is also important for employees to learn more about what they can do to develop a better relationship with their boss. Productive, respectful relationships between a boss and his or her employees is key to any company’s success.

Here are 4 tips that will help you build stronger relationships with your boss:


Get to know his/her way of communicating

When you start a new job, ask your boss about their preferred communication methods and styles. By getting to know your boss’ body language, you will know when it is a good time to approach them and when it is better to wait. You will know their body language andsilent signals , which will make the overall communication easier between you two. Some bosses will prefer talking over the phone, some by email and some will simply want to meet you face to face. When you learn more about their communication preferences, it will help you maintain a healthy relationship.


Your boss’s mood has nothing to do with you

Some bosses are moody and that is just the way they are. It is important for you to separate your work from your boss’s personality and mood swings. The best thing you can do for your boss’s mood is to be consistent. Remember that what they are going through is not about you as long as you keep doing what you need to do. When you remember your boss is human, you will take things less seriously and and build a stronger relationship.


3 simple tricks to help you deal with difficult bosses

Your boss is not your bestie

It is important to understand that your boss is not meant to be your bestie. Yes, it is great to get along with your boss but thinking that you absolutely need to have a relationship that goes beyond the professional limits opens the door to unnecessary disappointment. Also remember that your boss doesn’t need to know everything about you or your personal life. Sometimes, it is better not to have your boss on any social media platform. This doesn’t mean that you have something to hide but it is simply a great way to avoid any stress or awkward situation. Set some boundaries between your professional life and work life.


Make it easier for him/her

Find ways to do your job quicker and better. Your role as an employee is to make it easier for your employer. By fulfilling your responsibilities, you are a valuable tool to your boss and the company in general. Be honest, motivated and have work ethics. Being innovative and taking initiative shows your manager that you’re invested in growing with the company, and that is also a great way to build a better relationship between the two of you.


When you focus on establishing good communication skills and building a relationship of trust with your boss, this will improve your morale and productivity, and ultimately, it can boost your career!

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How can inexperienced job seekers increase their chances of landing their first ‘Real Job’


Having no significant experience can make the job search process very intimidating. However, this should not stop you from going after your dream job. If you put your mind and heart into it, nothing will be impossible.

If you are a young job seeker and are nervous about the process, here are 4 tips that will make it easier for you!


Spend time on your resume

You might not have any significant experience to put in your resume but this does not mean that you should not spend time to perfect it. Take the time you need to make it look nice! A sloppy resume automatically cuts your chances of success. Adjust fonts and font sizes to fill up the page and make things look systematic. Mention any experience you’ve had in college. Use your experiences as an intern or as a volunteer to fill in the gaps!

To learn more tips about how to make your resume more appealing, read this:

5 Tips for writing an attractive resume

Make sure you have good references

Do not hesitate to approach any employer you had in college and ask them to slide in a good word for you. It does not matter if you worked as a cashier at your cafeteria or at your college library. What matters is that you had strong work ethics, that you always showed up on time and that you found a way to work well while keeping your grades up! You could also ask teachers to write recommendations letters to increase your chances.


Do not let your parents make the contacts for you

We get it…you have no experience and your parents have the right contacts. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with your parents approaching someone for you, it is crucial that you make sure you are the one to do the follow-up. As soon as this contact gives the green light to approach, it is your responsibility to call or send an email to formally introduce yourself and express your interest in the company. When you make contact with an employer, you are showing that you are willing to work for the job. If your parents call, it tells your employer that they might want you to work there more than you do!


Focus on your strengths

Avoid apologizing for what you lack and start magnifying your strengths! Often, younger job seekers are self-conscious about their lack of experience and let it affect their confidence during interviews. Most of the time, recruiters will fall in love with your personality and confidence. You might not have the required years of experience but you can make up for it by showing how much you are willing to learn and put in the work. Also, do not hesitate to talk about your experiences and share how what you’ve learned from them will make you a good fit for the company. By focusing on what you do have instead of what you lack, you will glow with confidence and increase your chances of making a good impression.

How temporary job applicants can write better resumes

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5 tips to survive as the newbie at work

Newbie-Job Search

Being a newbie at a company can be a little stressful. Employers do not always know the best ways to integrate new temp employees. Your first days on the job will set the tone for your future inside the company so might as well make sure everything goes well.

What can YOU do to facilitate your integration as a new employee?


When introduced to a new environment and new ways of doing things, it is important to take the time to observe. Each employee has their own habits and their own projects. By taking the time to truly observe, you will avoid stepping on another employee’s work and you will get a better understanding of your new work environment. As soon as you step foot in this office, take some time to study your colleagues and bosses. Is one particularly irritable? Does one get mad when someone touches their stuff? Taking the time to do so on your first days as an employee will save you tons of trouble.


Do not be afraid to ask questions when something seems unclear. The company might have documents, videos and other things you can put your hands on that will help you learn more about how things works. Be interested in every department, not just your own so that you get a global idea of the company’s structure. This will be a great way for you to feel more comfortable and secure. Take initiative, look into why things are done the way they are, and take everything as a learning experience. If you can help in any way, do so. You might even find a mentor inside your department that will gladly teach you some stuff you did not know. Be curious and open, it will definitely pay off!


As a newbie, it is important to avoid saying No. Yes, you will have more responsibilities as time goes by, so it is best to take advantages of your first days to go out to lunch with colleagues, to help with their projects, help plan out a meeting, or simply have coffee together before the day starts. This will allow you to get to know your colleagues better and to prove yourself to your superiors. Do not be so focused on what you need to do that you pass on opportunities to be more integrated in the company.


Remember you are a newbie. No matter how many years of experience you may have, keep in mind that other employees were here before you. It is important to respect their opinions, even if you think things should be done differently. Be respectful of your superiors at all times. Know your limits and boundaries. Get to know the company rules and always align with them no matter what (unless something goes against the law or your morals). Treat everyone with the same level of respect; from the cleaning staff to the boss.


It is hard to remember everybody’s name as a new employee but make an effort so that you remember the maximum of names as possible, as quickly as possible. Repeat names as often a you can so that you can memorise them.

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These 4 habits will make you seem very unprofessional in the workplace


Ever had to deal with that one colleague or employee who just seemed to have an unprofessional attitude all the time? They roll their eyes, refuse to cooperate and have a dirty mouth. They just do not seem like the people that can be worked with. Many times, there are just bad habits we accumulate over the years or that we do not pay attention to, that have the power to make us look and sound very unprofessional in the work place.

The ‘ME’ syndrome

You know you suffer form the ME syndrome when everything turns around you. This attitude will make you come up with poor excuses because you will always find reasons not to do the job or not doing it well. Make an effort to see the big picture and focus on the team work rather than your own feelings and emotions.

Rolling your eyes

This careless attitude will not only make you look unprofessional but is also a sign of disrespect towards your piers. It shows that you could care less about what they have to say or what they ask you to do.


Cursing is a read flag for most (if not all) employers. Not only is it very unprofessional but it is also very disrespectful. Regardless of how unconventional your workplace might be, cursing in an office is the ultimate sign of unprofessional behaviour.

Dressing inappropriately

Paying attention to the company’s culture is a sign that you are willing to conform to their way of doing things. Simple rebellious acts such as not dressing appropriately will make you look very unprofessional. Whether you like it or not, your clothing communicates and it can have a serious effect on your ability to achieve success inside that particular company.


If you have been practicing one or more of these 4 habits, it might be time for introspection. There is always room for improvement as long as you are willing to change and get better.

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3 tricks to succesfuly plan your meeting

Failing to plan is planing to fail. Right? In the business world, just like any part of life, it is important to plan ahead. Planing a meeting with your employees is no different. It requires a certain preparation in order for you and your employees to feel at ease and be able to tackle the new strategies.

Here are a few tricks that will help you have a successful meeting

Plan your meeting ahead

Take the time to sit down and write everything that you wish to cover during that meeting. Pick a date and time that will work for everybody and set up the proper space. Planing ahead will not only guarantee the success of the meeting but will also make you feel more comfortable and elaborate your ideas better.

Announce ahead

If there is one thing employees hate, it is to feel rushed and unprepared. Make sure you announce the meeting in advance so you give your employees time to prepare mentally. This is also a sign of respect towards them as they will feel valued and taken seriously. Send out an email to your employees asking them to mark their calendars. They will greatly appreciate it!

Save a time for questions and comments

It is important to not be so ready to wrap up, that we do not take the time to listen to our employees questions, concerns and suggestions. Make sure that, in your meeting plan, you save some time just for questions. This will help you make sure everything is clear for everybody and that there are no blurry spots left. It will give you and your employees the confidence to move forward with a clear sense of direction.


Meetings do not have to be a burden for everybody. Make sure you set time aside to plan properly,

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