How traveling will make you a better female entrepreneur

Traveling has many benefits. It helps us see the world with different eyes and emancipate ourselves. It even seems that A trip to India was what helped Mark Zuckerberg pursue his mission of launching Facebook!

As women, especially women entrepreneur, it is essential to keep working on our growth. Traveling can be a great tool to do so. Here is how.

It will help you stop limiting yourself


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill

Oftentimes, more subconsciously than consciously, we tend to limit ourselves. Not only as women entrepreneur but as human-beings. We let negativism invade our minds and find ourselves doubting the dreams that we have on the inside of us. Traveling, opens our mind to a world of possibilities, to new ways of seeing and understanding things and to new opportunities. This has the power to shift our perspective and make us realize that we need to stop limiting ourselves. Our dreams are achievable, our goals are attainable and our vision is possible, if only we believe in the power of our will.

It will encourage you to embrace novelty

Traveling exposes  us to things we have never seen or done before. As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to have an open mind about things and realize that your way of doing things is not the only way. Traveling helps you have different perspectives and as a result, transforms you into an entrepreneur who knows how to adapt, change and be flexible.

It will help you step out of your comfort zone

Traveling makes us uncomfortable, which is the perfect situation for growth. When you get out of your routine, you will open your mind to new ways of doing things. This aspect is very important when it comes to entrepreneurship. Getting comfortable in the system is one of the worst thing that could happen to you. With a market that changes constantly, the need to adapt is crucial. The most successful companies are the ones that have learned to adapt their products and services to the market’s demands. Traveling will make you bold and not afraid of change or discomfort. You will learn to tap into new information and transform them in order to adapt what you offer to your target market’s needs. A great entrepreneur is not afraid to take risks. Traveling will help the adventurous soul in you come out of hiding and embrace the surprises this world has to offer.

It will make you feel more alive

Traveling makes you more alive! It has the power to expose you to adventures and discoveries you would have never gotten the chance to explore during your day to day activities. When you travel, you meet yourself. You get to fall in love with parts of yourself you never knew could come alive and as a result, you love yourself more. When you love yourself, you will seek to fill your life with things that make you more alive: You will do things you love and choose a career that will make you fulfilled and give you a sense of purpose. When you do what you love, you will have more drive and passion to pursue your dreams. All of this will make you a better entrepreneur, a go-getter who knows what she wants and does everything in her power to get it.

It teaches you how to truly connect to people

Because you will get to connect with so many people, traveling will help you communicate better, show more empathy and make you a better listener. These are qualities that will make you a better entrepreneur as you will be able to communicate your vision more clearly and work in team.

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It teaches you how to prioritize

Let’s talk about money management! As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to prioritize. What better way to learn how to do so than while managing your money abroad? Traveling requires time-management. The more you travel, the easier researching, selecting and planning a trip becomes. These skills are invaluable to entrepreneurs who need to make the most out of their time and money.

It makes networking easier!

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” — Mark Twain

Traveling helps us meet many different people from all around the world. These connections are priceless as you will get to hear different perspectives and start unexpected partnerships. If you do not enjoy the same old networking methods, traveling can be a great way to replace it.


If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. Go explore the world. Intern abroad, partake in an exchange program or simply search for jobs in different states! We only regret the chances we do not take.

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5 Ways traveling will make you a better entrepreneur

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Shortstints

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How Interning Abroad Will Make You a Better Employee

Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you discover yourself. There is just something about discovering new things that wakes up a part of you, you didn’t even know existed. Being away from what you know also has the power to make you a better employee. Here are the reasons why.

1. It develops your sense of curiosity

While working in another country, your mind opens up to so many things. You become hungry for learning more and discovering. This attribute alone is enough to make you a better employee. When you are curious, you want to know your environment and the people around you.

2. Helps you develop your language proficiency

Often times, people tend to overlook the importance of communication. Interning abroad forces one to learn a completely new language or learn a new set of vocabulary from a language they are not too familiar with. This is a great plus for your resume!

3. Global networking

Networking opens many doors no matter where you are but global networking might give you access to even more opportunities. Having exchanges with people who have a different sense of business than you do, will expose you to many great partnerships that will greatly benefit you in the long run. In the age of globalization, it is crucial that our contacts go beyond our national borders.

4. Alter perspectives

Seeing and doing things the same way can hinder your growth. In order to truly evolve, you need to constantly adapt to the changing market needs. Interning abroad will help you do so by allowing you to have different perspectives. Studying other markets has the power to make you add the perfect twist to your already existing product/service.

5. Different experiences

The experience you get from interning abroad cannot even compare to the one you get here, in the United States. Living in a foreign city has a way of enhancing your creativity and develop better ideas. Internship abroad will also give you a greater sense of purpose. You will discover new passions and have a clearer idea of what you really want to do. The thing about routine is that it limits our vision and sense of curiosity and discovery.


5 Ways traveling will make you a better entrepreneur

6. Traveling

Traveling, in general, is a life changing experience. It opens your eyes to many opportunities and helps you discover yourself. Remember that, when you become a better version of yourself, you can also reach your highest potential at work and in your entrepreneurial life.

Cease opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and learn new things.

Search opportunities abroad today with Short Stints!


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Is working abroad the best option for you?

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”

—Rachel Wolchin

Most of us have heard this saying. Some of us millennials are craving a different experience. More than climbing the latter, we want to see and discover new things. Thankfully, there are many options that will allow us to choose the career path that will satisfy us, but how to know if working abroad is the best option for you?

You are craving a cultural experience

Some people are not satisfied with a ‘regular’ career. They want to see new things, live new experiences and encounter people who will make them question everything they taught they knew. If you are among these people, working abroad might be a great option for you. Being in a different environment will satisfy your inner wanderlust. Working with people who are different than you will also help you see what it is like to work in a different culture and how to work with people who are different than you.

You want to start fresh

If you want a new beginning, working abroad can be a great option. A change of environment might be all you need in order to make some changes in your life. If you are tired of seeing the same people, work with the same coworkers and sit behind the same cubicle, a change of country might be more effective than simply changing jobs. Working abroad will offer you way more than a different work environment, it will offer you a different life!

You have no obligations at home

If you do not have a spouse and kids in your home country, working abroad can be a great experience that will help you get to know yourself better and discover passions that you did not know were hiding on the inside. You will be free to make your own decisions, start a new hobby, let yourself go and discover who you really are.

So pack your laptop and your bags! It might be the start of the adventure of a lifetime.




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5 Ways traveling will make you a better entrepreneur

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Traveling and seeing the world with new eyes is crucial for an entrepreneur. Not only is it important to disconnect and have fun but it also produces a deep transformation inside that equips a leader to better manage his/her business.

Here are 5 reasons traveling will make you a better entrepreneur:

You are less afraid to take risks

Traveling is a risk in itself. You leave your safe nest and find yourself in an different environment. Travelers are more likely to have developed the art of facing the fear of the unknown. This is a great quality to have as an entrepreneur as you will be in situations where you need to simply take a leap of faith. Being bold even when you are not certain of the outcome is definitely a characteristic for winners.

You understand the importance of diversity

Traveling teaches the importance of embracing differences. It makes you less arrogant and helps you realize that other people’s way of doing things might be different but that it does not necessarily mean that it is wrong.  A traveler will understand the benefits of welcoming diversity in the workplace. A mix of culture will bring fresh ideas and different methods to the table.

You bond better with people

Learning to live with people who are different than you will definitely increase your empathy. You will learn to put yourself in their shoes before jumping to conclusions. This will allow you develop stronger relations with your employees and even with your clients, which is an important key to success.

You adapt to change

Traveling makes you flexible. It puts you outside of your comfort zone and transforms you. You need to adapt to the culture, the people, the food and even sometimes the language. Because of this, a traveler will most likely know how to be flexible in the workplace. They will know how to cope with changes and the best ways to help their employees deal with them.

You see past a resume

Traveling teaches you that a person is so much more than the building where they have worked in the past. Because you understand that people’s stories, their way of seeing life, the places they’ve visited can directly impact their performance, you will know how to make the best choices when building your team. Your perspective will shift from “He has 20 years of experience” to “He might not have more than 3 years of experience but because he worked in India with troubled teenagers, he might be more able to listen to others and make sure junior staff members are developing their full potential”

Go on, explore, discover. Traveling is one of the wisest investments you will ever make.

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4 career options for travel lovers

Many of us dream to travel the world and open our minds to new experiences. However, we often find ourselves stuck behind a cubicle, waiting on our supervisor to approve our request for 3 days of rest.

In the corporate world, we are often influenced to think that vacationing and seeing the world are a luxury we can only taste when we are old and retired, when the cash is in the bank and we no longer have the strength to go to the office- But you don’t need to conform to this way of thinking. There are many career options available that will allow you to earn money while following your passion.

Here are 4 career options that are travel lovers approved:

1.Travel writer

Being a travel writer or blogger has been proven over the years to be a career in itself. Magazines and blogs are looking for people who can share their travel experiences, give tips and inspire readers. If you are already about the travel lifestyle, start writing and find the right platform to share your stories- Furthermore, it can increase your visibility and get you hired as an influencer! Which basically means getting free products, trips and free stays at hotels just so you can give these brands more visibility and increase their clientele. Speaking of a travel lover’s dream life!

2. Photographer/Videographer

These days, individuals and companies are always looking for photographers and videographers who are willing to travel with them and get the job done.It doesn’t have to be related to travel photography.You could be an engagement or wedding photographer and get paid to travel the world and shoot. If you have a passion for photography, find what your main focus should be, create a portfolio, pack your bags and get ready to travel!

3. Tour guide

Being a tour guide is one of the best ways to travel inside your own country. If you have a passion for adventures and discoveries, guiding tourists through different sites is a great way to make some money while satisfying your inner wanderlust. You could either work for a tour guide company or even offer your own services.

4. English teacher

English teachers are needed almost everywhere in the world! From orphanages to schools, they are all looking for people to come in their country and teach english. Most organizations won’t even require any certificate or licence in education in order to hire you. Being fluent in english is usually the only requirement . It is a great opportunity to discover a new country and embrace a new culture while doing something meaningful and getting some cash.

Don’t waste your life waiting on your boss approval to travel the world. Your dream life is one career choice away.

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