Personality traits that will overshadow your lack of experience during a job interview

While you might think that your lack of experience disqualifies you for the job, it is important to know that many recruiters are very personality-oriented. Your personality has the power to trump your lack of experience. During their conversation with you, they need to hear more about you and your experiences in order to know if you will be able to execute the tasks or not. Thankfully, through the interview, there are many personality traits you will be able to show.


Professionalism: A study conducted by Universum revealed that 86% of employers say that professionalism is a top requirement when looking for the perfect candidate. The recruiter should be able to tell whether or not you have professionalism the second you walk into the room. Take the time to make your research so you know how to dress for your interview at this company. Make sure your posture communicates a sense of confidence, do not use your phone while in the waiting room and make sure you approach them with a smile and firm handshake.

These 4 habits will make you seem very unprofessional in the workplace

Leadership: Recruiters want to feel that you are able to take the lead when necessary and motivate the team. You might be asked questions like “Talk about a time when you had to motivate the team so the job could get done” or “Do you see yourself as a leader? If yes, why?”. These are all questions you should practice before the interview. Always focus on real stories and practical examples that will help your recruiter match these traits to your job description


4 traits of a good team builder

Interpersonal skills: Get ready to answer questions about a time when you had to work with a difficult employee or client and explain what you did to get the job done despite the situation. Recruiters want to know that you won’t let your feeling get in the way of you delivering the work. They will need to clearly see that you are someone who can avoid and resolve conflict in the workplace. Also, it is very important to show on your resume that you have communication skills


5 ways job seekers can show their communication skills to employers

Flexibility: One of the best employees are the ones who can adapt to change. In a world where things are constantly changing, recruiters need to make sure they are hiring a candidate who will be able to keep up with client’s and market’s needs. You need to understand that the word ‘flexible’ might sound good to write on your resume but provides absolutely no proof if not backed up with concrete example. During your interview, you can give an example of a time you had to deal with a client who changed his/her mind at the last minute. You can also show more of this trait by being flexible with the time and date of the interview.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints


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Why businesses should hire college students as temp employees

College students are often looking for something to occupy their free time while making some cash. Companies might be hesitant to offer them temp positions as they do not have any significant experience but there are many benefits a company can find by giving a chance to these students to work as temps


Saves money

Because college students are mostly looking for experience to fill their resume, you won’t need to pay them as much as you would pay professionals with 5 years of experience. This allows you to save money while getting some valuable help around the office.


Good branding strategy

By giving college students a chance to get inside your company and get to experience how you operate, you increase your company’s visibility. If they enjoy their experience working for you, they will soon be telling their friends, who will be telling their friends. This means you get to choose from the best young talent out there. This will soon turn into a marketing strategy. This word of mouth strategy will quickly bring you more students eager to land a temp position at your company.


Recruiting strategy

Landing a temp job while in college opens doors as it increases the chances of landing a full-time position after graduation. The reason for this is that, while college students work as temp employees, it gives the employer the chance to test out their skills and see their potential. It also gives the student some experience inside the company, which will be a valuable asset when asking for a full-time position later on. Young people are like sponges and will soak up what they learn at your company. If you are in a position to offer permanent work such as graduate positions, that person is more likely to remain with your company. This will reduce your cost of bringing in more experienced, skilled professionals.


It brings a new dynamic to your company

Bringing fresh ideas into the work environment has the power to motivate the whole team. Furthermore, by bringing someone with less experience in, it will help your employees develop their own supervisory skills which will help you and them should a senior position arise that they could be considered for.


4 Reasons you should find yourself a temp job while in college

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4 reasons why employers should involve their employees in the recruiting process

Going through the recruiting process requires the help of your team and I am not only talking of the HR department. You might not think about involving your employees in the recruiting and selection process but doing so can be very beneficial to you and especially to your company.

Here are 4 reasons why you should not hesitate to involve your team in the recruiting process

They will help you take better decisions

Employees, because they are involved in the day to day activities of the company, will be able to bring light to blurred places. Truth is, recruiting new candidates is not an easy task and you might not always know exactly what voids need to be filled. Your employees will be able to bring some clarity and identify where you need more help. Having more people involved in the interview process gives you more insight into the candidate. Numerous perspectives will also increase the chances that the new hire will be a good fit and someone who the team can work with.

It is an opportunity for future recruiters to acquire experience

Some of your current employees will be your supervisors/managers of tomorrow.  By allowing them to be involved in the recruiting process, you will give them training in interviewing techniques, candidates evaluation, and insight into how hiring decisions are made that will benefit them when they move into leadership roles.

It helps you save money

Since involving your employees in the recruiting process helps you truly identify your company’s current needs, it will decrease your chances of hiring the wrong person and save your company money! Many companies end up spending a lot of money because they did not properly select their candidates. It multiples training and integration costs and is not a good thing for the business.

They will feel more valued and integrated

By involving your team in the decision making, you will show them that their opinion matters and that you care about their general well-being as a team. When your team members feel like their voice matter, they will feel more comfortable and communicate important information with you. When employees feel integrated, it will create a sense of belonging that will increase their productivity.


Remember that team work makes the dream work. Do not be afraid to involve your employees when it comes to enlarging your team and making it better and stronger

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5 Tips recruiters can use to attract better candidates

It is difficult to avoid ever making a bad hire but what all companies are aiming for, is to minimise (if not eliminate) the chances of it happening. When you are known as being a great employer, more job seekers will approach your company.


Here are 5 useful tips that will improve your candidate selection process and increase your chances of landing that next great hire:

Write clear and detailed job descriptions

Writing a job description is like writing a script for a commercial. Making sure it is clear and precise will allow you to sell your position better and attract people who want to work for you. Your job description will communicate the responsibilities the candidates needs to fill, the daily tasks he/she will be taking care of, some information about the company background and more.

5 tips to write better job descriptions

Involve your employees in the hiring process

Your employees have the potential to help you considerably in the recruiting process. Because they are already inside the company, they will have a good idea of the holes that need to be filled. They can even assist with the job description writing and truly help identify the tasks the new hire will need to take care of.

Use social media

Social media is a great tool to communicate what your company is truly about. Studies have shown that companies with the most social media presence, are able to attract better candidates. Many active job seekers are scrolling through their feeds, searching for opportunities. Social media is also one of the best options to reach passive job seekers. By making sure you are present on most platforms your target candidates use, you are gaining more visibility and increasing your chances of hiring the right candidates. Do not miss out on the opportunity to use this tool.

Follow Shortstints today on Instagram and Facebook and never miss out on job tips and opportunities.

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Use the right websites to post your job openings

Job search websites like are a great way to attract the right job seekers. These websites allow searchers to filter information by career and city, which allows them to find you more easily.

Make the application process simple

If your candidates have to fill multiple forms and provide a ridiculous number of documents to apply for your position, chances are, they will run away! Once they’re gone there is little chance they’ll ever be back or recommend you to their peers. The candidates you’re looking for are highly-skilled, which means they probably have many other employment options to consider. Keep this in mind when setting up your application process. By making it easy for them to apply, you add value to the position.


Want to attract the perfect candidates? Post a job today on Shortstints!


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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How staffing agencies find top candidates

When trying to hire top candidates for your clients, there are a few things to keep in mind. As the mediator between the company and the candidate, it is your job to make sure you represent both parties well. You have the responsibility to not only represent the your client’s culture and values but also, make sure you pick the perfect candidate for the temp position. This can be stressful as your results will directly affect your agency’s image.

What can you do to help your staffing agency hire the best candidates for your clients?

Take the time to understand what the company is looking for in a temp employee

As a hiring firm, in order to match the right candidate to the company, it is important for you to truly understand what the company is looking for in a temp employee. The job description might talk about the required skills but there are some personality traits that are important to discuss. Make sure you identify what most companies are looking for so that you can make sure your candidates will be appealing to them. Many companies might be looking for employees who are punctual or employees who have a strong respect of authority. Take the time to list all of the characteristics that are requested the most so that your pool of candidates can be as attractive as possible. This will make your staffing agency more appealing to employers and as a result, more appealing to temp job seekers.


What do employers look for in a temporary employee?

Partner with Shortstints

Posting a temp job opening on Shortstints will increase your chances of attracting the right candidates. More and more temp job seekers are considering applying through job search websites. By posting job descriptions online, you increase your visibility so that potential temp employees can find you quicker. Plus, this is a great way of adding value to your data base.

Have a great team of interviewers

Conducting successful job interviews is key if you want your temp agency to select the right candidates for your clients. Make sure your interviewers are professionals who have been trained and know exactly what questions to ask. Choosing the wrong candidate will cost your company more money than choosing the right one ever will. A bad reputation means that candidates won’t be interested in interviewing with your company.  it will affect your agency’s image and might even cause you to loose important clients. This will affect your agency’s image and might even cause you to loose important clients.


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Want to increase your chances of landing a temp job? Search today on Shortstints!


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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When do you know you need to hire a temporary employee?

As an employer, it might not always be easy for you to know what is the best option between a hiring full-time employee or hiring a temporary employee. Depending on the type of business you are running or the stage you are in, the best option for you might vary.


When do you know you should hire a temp employee?


You are still in the startup phase

During your startup phase, it is very important for you to focus on saving money and remembering that cash is king. Hiring a full-time employee might cost you a lot of money considering basic wages, benefits and taxes. Plus, there are training and recruiting costs. Hiring a temp employee in this stage will allow you to save money. A staffing agency will be hiring the individual under their unemployment and worker’s compensation claims which could decrease your overall cost while giving you the time to really see if this temp employee is the right fit for your team. Before you decide to bring someone onto your team and make a large investment in time and resources, it is important to give them time to prove themselves.


The job that needs to be done does not require a full-time employee

The most successful entrepreneurs and employers are not the ones who necessarily started on a big budget, but the ones who took the time to understand how their business and money worked. Knowing your business and its different needs will allow you to make the right choices when it comes to deciding which type of employee works best for this particular role and season. Sometimes, you will realize that an employee does not need to be in the office 5 days a week from 9 to 5. Certain roles, especially when it comes to creative projects, allow you to hire temp employees who will help you complete a certain task for a limited period of time. A common mistakes employers make is failing to identify the roles that do not require a full-time employee but could be executed by a freelancer.


You are going through a rough financial stage

Every business goes through rough stages that forces them to change strategy and reconsider certain things. Sometimes, laying off some full-time employees might be the solution but keep in mind that downsizing can have a negative effect on your business’ image and on stock market prices. It is best to find alternatives that will help you keep your employees while still focusing on cutting operating costs. This is where temporary employment comes in handy. Hiring temp employees will allow you to cut back on costs and get back on your feet.


When you are unsure of the direction your business is taking

Sometimes, the vision is not clear and that is ok. The important thing is not to make any important long term decisions or investments during that period. While you are still figuring out the direction your business should take, it is bets to hire temp employees. This will give you the flexibility you need to try out different strategies until you find what works for you.


When you need additional help but cannot hire an employee full-time

If you need additional help for a project that is due, but don’t want to hire somebody full-time, a staffing agency would be able to find a contractor that has the skills and abilities you need! You could also consider hiring an intern to get the job done.



Rise of the Temporary Employee

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Thinking about upsizing your business? 3 steps to take before hiring new employees


Upsizing is an inevitable phase of a growing business. Growing should be a part of your business strategy, no matter which sector you are operating in. Therefore, there must be a system in place to ensure that you are able to expand with the strict minimum on activity interruption.

There are many reasons to upsize – You could find yourself needing more staff to match your growing demand or when you are no longer in the launch phase and decide to hire the number of employees you really need…

As your business grows, you will have to create more roles for your staff to be able to fulfill the different responsibilities. You will need to post a job on websites like Shortstints, or even partner with temp agencies.

What are the necessary steps to take when you are thinking about hiring new employees?

Identify the areas you want to expand

Take the time to identify the areas where you want to expand. Do you want your sales to double? Is your goal to acquire 40% more clients this year? Are you going to move to a bigger office? It is important to understand that, not all areas of your business need to grow all at once. By identifying the areas you actually need to expand, you will be in a better position for the next step: Evaluating the needs.

Take the time to evaluate the needs

As your business expands, it is necessary for your team to seat down and evaluate the direct impacts of this growth. Will you need more sales representants? Will it require more marketing? Will you need a new web designer to change the face of the company? Will you need more writers or another accountant? – As you answer these different questions, it will be easy for you to see which roles will be needed. Write down clear job descriptions for each role so you have a clear idea of the skills and experience that will be needed by each candidate. Doing this will also facilitate the recruiting process as you will increase your chances of hiring the right people.

Analyze your budget

It is not enough to know which new roles will be added, it is also important to know what your budget allows you to do and what you cannot do. Take the time to talk to your accountant about the business growth and how it will affect your numbers. This will allow you to evaluate who you will hire full-time and who you will hire as a freelance. Of course, hiring a full-time employee comes with the benefit of security but not all employees need to be in the office 7 days a week from 9 to 5. Some can even work from home and show up once in a while for meetings. By taking the time to do so, you will save yourself a lot of money. Consider hiring freelancers, interns and contractors, especially for creative projects. Not only do they cost less money but they don’t come with any extra expenses such as annual leave entitlements, superannuation and holiday pay.



When do you know you need to hire


Upsizing does not have to be a headache if you do it right and plan properly. Shortstints helps recruiters and job seekers find exactly what they need. Post a job for FREE today and find the right candidates for you!

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How can temp job seekers write stronger cover letters

Your past experiences are not always flattering on a resume. Most of the time, it does not really showcase what you are really capable of doing. Furthermore, most recruiters will not pay attention to your resume but focus on your cover letter. This is why it is so important to make your cover letter as appealing as possible.

By signing up on Shortstints today, you will be able to receive useful tips that will allow you to write better cover letter and resumes and increase your chances of finding a temp job.

How can you, as a job seeker, write a stronger cover letter and land the temp job of your dreams?

Think as if your recruiter will only read your cover letter

Think this way: Your cover letter is what will set you apart if ever your resume was not able to do so. The cover letter is you responding to “Do you have any last words on why you will be the right for our company?” It is basically your last shot to impress them without them having to meet you.

Do not treat your cover letter like a resume

Avoid repeating yourself. Do not use the cover letter to enumerate your experiences just like you did on your resume but use your cover letter to have an open conversation with your potential employer about how your skills can help the company. Use your cover letter to add additional details that you weren’t able to squeeze into your resume. Your cover letter tells a story. Make sure it represents yours well.

Be passionate 

One of the advantages of cover letters is that it allows you to use your own sentences. Make sure the way you write communicates how much you want the job and how motivated you are. Passion can be felt, even through a sheet of paper. Be sincere, honest and real.

Focus on the skills you DO have

Do not talk about the skills you do not have but rather, magnify your strengths. Your cover letter is your chance to show how you will be able to directly use your skills to serve the company. Resist the urge to apologize for things you cannot do. Do not say things like “While I only have 6 months of experience in this field…” Be confident in what you can do and keep a positive tone. The last thing you want your cover letter to communicate is insecurity.

Use a friendly tone

Be as natural as possible. Avoid being too formal while still respecting boundaries and showing respect. It is best when the recruiter can feel the tone of your voice while reading your letter. It will make him/her feel like they know you and that you are not just a name of a paper.

Have someone read it for you

It is always good to have someone read it for you. They will be able to see things that you missed (spelling mistakes, tone, wording etc…) After spending hours working on a letter, you are not always able to spot mistakes.


How temporary job applicants can write better resumes


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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A few things job seekers should know about temp agencies


As you go through your job search process, you might consider working with a temp agency, but feel hesitant because you do not really know how they operate and how involved they will be in the hiring process. Working with a temp agency provides many benefits such as: helping you expand your network and facilitating the job search process.

Here are important things you need to know about temp agencies and how they operate:

How they work

Temp agencies also called staffing agencies provide a service that is beneficial for both employers and employees. Job seekers can go to a temp agency and generally find a job within a short period of time. Employers can get a position filled temporarily so the work is getting done while they search for a permanent employee. The best part is that, if the temp job goes well, both job seekers and employers can find themselves ready to go from temp to full-time.

What to expect when applying

Each temp agency has their own guidelines and different contracts with companies so their way of doing things may vary. However, in general, a temporary agency screens and interviews so many people so they can match them with the right job. They can place you in jobs with many different companies that the temp agency has contracts with. In the contract, the companies describe what type of work they need done and how much they will be paid.

You will be interviewed

The first step is to have a staffing specialist greet you and have you fill out an application/information sheet that helps to highlight your strengths. Do not forget to bring your resume. Some agencies can even help you bring some changes to it to make it more appealing. References for the type of work you are seeking and a background check are also generally required by the agency.

Your interview at the temp agency is similar to an interview you would have when you apply directly to a company looking for a new employee. The staff member will ask you questions about your employment history, strengths and about circumstances under which you left previous jobs.

You do not need to stress out the interview. Just show up prepared and avoid the general mistakes. You might also be asked to go through certain tests so the temp agency can use the results to match you with jobs they have from different companies.

You will need to sign a contract

When you decide to work for a temp agency, you will most likely be asked to sign a contract. The contract states that you are affiliated with the temp agency and have certain restrictions that need to be respected with the companies that they introduce you to. The temp agency will be the bridge between you and the company. You cannot accept any other temporary or permanent position with the company without going through the temp agency first. Also, you will need to go through the temp agency for any important decision. If you do not like the job or the boss you work with, you also need to go to the temp agency and share your concerns with them.

Should the company want to hire you permanently, they will pay the temp agency a certain amount to release you from your contract.

The temp agency is responsible for paying the workers they send to a company

The temp agency charges the company a set amount per hour from which they take a percentage. The temp agency is also responsible for collecting taxes from the temporary worker’s pay. All of this is specified in the contract that the company has with the temp agency.



Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Tips to plan a successful open house hiring event

Open house hiring events are a soft approach that pulls talent in and gives them a glimpse of the world that is your company.

The beauty of this process is that:

  • It enables you and your top managers to review a much larger pool of candidates
  • It increases your chances of hiring people better suited to the job or jobs you’re offering and your company – people you may not have even considered if all you had seen was their resume.
  • Star employees can present and serve as brand ambassadors.
  • Opportunity to interview top talent onsite.
  • Great networking

Here are some useful tips to make sure you plan a successful open house hiring event

Plan the date

Make sure to give yourself enough time to plan the event. Make sure to keep in mind any occasions where more people may be unable to attend, such as the last week of a quarter. – Potential employees who would like to attend may currently be employed elsewhere and will need to arrange time off. Make sure you get the word out soon enough for them to plan.

Advertise the event

Create a special landing page on your website dedicated to the event. If your business location is accessible to the public, make use of easily visible signs or posters advertising the event. Use social media platforms to get the word out! Reach out to your network of recruiters so they can promote the open house to their contacts. Job forums, career websites and industry groups are also worthwhile outreach targets.

Get your staff involved

Your staff must work together and pool their efforts to plan and organize the open day. In order to guarantee the success of your event, your staff needs to get involved in the planning process. They need to understand that they play in important role as they have they will be the company’s ambassadors during the event. Make sure members of staff are briefed about the event and clear on the role they each need to play in order to make it a success.

Set up the proper atmosphere

The atmosphere should be professional yet casual. Make sure there is plenty of time for casual conversations between prospects and company ambassadors. Also make sure you  include structured periods for things like tours or presentations. Make sure to have a formal check-in process and ask everyone wear name tags. Having a table for snacks and drinks is also a very good idea. People tend to get a little more relaxed around finger foods. it helps to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and also to avoid any awkward silences.

Teach them something

At some point during your Open House, have your CEO speak briefly about your company and its mission. The presentations should be no more than 5-10 minutes, but should teach your guests about your company and its mission. This will allow your candidates to have a better understanding of what they would be getting into if they joined your team. Your human resources director might even describe the specific details of the job or jobs, pay, and benefits for which you are currently hiring.

Present your team

Introduce management team members for five- to ten-minute presentations about their departments, function, expectations, and training of people who work there. This will give your guests a feel of what it is like to work at he company. It is always better to have someone explaining things to us than to read a job description.

Have a spy

Have staff members circulate, listen, and take notes. Take advantage of the interesting feedback you’ll get on what people are saying about your company, competitors, and the larger community. It is always goof to know what potential candidates think about your company.

Get your guests’ contact info

The main goal of an open house in to create a contact between potential candidates and the company. A common mistake many employers commit is to forget to collect guests’ info and to follow-up! Make sure you have a system in place to collect your guests’ info as soon as they step in (name, email, telephone). It could be as simple as having a sheet of paper at the entrance that they can fill out. Make sure you have someone sitting there to ensure that every guest fills it out.


Looking for the right candidates? Post a job today on shortstints!

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