3 disadvantages of a full-time employment

Working full-time has its advantages! We cannot deny the security that comes with a 9-5. However there are also some disadvantages that make us think twice before jumping into the full-time employment lifestyle. It might be best to explore some temporary jobs before settling.

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Of course this is not the best option for everybody and every career. However there are some disadvantages worth knowing about when choosing the full-time job path:

It becomes harder to realize your full potential

Unless, you have a certain flexibility, working full-time requires repeating tasks over and over again. This has the capability of hindering you and making you miss out on your full potential.

You get caught up in routine

The danger is that you might get bored. And when you get bored, your productivity tends to decrease with your focus and interest.

Your resume lacks variety

Nowadays, many employers seek a diversity of experiences rather than 5 years of expertise in one field. It is good to have different experiences


Again, this is not a one size fits all advice. Some careers might benefit best from full-time employment. Make sure you have explore and analyzed your options and picked what is best for you.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints.



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How to Make the Most of Short Term Work on Your Resume

Short term work is often overlooked by many job seekers. Because of this idea that only long term experiences matter and have the potential to add value to resumes, many candidates tend to be ashamed to list these short term experiences during their job search process. However, Short term experiences have the power to make a strong impact and land you the job you want.

Let’s explore how to make the most of short term work on your resume.

Do not be ashamed

When it comes to short term experience, everything matters. What often hinders shop seekers is the belief that their experience is irrelevant or will not make them look good. Do not be afraid to step outside of that box. Sit down and list all of them. It can be easy to forget about some of our experiences and leave them under the rug while they have the potential to increase our chances of getting hired.

Short Term Work

Many young professionals find it beneficial acquire experience through temp jobs. Don’t be ashamed of your short term work experience. Every experience is valuable and can equip you with the tools you need to execute your next, long term positions.

Magnify your value 

In order to make the most out of your short term experiences, it is important to highlight your value through the description of our different responsibilities/tasks. It won’t matter if you only worked part time for a 3 month contract if you can truly show that the experience you have gained while doing so has given you qualifications that you will be able to carry with you to your future position. Be specific. Quantifying is alwaysa great idea and will help bring more weight to your resume.

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Be honest and open

Do not try to make your experiences seem like something they are not. Be honest about what you have learned without pretending to have more experience than you really have. Open up about what you want/need to learn from the job you are applying for. Be open about it!

Short Term Work

Short term experience is a powerful tool when you use it wisely. They help fill in the gaps in your resume and add value to your portfolio.

Take advantages of them and use them to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints.

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Is it too early to job search in college?

While in college, the future might seem so far away. You think you have all the time in the world and that you do not need to start searching for a job right away. While this might make sense, it is far from being the truth. Searching for a job while in college is a great thing for many reasons. It will challenge you to learn how to manage your time better and it comes with many benefits that will be worth it.

It helps you get ahead of the game

It is never too early to start acquiring experience. While you might not have a lot of free time during your time in college, starting with temp jobs can be a great option for you. It will give you enough time to focus on your studies while still being able to test the waters and explore what’s out there.

It helps you discover your passions

In college, it is not obvious to put your finger on what you really want to do. At the end of the day, courses are just theory. Being able to have a concrete demonstration of what you study helps you decide if it’s really the career you want to pursue. You might realize that what you once saw as a perfect career might simply be a perfect hobby or stay at home activity. For example, your passion for cooking might not come with every characteristic needed to be a chef/restaurant owner.

It helps you be more organized

Having a job in college requires you to joggle multiple activities with successful outcomes. You are gonna have to learn to manage your time in order to keep a high GPA without falling behind at work.

To top it all of

It’s just a great addition to your resume. Remember that after college, your diploma alone will most likely not be enough. Acquiring work experience will make you equipped with the tools you will need to open the door of your dream job.


Why businesses should hire college students as temp employees

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Ann-Sophie, Writer, Short Stints

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Why businesses should hire college students as temp employees

College students are often looking for something to occupy their free time while making some cash. Companies might be hesitant to offer them temp positions as they do not have any significant experience but there are many benefits a company can find by giving a chance to these students to work as temps


Saves money

Because college students are mostly looking for experience to fill their resume, you won’t need to pay them as much as you would pay professionals with 5 years of experience. This allows you to save money while getting some valuable help around the office.


Good branding strategy

By giving college students a chance to get inside your company and get to experience how you operate, you increase your company’s visibility. If they enjoy their experience working for you, they will soon be telling their friends, who will be telling their friends. This means you get to choose from the best young talent out there. This will soon turn into a marketing strategy. This word of mouth strategy will quickly bring you more students eager to land a temp position at your company.


Recruiting strategy

Landing a temp job while in college opens doors as it increases the chances of landing a full-time position after graduation. The reason for this is that, while college students work as temp employees, it gives the employer the chance to test out their skills and see their potential. It also gives the student some experience inside the company, which will be a valuable asset when asking for a full-time position later on. Young people are like sponges and will soak up what they learn at your company. If you are in a position to offer permanent work such as graduate positions, that person is more likely to remain with your company. This will reduce your cost of bringing in more experienced, skilled professionals.


It brings a new dynamic to your company

Bringing fresh ideas into the work environment has the power to motivate the whole team. Furthermore, by bringing someone with less experience in, it will help your employees develop their own supervisory skills which will help you and them should a senior position arise that they could be considered for.


4 Reasons you should find yourself a temp job while in college

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Benefits of landing a temp job right after college

Life after college holds many surprises. The perfect scenario of finding our dream job right after we get our diploma is rarely the reality young graduates face. However, it is all about making the best out of it. Temp jobs are a great way to start your career.

Landing a temp job right after college presents many benefits

Experience: Landing a temp job will help you acquire the experience you need to fill the gaps in your resume. If you freshly graduated from college and have no significant experience, landing a temp job might be the best option for you to add value to your portfolio. Plus, many temp jobs provide real opportunities to truly learn something valuable and be more prepared for your next big opportunity.

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4 Reasons you should find yourself a temp job while in college

Flexibility: Many temp jobs are part-time or allow you to work as a freelance, which gives you more time for a full-time job search or to work on your other projects. After graduation, it is your time to experiment and try different things. Temp jobs give you the freedom to do so while still providing a monthly paycheck.


Networking opportunities: Landing a temp job after college will put you in contact with people in your field of interest. As a temp employee, you will have the chance to meet other temps who are working on interesting projects. This will give you many opportunities to take your career to the next level by doing collaborations, by learning more about job opportunities and more!


Full-time job offer opportunity:Working at a temp job allows you to have one foot in the “real world” and therefore, opens doors to bigger opportunities. If working full-time is your main goal, then, a temp job can make a way for you. Sometimes, companies bring in temps to test their skills in filtering candidates for full hiring.


Motivation: Let’s face it. The waiting period after graduation can be long and depressing. Landing a temp job will keep you active and motivated by keeping you busy and giving you the opportunity to learn and have an income.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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5 tips to survive as the newbie at work

Newbie-Job Search

Being a newbie at a company can be a little stressful. Employers do not always know the best ways to integrate new temp employees. Your first days on the job will set the tone for your future inside the company so might as well make sure everything goes well.

What can YOU do to facilitate your integration as a new employee?


When introduced to a new environment and new ways of doing things, it is important to take the time to observe. Each employee has their own habits and their own projects. By taking the time to truly observe, you will avoid stepping on another employee’s work and you will get a better understanding of your new work environment. As soon as you step foot in this office, take some time to study your colleagues and bosses. Is one particularly irritable? Does one get mad when someone touches their stuff? Taking the time to do so on your first days as an employee will save you tons of trouble.


Do not be afraid to ask questions when something seems unclear. The company might have documents, videos and other things you can put your hands on that will help you learn more about how things works. Be interested in every department, not just your own so that you get a global idea of the company’s structure. This will be a great way for you to feel more comfortable and secure. Take initiative, look into why things are done the way they are, and take everything as a learning experience. If you can help in any way, do so. You might even find a mentor inside your department that will gladly teach you some stuff you did not know. Be curious and open, it will definitely pay off!


As a newbie, it is important to avoid saying No. Yes, you will have more responsibilities as time goes by, so it is best to take advantages of your first days to go out to lunch with colleagues, to help with their projects, help plan out a meeting, or simply have coffee together before the day starts. This will allow you to get to know your colleagues better and to prove yourself to your superiors. Do not be so focused on what you need to do that you pass on opportunities to be more integrated in the company.


Remember you are a newbie. No matter how many years of experience you may have, keep in mind that other employees were here before you. It is important to respect their opinions, even if you think things should be done differently. Be respectful of your superiors at all times. Know your limits and boundaries. Get to know the company rules and always align with them no matter what (unless something goes against the law or your morals). Treat everyone with the same level of respect; from the cleaning staff to the boss.


It is hard to remember everybody’s name as a new employee but make an effort so that you remember the maximum of names as possible, as quickly as possible. Repeat names as often a you can so that you can memorise them.

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How staffing agencies find top candidates

When trying to hire top candidates for your clients, there are a few things to keep in mind. As the mediator between the company and the candidate, it is your job to make sure you represent both parties well. You have the responsibility to not only represent the your client’s culture and values but also, make sure you pick the perfect candidate for the temp position. This can be stressful as your results will directly affect your agency’s image.

What can you do to help your staffing agency hire the best candidates for your clients?

Take the time to understand what the company is looking for in a temp employee

As a hiring firm, in order to match the right candidate to the company, it is important for you to truly understand what the company is looking for in a temp employee. The job description might talk about the required skills but there are some personality traits that are important to discuss. Make sure you identify what most companies are looking for so that you can make sure your candidates will be appealing to them. Many companies might be looking for employees who are punctual or employees who have a strong respect of authority. Take the time to list all of the characteristics that are requested the most so that your pool of candidates can be as attractive as possible. This will make your staffing agency more appealing to employers and as a result, more appealing to temp job seekers.


What do employers look for in a temporary employee?

Partner with Shortstints

Posting a temp job opening on Shortstints will increase your chances of attracting the right candidates. More and more temp job seekers are considering applying through job search websites. By posting job descriptions online, you increase your visibility so that potential temp employees can find you quicker. Plus, this is a great way of adding value to your data base.

Have a great team of interviewers

Conducting successful job interviews is key if you want your temp agency to select the right candidates for your clients. Make sure your interviewers are professionals who have been trained and know exactly what questions to ask. Choosing the wrong candidate will cost your company more money than choosing the right one ever will. A bad reputation means that candidates won’t be interested in interviewing with your company.  it will affect your agency’s image and might even cause you to loose important clients. This will affect your agency’s image and might even cause you to loose important clients.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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How to increase your chances of transforming a temp job into a permanent position

Landing a temp job is a great way to step foot in a field you love and acquire experience. As a temp employee, you will have many opportunities to develop your career and even transition from temp to full-time.

Once you’re working in a temporary position, how can you increase your chances of converting the opportunity to a permanent position?


One of the best ways to surpass yourself is to think beyond your immediate responsibilities. It is easy for someone to do the minimum by executing exactly what has been asked to execute. However, in order for your superiors to notice you, you must bring something extra to the table.  Respect your deadlines, be sure to review your work carefully, ask for additional work whenever it is possible and always get things done. Add value to the company by being a leader and looking for opportunities to grow. Always strive for excellence and ask your superiors what else can be done.


Take advantage of every opportunity to network within the company. Do not stay stuck in your department but show an interest in the different branches of the company. Get to know people from other  departments, ask questions about what they do and  and build relationships across the organization. When people inside the company know you, it will be easier for them to think of you once a permanent position opens up.


Be highly professional in all you do. Do not act as if you are here for a season (even if you are). People at the company must be able to already see how you would fit in a permanent position. If you act the part of a part-timer/seasonal employee, it will be hard for them to take you seriously in a full-time capacity. Do not just talk about your interest in working full-time, show them how serious you are.


Many employees show up at 8 to leave a 5, without ever truly being a part of the company. Make sure you do you research so that you have general knowledge about the company, its values and culture. Demonstrate your engagement and interest by taking the time to see the bigger picture. Think about ways to be more integrated: Participate in activities, eat lunch with different people, consider joining after work activities…

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When do you know you need to hire a temporary employee?

As an employer, it might not always be easy for you to know what is the best option between a hiring full-time employee or hiring a temporary employee. Depending on the type of business you are running or the stage you are in, the best option for you might vary.


When do you know you should hire a temp employee?


You are still in the startup phase

During your startup phase, it is very important for you to focus on saving money and remembering that cash is king. Hiring a full-time employee might cost you a lot of money considering basic wages, benefits and taxes. Plus, there are training and recruiting costs. Hiring a temp employee in this stage will allow you to save money. A staffing agency will be hiring the individual under their unemployment and worker’s compensation claims which could decrease your overall cost while giving you the time to really see if this temp employee is the right fit for your team. Before you decide to bring someone onto your team and make a large investment in time and resources, it is important to give them time to prove themselves.


The job that needs to be done does not require a full-time employee

The most successful entrepreneurs and employers are not the ones who necessarily started on a big budget, but the ones who took the time to understand how their business and money worked. Knowing your business and its different needs will allow you to make the right choices when it comes to deciding which type of employee works best for this particular role and season. Sometimes, you will realize that an employee does not need to be in the office 5 days a week from 9 to 5. Certain roles, especially when it comes to creative projects, allow you to hire temp employees who will help you complete a certain task for a limited period of time. A common mistakes employers make is failing to identify the roles that do not require a full-time employee but could be executed by a freelancer.


You are going through a rough financial stage

Every business goes through rough stages that forces them to change strategy and reconsider certain things. Sometimes, laying off some full-time employees might be the solution but keep in mind that downsizing can have a negative effect on your business’ image and on stock market prices. It is best to find alternatives that will help you keep your employees while still focusing on cutting operating costs. This is where temporary employment comes in handy. Hiring temp employees will allow you to cut back on costs and get back on your feet.


When you are unsure of the direction your business is taking

Sometimes, the vision is not clear and that is ok. The important thing is not to make any important long term decisions or investments during that period. While you are still figuring out the direction your business should take, it is bets to hire temp employees. This will give you the flexibility you need to try out different strategies until you find what works for you.


When you need additional help but cannot hire an employee full-time

If you need additional help for a project that is due, but don’t want to hire somebody full-time, a staffing agency would be able to find a contractor that has the skills and abilities you need! You could also consider hiring an intern to get the job done.



Rise of the Temporary Employee

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How can temp job seekers write stronger cover letters

Your past experiences are not always flattering on a resume. Most of the time, it does not really showcase what you are really capable of doing. Furthermore, most recruiters will not pay attention to your resume but focus on your cover letter. This is why it is so important to make your cover letter as appealing as possible.

By signing up on Shortstints today, you will be able to receive useful tips that will allow you to write better cover letter and resumes and increase your chances of finding a temp job.

How can you, as a job seeker, write a stronger cover letter and land the temp job of your dreams?

Think as if your recruiter will only read your cover letter

Think this way: Your cover letter is what will set you apart if ever your resume was not able to do so. The cover letter is you responding to “Do you have any last words on why you will be the right for our company?” It is basically your last shot to impress them without them having to meet you.

Do not treat your cover letter like a resume

Avoid repeating yourself. Do not use the cover letter to enumerate your experiences just like you did on your resume but use your cover letter to have an open conversation with your potential employer about how your skills can help the company. Use your cover letter to add additional details that you weren’t able to squeeze into your resume. Your cover letter tells a story. Make sure it represents yours well.

Be passionate 

One of the advantages of cover letters is that it allows you to use your own sentences. Make sure the way you write communicates how much you want the job and how motivated you are. Passion can be felt, even through a sheet of paper. Be sincere, honest and real.

Focus on the skills you DO have

Do not talk about the skills you do not have but rather, magnify your strengths. Your cover letter is your chance to show how you will be able to directly use your skills to serve the company. Resist the urge to apologize for things you cannot do. Do not say things like “While I only have 6 months of experience in this field…” Be confident in what you can do and keep a positive tone. The last thing you want your cover letter to communicate is insecurity.

Use a friendly tone

Be as natural as possible. Avoid being too formal while still respecting boundaries and showing respect. It is best when the recruiter can feel the tone of your voice while reading your letter. It will make him/her feel like they know you and that you are not just a name of a paper.

Have someone read it for you

It is always good to have someone read it for you. They will be able to see things that you missed (spelling mistakes, tone, wording etc…) After spending hours working on a letter, you are not always able to spot mistakes.


How temporary job applicants can write better resumes


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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