Reasons your top candidate turned down your job offer

As a recruiter, you post jobs online in he hopes that qualified candidates will rush in, eager to fill in the position. However, it is like a slap in the face when your op candidate kindly declines your offer. As an employer, i is important to understand that your recruiting process is as important as your candidate’s survey and interview answers are to you. When it comes to finding the right candidate, here are a few mistakes hat could cause hem o refuse your offer:


Many times, job descriptions are unclear and fail to truly present the position as it truly is. In order to avoid these kinds of disappointments, it is important for recruiters to make sure hey write proper job descriptions. This means, presenting a detailed description of he tasks and responsibilities the candidates will have o fulfill, the working hours, he millstones ha should be reached and more.


Keep in mind hat work-life balance is one of the top things to consider when planing on hiring a new candidate. Employees, no matter how dedicated and hard-working they may be, will always have a life outside of the office. They have passions, hobbies and people they care about. It is important that you make sure that this position allows them to live this life outside of the office.

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If a candidate is applying for this position, they are probably also applying elsewhere to maximize their chances of finding he perfect job. This means that they will find themselves comparing the benefits in order to pick the best option for them.


You either took too long to follow-up, did not offer an easy application process or simply provided a poorly detailed job description. Your recruiting process should make your candidates excited about the idea of working for you. Make sure you make it as easy and simple as possible.

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Word of mouth goes a long way. If employees who have worked for you before or current employees keep giving negative feedback about your company or your way of doing business, it will definitely affect the way candidates feel about working for you.

As much as you might hate having your offer turned down, you should take he time to identify the reasons why it happened. As much as you will feel like taking his personally, don’t. Find ways to make the position more appealing to other great candidates and move on.

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints

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4 Hacks every recruiter should know about


Recruiting is not an easy process. Making sure you hire the right candidate  is not always an obvious task as so many people can present themselves to us with different capabilities, experiences and aptitudes. How can we add some tricks to the old recruiting routine? How can you make sure you are on the right track to hire the right person?

Use the job description to detail the employee’s role inside the company

Make sure the candidate gets a clear idea of why he is being interviewed. Use the job description to highlight the tasks he will be responsible for  and what will be expected from him if he gets the job. Do not be afraid to go the extra mile and present a timesheet with the different goals that the candidate will need to reach as he evolves inside the company. This will not only show that you are prepared and know exactly what you want/need for your company but it will also give your candidate a sense of direction.

Make sure your candidate is in a comfortable environment

Making sure your candidate is comfortable will allow you to really analyze them and get a glimpse of who they really are. Interviews can be very intimidating and can prevent candidates to be themselves and show you what they are really capable of doing. In order to avoid these kind of situations, there are a few tricks you can use:

  • Wearing business casual attire
  • Sharing a drink (coffee, tea, water) during the interview
  • Asking real questions
  • Smiling
  • Making room for other questions
  • Soft music in the background

Do not try to make friends with them

Do not think that every candidate you interview is your buddy. This idea that you should connect with every employee on a personal level will keep your from having an objective judgement. At the end of the day, you need an employee that will get the job done while respecting the different rules and values of your company. Not being able to see yourself grabbing lunch with that person does not mean that they are not the right fit for the company. Get rid of stereotypes and assumptions and focus on how this particular person will be able to execute the tasks and reach the goals.

Always follow up

Not following up is a mistake many recruiters make. Just because a candidate did not make the cut does not mean that he should not hear back from you. When you follow up and take time to ask candidates feedbacks about the interview process, it has the potential to help you improve. Also, doing so can encourage candidates who did not make the cut to talk about your company to friends and family who might have more chances at getting the job. It might be uncomfortable at first to approach candidates who did not get the job and ask them to give you a few minutes of their time but by making sure the survey is short, straight to the point and shows that you truly care about what they think, they can turn into the vessels that will bring you your perfect candidate.


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5 Tips recruiters can use to attract better candidates

It is difficult to avoid ever making a bad hire but what all companies are aiming for, is to minimise (if not eliminate) the chances of it happening. When you are known as being a great employer, more job seekers will approach your company.


Here are 5 useful tips that will improve your candidate selection process and increase your chances of landing that next great hire:

Write clear and detailed job descriptions

Writing a job description is like writing a script for a commercial. Making sure it is clear and precise will allow you to sell your position better and attract people who want to work for you. Your job description will communicate the responsibilities the candidates needs to fill, the daily tasks he/she will be taking care of, some information about the company background and more.

5 tips to write better job descriptions

Involve your employees in the hiring process

Your employees have the potential to help you considerably in the recruiting process. Because they are already inside the company, they will have a good idea of the holes that need to be filled. They can even assist with the job description writing and truly help identify the tasks the new hire will need to take care of.

Use social media

Social media is a great tool to communicate what your company is truly about. Studies have shown that companies with the most social media presence, are able to attract better candidates. Many active job seekers are scrolling through their feeds, searching for opportunities. Social media is also one of the best options to reach passive job seekers. By making sure you are present on most platforms your target candidates use, you are gaining more visibility and increasing your chances of hiring the right candidates. Do not miss out on the opportunity to use this tool.

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Use the right websites to post your job openings

Job search websites like are a great way to attract the right job seekers. These websites allow searchers to filter information by career and city, which allows them to find you more easily.

Make the application process simple

If your candidates have to fill multiple forms and provide a ridiculous number of documents to apply for your position, chances are, they will run away! Once they’re gone there is little chance they’ll ever be back or recommend you to their peers. The candidates you’re looking for are highly-skilled, which means they probably have many other employment options to consider. Keep this in mind when setting up your application process. By making it easy for them to apply, you add value to the position.


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I hired the worst candidate ever! Now what?


The recruiting process can be tricky. Nothing truly guarantees that the candidate you hire is the right fit for the position. As a recruiter, you can do what is in your power to avoid hiring the wrong candidate but it is also important to know what to do after you’ve hired the wrong one.

Recognize your mistake

After you’ve realized you have hired the wrong person, it is important that you recognize your mistake. Oftentimes, recruiters, because they want to save their pride and image, do not admit that the candidate they have hired was not the right fit for the position. Instead, they keep them around and let the team pay the consequences of their bad decision. Delaying in hopes that the employee will change and magically learn the skills, will only make the situation worse. Keeping the wrong hire around will affect the whole team and eventually the company’s image and finances. The sooner you recognize your mistake, the quicker you will be able to take the necessary measures to make up for it.


There are a few things that indicate your employee is not the right fit:


–       The employee does not seem to know how to get the job done

–       He/she is always asking other colleagues for help

–       Your employee has a hard time respecting deadlines

–       He/she is embarrassed to tell you they do not know how to do something

–       Your customers are complaining

–       Your staff is complaining


If you notice these signs, it is important to acknowledge them as early as possible and consult your HR department to figure out what to do.



Hiring the wrong candidate is not only bad for the team but also, it is putting your new hire in an embarrassing situation. The whole team will know that they are not able to deliver the work. This will affect their ego and they will see their time at your company as a bad experience they want to forget.  Take the time to talk to them in private and recognize that you have made a bad decision when hiring them for this specific position. Do not forget to mention that it is not about them. The candidate probably has qualities and strengths that would be perfect for another position and you might have gotten carried away by their charisma. Try recommending them to other companies for which they will be a better fit. We all make mistakes and recruiters are not exempt from this. The important thing is to know when to apologize and end things on a good note. Also apologize to some of your employees who might have suffered from the new hire’s incompetency. Doing so will show your team that you value them enough to make sure you create an environment that will motivate them to be the best version of themselves.


Consult your HR department

Letting an employee go is not easy. It is important for you to work with your HR department in order to discuss the best ways to proceed. Before letting them go, see if this is really the right decision. Some employees only need some training in order to acquire the qualifications it takes to get the job done. Also, it is possible that the new hire has not felt integrated enough. There are different factors that could explain why they have failed to feel equipped to get the job done. Your HR specialists will be able to analyze the situation and see what is the best thing to do from there on. Do not do or say anything before consulting them as they will have a better sense of judgment of the situation.


Take the time to figure out why you made the wrong choice

The best way to avoid committing the same mistakes is to take the time to see why you made these mistakes and what you can do differently next time. Take the time to replay the interview in your head. Did you get carried away by their personality without considering their lack of experience? Did you ask the right questions during your interview? Did you truly take the time to analyze their body language and more? These are all questions to ask yourself in order to be more prepared when interviewing candidates who will replace the bad hire. You can also ask your team what they think went wrong and ask them their opinion on the qualifications the right candidate should have. Involving your team in the recruiting process will help you avoid making the same mistakes.


Do not wait till it is too late to recognize a bad hire. Take advantage of the 90 days probation and take the necessary measure if ever you think you will need to replace your employee.


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Advantages of posting job offers online

Job searching and recruiting are not always a fun process. Not only do they require time, work and patience, but we absolutely need to go through them in order to find employment or employees. Job search websites like are great ways to post job offers online and allow you to relax and let the system work for you!

Here are some advantages you will gain from posting your job offer online:

Increases your company’s visibility

An extra visibility never hurts. By posting your job opening online, you will make your company information available to a wider range of people. You can always Sign up today for FREE and add features that will help you promote your company better. Many people nowadays rely on online platforms for their job search so it is always a great idea to take advantages of these opportunities.

Makes the recruiting process easier

Recruiting can be very time consuming. With all the platforms available to us, it is important to make the most out of the available recruiting tools. Posting your job offer online will make the process easier for you as the information will be exposed in a place where job seekers can see it. Furthermore, they will be able to seek according to their field of expertise and interest which will automatically filter the number of applications you recieve. In this day and age, we are always racing against the clock so finding ways to manage our time better is always a good idea.

Helps you find the right employee

Many employers struggle to find the right fit for their company. Because online platforms present facilitating tools like filters (per cities, minimum wage, field of expertise and more) , it will be easier for you to specify what your company offers and help you attract the right candidates.

Saves money

Most online platforms let you post your job for free. This, allows you to reduce your labor cost. Plus, because posting job openings online can increase your chances of finding the right candidate more quickly, it will reduce the cost of having to replace a bad hire.

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More control

When you post a job offer online, you have more control over so many things like: the number of applicants, the number of people who clicked on your listing, the candidates’ profiles and more. You might even be able to answer some candidates’ questions, which will save you hours of your time during the selection process and allow you to have more direct interaction with your candidates. (This is always good for the company).

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Asking these unusual questions will help you pick the best candidates


The point of interviewing candidates is to get to ask specific questions that will allow the recruiter to know them better and truly see if they are the right fit for the position they are applying for. The problem is, most candidates, with a minimum of of preparation, will have a chance to look up common questions and prepare for them. While this is completely normal and not a bad thing, the danger is that you will most likely get a lot of similar answers that won’t necessarily truly reflect their real personality and motives. If you want to really make sure you hire the right candidate, here are a few questions you, as an employer, can ask your candidates that will help you pick the best fit.


What would you consider to be your biggest professional mistake till this day? How did you deal with it?

Candidates love to talk about their strengths, what they did well and how they can contribute to their company’s success. What is not always easy is talking about our failures and mistakes. Do not simply ask “Talk about a time when you were under pressure and had to get the job done” because it gives your candidate the chance to look like the hero who saved the day. Instead, ask about a situation when they have failed to deliver, sent an email by mistake, did not meet an important deadline or caused the company to lose a client. This is what will allow you to see what they are really made of. It is important for employees to own up to their mistakes and find ways to get back up after a failure. Knowing how they do so will reveal their character and let you know if they are people you can truly count on.


Describe a situation where your boss/supervisor really pissed you off. How did you deal with it?

Let’s face it: the work place is not always a place with rainbows and unicorns. Your employees will have to manage conflicts. Asking the question so boldly will give you a better idea of their personality: Do they handle conflict well? How are they when it comes to working in team or respecting authority?Because at the end of the day, this is what really matters. Not the times they got along with everybody.


How would your current boss or a team member describe you? What would he/she say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Challenge your candidate to take a step back and talk about how his colleagues see him/her. This will allow them to give more honest answers than when they talk about their own strengths and abilities. It is also a great way for them to acknowledge weaknesses that they would not have the courage to admit if the question had been “Can you talk about your weaknesses?” When they try to look at themselves through their colleagues and bosses’ lenses, it will allow them to remember certain comments they have received through evaluations and more.


What do you think you won’t like about this job?

It is easy for a candidate to say why he/she wants to work for you: Experience, Company values and more. However, there are also things that your future employee won’t like about the company and it does not always require them a few months in to have an idea of what these things are. Employees talk and share their experiences with one another. Your candidate probably heard about that supervisor who is so difficult to work with or heard that employees often need to work overtime to get the job done at your company. Do not be afraid to ask your candidate if there is something in particular that he/she is not looking forward to. Remember asking this question is not to learn about the gossip but to have a better idea of the image candidates have of your company and how, you, as an employer can make it better.


Besides acquiring experience, what is the main reason you want this job?

Every candidate is looking for “experience”. Asking them why they want the job is not challenging enough of you truly want to get to know them and their motives better. By asking why they want the job besides experience, you open the door for them to share their personal story. Some candidates might have dreamed from a young age of working for the company, some might simply be looking for a job to feed their family and some might still be trying to figure out what they truly want in life.


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How can employers help staffing agencies do a better job?

Teaming up with staffing agencies as an employer provides many benefits but it is important to make sure you make the most of this partnership in order to make sure they hire the right candidates for you. Staffing agencies are the ones choosing the employees but there are many ways you can guide them and make sure you get better results

Define what you are looking for

Give your recruiting agency enough information so they can help you find the best match for the position. Oftentimes, staffing agencies simply do not know what exactly you are looking for, so they cannot properly recruit for you. The first step to making sure your staffing agency does a good job, is to provide them a clear job description. This will allow them to have a better idea of the attributes the perfect candidates will need to have. Put some time aside so that the recruiter working for you can ask you questions and details. It is very important to clearly vocalize what you are looking for. Do not expect the recruiters to guess anything even if they have been working in the field for a long time. Truth is, only you really know your company’s needs and what you are looking for in an employee. The recruiter will be there to guide you and help you but it is up to you to give him/her the tools to do so.
Make your research

There are many different recruiting agencies and each might have an area of expertise. Some agencies might be better at recruiting for marketing jobs and some might be better with writing jobs but what is important is that you really choose the staffing firm wisely. Take some time to approach other employers who used their services and ask if they were satisfied. It is also necessary to check if the candidates they hire usually end up staying long term with the company or not. Reading about clients satisfaction will help you make a better decision when choosing your staffing agency.

Let them do their job

This might sound like a contradiction compared to point 1 but it is important to know when to step back and let the recruiters do their job. Remember the agency is here to make the recruiting process easier for you. Learn to trust that they know what they are doing and are working to match you with the best fit for your position.

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Personality traits that will overshadow your lack of experience during a job interview

While you might think that your lack of experience disqualifies you for the job, it is important to know that many recruiters are very personality-oriented. Your personality has the power to trump your lack of experience. During their conversation with you, they need to hear more about you and your experiences in order to know if you will be able to execute the tasks or not. Thankfully, through the interview, there are many personality traits you will be able to show.


Professionalism: A study conducted by Universum revealed that 86% of employers say that professionalism is a top requirement when looking for the perfect candidate. The recruiter should be able to tell whether or not you have professionalism the second you walk into the room. Take the time to make your research so you know how to dress for your interview at this company. Make sure your posture communicates a sense of confidence, do not use your phone while in the waiting room and make sure you approach them with a smile and firm handshake.

These 4 habits will make you seem very unprofessional in the workplace

Leadership: Recruiters want to feel that you are able to take the lead when necessary and motivate the team. You might be asked questions like “Talk about a time when you had to motivate the team so the job could get done” or “Do you see yourself as a leader? If yes, why?”. These are all questions you should practice before the interview. Always focus on real stories and practical examples that will help your recruiter match these traits to your job description


4 traits of a good team builder

Interpersonal skills: Get ready to answer questions about a time when you had to work with a difficult employee or client and explain what you did to get the job done despite the situation. Recruiters want to know that you won’t let your feeling get in the way of you delivering the work. They will need to clearly see that you are someone who can avoid and resolve conflict in the workplace. Also, it is very important to show on your resume that you have communication skills


5 ways job seekers can show their communication skills to employers

Flexibility: One of the best employees are the ones who can adapt to change. In a world where things are constantly changing, recruiters need to make sure they are hiring a candidate who will be able to keep up with client’s and market’s needs. You need to understand that the word ‘flexible’ might sound good to write on your resume but provides absolutely no proof if not backed up with concrete example. During your interview, you can give an example of a time you had to deal with a client who changed his/her mind at the last minute. You can also show more of this trait by being flexible with the time and date of the interview.


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Why businesses should hire college students as temp employees

College students are often looking for something to occupy their free time while making some cash. Companies might be hesitant to offer them temp positions as they do not have any significant experience but there are many benefits a company can find by giving a chance to these students to work as temps


Saves money

Because college students are mostly looking for experience to fill their resume, you won’t need to pay them as much as you would pay professionals with 5 years of experience. This allows you to save money while getting some valuable help around the office.


Good branding strategy

By giving college students a chance to get inside your company and get to experience how you operate, you increase your company’s visibility. If they enjoy their experience working for you, they will soon be telling their friends, who will be telling their friends. This means you get to choose from the best young talent out there. This will soon turn into a marketing strategy. This word of mouth strategy will quickly bring you more students eager to land a temp position at your company.


Recruiting strategy

Landing a temp job while in college opens doors as it increases the chances of landing a full-time position after graduation. The reason for this is that, while college students work as temp employees, it gives the employer the chance to test out their skills and see their potential. It also gives the student some experience inside the company, which will be a valuable asset when asking for a full-time position later on. Young people are like sponges and will soak up what they learn at your company. If you are in a position to offer permanent work such as graduate positions, that person is more likely to remain with your company. This will reduce your cost of bringing in more experienced, skilled professionals.


It brings a new dynamic to your company

Bringing fresh ideas into the work environment has the power to motivate the whole team. Furthermore, by bringing someone with less experience in, it will help your employees develop their own supervisory skills which will help you and them should a senior position arise that they could be considered for.


4 Reasons you should find yourself a temp job while in college

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4 reasons why employers should involve their employees in the recruiting process

Going through the recruiting process requires the help of your team and I am not only talking of the HR department. You might not think about involving your employees in the recruiting and selection process but doing so can be very beneficial to you and especially to your company.

Here are 4 reasons why you should not hesitate to involve your team in the recruiting process

They will help you take better decisions

Employees, because they are involved in the day to day activities of the company, will be able to bring light to blurred places. Truth is, recruiting new candidates is not an easy task and you might not always know exactly what voids need to be filled. Your employees will be able to bring some clarity and identify where you need more help. Having more people involved in the interview process gives you more insight into the candidate. Numerous perspectives will also increase the chances that the new hire will be a good fit and someone who the team can work with.

It is an opportunity for future recruiters to acquire experience

Some of your current employees will be your supervisors/managers of tomorrow.  By allowing them to be involved in the recruiting process, you will give them training in interviewing techniques, candidates evaluation, and insight into how hiring decisions are made that will benefit them when they move into leadership roles.

It helps you save money

Since involving your employees in the recruiting process helps you truly identify your company’s current needs, it will decrease your chances of hiring the wrong person and save your company money! Many companies end up spending a lot of money because they did not properly select their candidates. It multiples training and integration costs and is not a good thing for the business.

They will feel more valued and integrated

By involving your team in the decision making, you will show them that their opinion matters and that you care about their general well-being as a team. When your team members feel like their voice matter, they will feel more comfortable and communicate important information with you. When employees feel integrated, it will create a sense of belonging that will increase their productivity.


Remember that team work makes the dream work. Do not be afraid to involve your employees when it comes to enlarging your team and making it better and stronger

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