Temp jobs vs Full-time employment : A millennial’s dilemma

Temporary jobs vs working full-time…this is a dilemma many workers face today. It is not always easy to choose the best option between a secure pay check and more freedom. While many people have a part-time job because it was imply difficult for them to find a full-time position, the vast majority of workers choose this option because of the flexibility it offers. Students, for example, can work the hours that suit while completing their studies, allowing them to earn valuable money in the process. 

It can be difficult to have the best of both worlds, which leads us to make choices and sacrifices. If you are a student or just do not have the time to take on a full-time career at the moment, landing a temporary job has its advantages

You will have more time for important things

Working full-time can be draining. A temp or part-time job will give you the freedom to manage your schedule and as a result, leave you more time for other things like side gigs, time with your family and your hobbies. You might wonder if landing a temporary job won’t make you more busy as you will probably need to juggle multiple gigs in order to increase your income. Well… it is all about figuring out what works best for you. Temporary and part-time positions do allow you to have more time because you get to choose the amount of work you can or cannot accept during certain periods of time.

You will have more time to learn

Working full-time can quickly become a routine. Because you can get so focused on day to day tasks, it can become hard for you to keep learning. While working part-time can also become a regular routine, you will have more flexibility and time to learn and stretch your mind. Most temp or part-time jobs will require you to do specific things and reach specific objectives. This will give you the opportunity to learn how to do things you did not know how to do before.

You will be more creative

Having things all figured out is often an enemy of our creativity. Temp and part-time jobs, gives us time to create. Granted, this could simply mean that creative people are more likely to follow a part-time career path. It gives you the creative freedom you crave and lets you avoid the burnout that plagues creatives in high-pressure full-time jobs, but it’s also likely that having more time off work gives your brain greater opportunity to make the connections that spark creative insight.

 Opening Doors to New Job Opportunities

Working part time is one way of gaining experience and training in an unfamiliar job field. An employer may not be willing to hire an inexperienced person on a full-time basis, but he may be willing to take on a person on a part-time basis who expresses an enthusiastic desire to learn the business. This will allow the temp employer to earn experience in multiple fields and open doors to many other opportunities.

Opportunity to Earn More Money

It may sound paradoxical, but working part time can actually sometimes enable an individual to make more money than he could with a full-time job. This can be accomplished by working two part-time jobs or making a large amount of money with one gig instead of working many hours for a small pay check.

Saving more money

You might not have thought of it this way but working part-time can help you save more money. Because working part-time allows you to work from home in many cases, you will save on transportation cost, lunch and more!

Travel opportunities

Working part-time or lending a temporary position will give you more opportunities to see the world and discover new cultures. There are many career opportunities out there for travel lovers. If you want to make some money but still can’t see yourself sitting from 9 to 5 behind a desk, there are temp jobs options that will allow you to acquire experience, discover new things while earning some cash.


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How to find and keep a temporary job

Landing a temporary job is something many millennials are tying to do. Because they are trying to carve their own path and build a career of their own, they are constantly looking for jobs that will contribute to their sources of income, help them acquire experience while giving them enough time and flexibility to build their own empire. While working at a temp job, the weekly pay check may not be as fat as at your previous job, but there are definitely many advantages in landing a temporary job:

  • Flexibility
  • Diverse experience
  • Independence

Whatever your reason, if you’re thinking of entering the temporary work force, here are 4 tips for finding and keeping the best temporary job:

Target the right agencies

Many job seekers are simply not looking in the right places. There are many agencies looking for temporary employees but you need to look for them and make sure they are hiring in your field of expertise. Take the time to do your research and find the right agency for you.

Adjust your resume

Most recruiters for temporary jobs are looking for employees who will be able to come on board and reach specific goals. Because they are very goal-oriented, they will not always be interested in learning about all your career path. Make sure your resume is straight to the point and shows your recruiter that you are the right fit for the task you will need to accomplish.

Be ready to step out of your comfort zone

Temp jobs are not always a one way street. Make sure you remain flexible and ready to touch to many things at once. Do not forget that temp jobs are the perfect step towards full-time employment so do not hesitate to show your different talents and abilities. Be ready to try new things and focus on the learning opportunities.

Be honest about the salary expectation

Even though temp jobs are…well..temporary, do not accept a salary that is lower than what you actually need to survive and then try to match your efforts to your pay check. Chances are, if you are looking for temp jobs, you are most likely a freelancer or starting a business and juggling gigs on the side. This means that you have bills to pay and you probably  have to deal with late payments from contractors. The reality is, we all need to make sure what we are getting paid is enough for us to keep on going with our daily activities. Do not accept a low salary and then deliver horrible work. This will not be good for your reputation and might even hurt your chances of landing a full-time job.


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Side hustles for millennials in 2017

Millennials are rarely asleep. When they are not starting a new business, they are looking for ways to earn more money and stay active. Many young people are naturally entrepreneurial, but without a steady flow of income it could prove challenging to jump into starting a new venture.This is why they are always on the move, looking for steady sources of income while keeping a flexibility and a freedom to start their own thing. I not only understand you, but agree with you and want to give you a few side hustle ideas.


Tutoring is a great way to make some extra cash. Many students wether in middle school or college, need help in certain areas and will gladly pay (or have their parents pay) for a tutor. Many parents are ready to pay about $100 an hour just to make sure their children keep their grades up. Plus, it is mainly on week-ends or after school hours, which allows you to have other jobs while doing it.

Tour Guide

If you live in a destination where others frequently visit and know your city well, get the best of both worlds by starting your own local tour business. It is a great way for meeting interesting people and having a great time while making some money.

Check out Erik Hormann’s Vantigo, a company that takes you around San Francisco in a stylish VW van, and you’ll be able to command anywhere from $55 to $600 depending on the tour.

Social Media manager

Many startups are looking for someone to help them manage their social media page! Whether it is to create content, repost and attract followers, in this day and age we all need social media to work for us and bring more clients to our business. It is a side hustle you can easily do while juggling other things.


As long as people keep reproducing, they will always need babysitters so you are in luck! It is a great way to make some money on the side. As people are becoming more and more busy, they are looking for people to help them with other tasks, like watching over the kids while they have to travel for work or simply go on a date with their spouse.

Style consultant

Yes, people are ready to pay you so you can go shop for them and give them advice on how to dress up! If you’ve been looking for ways to let your inner fashionista come out, this is for you. People need to learn how to stay fabulous on a budget, where to shop and more. Use your talents to counsel, give useful tips and satisfy your inner fashionista while making money.

Design consultant for presentations

There is a wide number of students willing to pay people to design their powerpoint and other presentation materials. If you enjoy putting powerpoints together, designing and even proofreading, it is a great side hustle that you could take advantages of.


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3 disadvantages of a full-time employment

Working full-time has its advantages! We cannot deny the security that comes with a 9-5. However there are also some disadvantages that make us think twice before jumping into the full-time employment lifestyle. It might be best to explore some temporary jobs before settling.

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Of course this is not the best option for everybody and every career. However there are some disadvantages worth knowing about when choosing the full-time job path:

It becomes harder to realize your full potential

Unless, you have a certain flexibility, working full-time requires repeating tasks over and over again. This has the capability of hindering you and making you miss out on your full potential.

You get caught up in routine

The danger is that you might get bored. And when you get bored, your productivity tends to decrease with your focus and interest.

Your resume lacks variety

Nowadays, many employers seek a diversity of experiences rather than 5 years of expertise in one field. It is good to have different experiences


Again, this is not a one size fits all advice. Some careers might benefit best from full-time employment. Make sure you have explore and analyzed your options and picked what is best for you.



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Advantages of taking a temporary job

A temporary job definitely offers some advantages to the job seeker. With luck, a temporary job may provide all of the benefits listed below and more.

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It might be exactly what you need

It may be exactly the job the job seeker wants. Oftentimes, people seek temporary jobs because they are unsure of what they want. Not only does a temporary job allow you to explore and experiment but it also might turn out to be exactly what you need.

It provides an income stream while the “real” job search continues.

Temporary jobs are a great way to get some cash while we are still searching for a long term position. It helps us stay motivated and acquire experience through this season.

It fills a gap on the resume

Never tried filling a 3 years experience requirement with 6 temporary jobs? We have all been guilty of this at some point and that’s ok. Temporary jobs help fill the gap in experience needed for the next job or a gap in the resume’s employment history.

Extra benefits

Sometimes, it provides both income and benefits like insurance! Make sure you hit the jackpot.

It opens the door to a permanent job

Sometimes, it opens the door to a permanent job, often referred to as “temp-to-perm.” If you find your passion through this temporary position and if the company is ready and able to hire you for the long run, then you are in luck!

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Making the Switch – From Temp to Permanent

A temporary workforce can be beneficial to both parties involved, as in, the employer and the temporary employee. A temporary employment can help skilled workers make the transition back to a workforce or gain much needed exposure in their field of interest, while a temporary to permanent employee can accelerate the rate of completion of a project. While there are clear limitations in temporary employment, there are exceptions where a temp is so good at their job that the employer decides to take them in as a permanent member of their staff. When that happens, there is a transition period where the person you have hired makes the switch from a temporary role to a permanent one. Here are some guidelines for employers who have to evaluate the temporary employee during this transition period. The following are some of the concerns that come into play during this time:


As in, the temporary employee’s compatibility with the existing culture of your organization. Does the new employee who you’re considering for a permanent position blend with or will they be able to blend with their fellow workers? Do they seem to be on the same wavelength on a professional and social level? If you’re answer is yes then that’s a good indication that the temporary employee is compatible with the culture of your organization. If that’s not the case there’s no need to bother as they will not be motivated to stick around anyway.

Further Training

You may hire many employees to fill temporary position or to handle with increasing work demand, but only the ones who “get” what you do and demonstrates an understanding of the policies of your organization will be able to follow through. This temporary candidate will also have a distinct advantage over the other temporary employees.

The Temp’s Performance

You will also need to consider the caliber of their performance. Does this temporary employee live up to your standards when it comes to quality of work? Do they show the same commitment as your permanent staff? If your temp employee ticks all of the boxes your next course of action will be clear, but if they miss the mark, then you’ll need to reevaluate your judgment.

What’s Your Motive?

While considering to offer a temporary employee a permanent position in your organization it is also important that you evaluate your motives for hiring that temporary employee in the first place. Why did you really bring the temporary employee on board? Did you really need the extra hand or did you just think that it was time to introduce a new member for additional assistance in a particular department? Rethinking your motives for hiring the temp staff in the first place will help you make the decision of whether or not you should offer your temporary employee a permanent position.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

When it comes to running a business, every decision is ultimately a financial one. So, keeping that in mind, what is the departmental budget right now? There are times when the business will just not have the finances in place to hire another permanent employee regardless of their capabilities and the contributions they made in a temporary role. Answering these questions will give you a better idea of the larger picture.

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What Lies in Temporary Jobs Besides Experience?

Many people downplay temporary jobs as low-skill or low pay jobs. People believe that the only benefit you earn from a temporary job is experience. However, the world of temporary jobs has changed greatly in recent years. Today, a temporary job may be based on a few days’ work to more than a year’s project. Following are some benefits of temporary jobs, which make it bigger than just an experience generator.


A temporary job is a great way to build your network in the industry. When you successfully complete an assignment, you earn strong references along with handsome money. Networking is one of the employee’s biggest assets. It helps get a job during times of economic depression.

Updated Information on Market Trends

The temporary employees are stronger contestants when it comes to improved intra-organizational skills. When you work in a variety of environments and deal with different levels of professionals, you learn about the latest market trends. The employers consider such employees as market gems.

Interest Development

Successful accomplishment of projects require interest establishment. Most of the employees lose their interest in the industry when they work on similar types of projects. Temporary jobs expand your exposure and help maintain your interest by introducing different types of challenges to you. In temporary job, every day comes with new sets of learning and growth.

Short-Term Work, Better Money

A majority of the companies hire temporary job seekers for the completion of a project. Your interest in the work maintains when you work on a variety of projects (and with different people). In contrast, if you work on similar types of projects for a long period of time, your interest starts falling. In practical operations, the interest of an employee is the key to successful completion of the project. Your achievements become evident not only on your resume but also in your project handling and skillful communication during interviews. These elements make you capable of negotiating for better money. An example of this is online freelancing. The freelancers with experience and strong command on the selective operations charge their desired money.

Free Training and Skill Development

Working in a different environment on different projects with different work groups increases your industry exposure. When you experience different challenges, you learn about a variety of ways to tackle them. Aside improving your soft skills, it also improves your technical skills.

Reliable Portfolio

Multi-functional employment is a new term coined in small business industry. It refers to an employee with handy knowledge and experience on maximum prospects of an industry along with expertise in specific skills. To achieve multi-functional employment skills, the employees need:

  • Industry exposure
  • Working in different environments
  • Handling complex and simple projects
  • Dealing in different markets
  • Work management skills

Temporary employment delivers all the aforementioned elements, enabling you to become an ideal candidate for the temporary/permanent employers.

If you are looking for a short-term job then log on to Short Stints and find your suitable job within the blink of eye.

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What do employers look for in a temporary employee?

Temporary workers have now become an active part of the work force. Although earlier on, this was just a way to fill a space for an employee that was on leave or unable to come to work for some time, now it’s a different game for the temporary candidates. Some corporations look towards temp agencies to fill all their staff needs and help establish a good HR and process.

So for those who apply as a temporary employee, here are some things to keep in mind when considering what exactly is an employer looking for:

Fast learner and self starter

Okay, so the first thing you need to understand is that as a person who is applying for a temporary position, the employer must be able to see that you are a fast learner who will not have problems getting familiar with the way things work.

As an example, let’s suppose the company that you work with uses its own software to go about the daily activities.  The person that you are replacing must have known the software well which is why you would need to get to their level of understanding of the software and fast. The company would not want to invest time and money in a person that is going to be there temporarily.

The main challenge for the temporary employee would be to convince the interviewer that they have got what it takes. Take your A game along and do a little research about the company before you sit for the interview so that the employer knows you have done your homework.


Temporary workers are sometimes seen as miracle workers that can get anything done, basically a jack of all trades. You may find yourself being shifted from one department to the other to cover for someone else, which is why you should be able to understand what is required of you and when.

Adaptability is a skill and for those who possess it, understanding the basics of each department is a must. A temp that can hold their ground well in any department would be perfect for any position.


Yes, this is a big challenge. As a person who sees themselves as a temporary employee in a workplace, they cannot seem very enthusiastic about it, but the ones who do, are the ones who make it in this business.

For a temporary employee, bringing their best game to any assignment they are given will mean good reviews and that means you may find more offers from your agency thrown your way. In cases where the company loves the temporary employee, they might even offer them a permanent position in the company, but that is of course up to you if you want to take the job in one company or live the adventurous life of a temporary employee, going from one organization to the other.

For more information on temporary employment and what to expect, log on to Short Stints.

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Rise of the Temporary Employee

Hiring temporary employees is a smart business move that insulates an organization in times of a volatile economy. The ability to fill more bodies in a company to cope with an increasing work demand is a win-win situation for the employers, the temp staffing agencies, and the temps. Regardless of what a business deals in, there’s always going to be a time when extra hands are going to be needed, and temporary employees are the ones that fill that gap quickly, without the need for companies to make any long-term commitments. Here, we are going to talk about the reasons behind the spike in temporary hiring in the US.

The Temporary vs. Contract Employees

A temporary employee usually refers to a position that is filled by a temporary employment agency or personnel firm. The temporary employee is made part of a workforce to carry out short assignments. The duration of this arrangement can range anywhere from a single day to several weeks. Temporary employees are paid by the staffing agency that represents them. The firm then contracts directly with the staffing agency and not with the temp. It is then up to the staffing agency to pay the temporary employee’s salary, carry out the paperwork and deduct any associated taxes. On the other hand, a contract worker is somebody who is hired directly by the company. These employees are also retained for a certain period of time by the company. However, the duration of the engagement is usually longer and usually last for more than six months.

Hiring Temp Staff

The role of temporary employees has broadened over the years. While these positions were considered to be lower paying ones, such as general laborers or administrative staff, today, a company can easily find temporary staff to do other tasks as well, such as accounting, marketing and other duties at a higher level that require more experience and skill. A good time to consider hiring a temporary employee is when any of your full time employees suddenly get sick or are in need of leave due to an illness. Or in instances when a customer decides to move up their deadline on a large assignment that requires all hands on deck. In this way, temporary employees fill in the absence of permanent members in an organization.

Another benefit of bringing in temporary employees is that it relieves the pressure off your existing staff. Temporary employees who are experienced and skilled can be brought in to carry out specialized work of existing staff. This ultimately enables an organization to reach their deadlines and handle more work demands. And since the staffing agency is going to be the actual employer, the organization who needs the extra set of hands does not have to increase their headcount permanently. Apart from that, if an employer is impressed by the performance of their temporary staff, it gives them a great opportunity to hire them on a permanent basis. This arrangement can then be negotiated with the temporary staffing agency that represents the temps.

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Myths About Temporary Jobs Debunked

The employees and employers are embracing the unending benefits of temporary employment in modern industries. The rise of small businesses has unveiled many benefits of temporary jobs not only for employees and employers but also for national growth. Here are some myths about temporary jobs, debunked.

Myth: 01

Temporary jobs are included among low-level skill jobs.

Fact: In the past, temporary jobs were included among low-level skill jobs. However, the trends have greatly changed especially after the evolution of the small business industry that makes up 97% of the total business industry in the US. The highest growth of temporary jobs is witnessed in professional technical industry. The flexibility and operation-focused nature of temporary jobs makes them more reliable in technical departments than other jobs.

Myth: 02

If I do a temporary job today, the recruiters will not consider me for permanent jobs tomorrow.

Fact: Firstly, many companies consider internships and temporary contracts as processes of employee evaluation. These companies hire the employees on permanent basis after evaluating their skills and capabilities during temporary job period. Secondly, the employers consider temporary jobs as ‘filler periods’ between two jobs. The employers prefer hiring employees with temporary jobs than hiring employees with large gaps between two jobs.

Myth: 03

A temporary job does not matter in the resume.

Fact: Temporary jobs are as important on your resume as other jobs. A temporary job creates an impression that the employee is hardworking and dedicated; and that the employee prioritizes work over entertainment.

Myth: 04

Internships do not help develop professional skills.

Fact: Today, internships are used to test out promising candidates. Employees evaluate the professional skills of interns, and provide them trainings to polish their skills. Internships DO help develop professional skills, only if the employee works with dedication and commitment.

Myth: 05

A temporary staffing company focuses on work instead of training/growth.

Fact: The temporary staffing companies are mostly industry-focused. The chances of industry exposure, learning, and growth greatly increase in industry-focused companies. For example, if you work in an accounting/finance company, you will learn more than learning from a multi-sector company, having a small finance/accounting department. Along with this, the modern companies consider internship as a training period.

Myth: 06

Companies will lose faith in my professional capabilities if I continue doing temporary jobs.

Fact: For companies, there are a number of reasons to hire an intern. The employers perceive temporary jobs in a variety of ways like:

  • The person is willing to learn and grow professionally.
  • The temporary job seeker has good network in the industry.
  • The temporary employee is updated with latest market trends.
  • Working in different work environments, the temporary employee can easily adjust OR the chances of problematic employee are lower in temporary employment.

The employers perceive temporary employees as skilled workers. Technically, the employers may believe in the professional capabilities of temporary employees more than the permanent employees in near future. For more information and job hunt, visit Short Stints, your one stop shop for temporary jobs in your closest vicinity.

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