The benefits of having women in the workplace


Having women in the workplace is very common today. However it was not won without a fight. Women had to learn to earn their rights to be treated as equally as men in terms of: salary, titles, respect ando more. Even though we might not be where we want to be, thank God we are not where we used to be!

Here are a few benefits among many others of having women in the workplace.


Mixing male and female employees will help bring diversity to the workplace. This is really important as it can contribute to a better environment. It will bring in new ideas and ways of seeing and doing things.

Better communication

We have all heard: ” Men are attracted by what they see while women are attracted by what they hear”. Because of most women natural tendency to communicate more, it makes them great counselors in the workplace. A great leader knows how to take the time to listen. This makes women better HR managers in some cases, better supervisors or even better bosses. Keep in mind that, this, by no means is a general statement. I understand that there are numerous factors involved when talking about ones unique strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. However, it is important to consider these general factors in order to make better decisions in the workplace.

More challenges

In the Zinger Folk man Survey, women were rated highest in the category of taking initiatives. Could this be partly explained by the fact that, in some cases, woman feel the need to work harder than man in order to benefit from the same advantages? Taking initiatives is an important trait in the business world as we need go-getters in order to make things happen.

Betrer financial performance

A 2007 report from non-profit research organization, the catalyst, found out that Fortune 500 companies with more female board directors attained significantly higher financial performance than those with the lowest female representation. Taking 3 important factors into consideration: Return on equity, return on sales and return on invested capital, this deserves our attention.

Development and empowerment of others

Also in the Zinger Folk man Survey, woman were rated more highly in the “developing others” category. In order for a company to succeed, it is important to think about team building. We need people of have a sense of leadership and team building. This attribute not only benefits the company but also the employees.


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4 traits of a boss lady

A woman with vision is unstoppable, a woman who is always increasing her skills multiplies. Along with passion this woman is undeniable. _ Janna Cachola

In this day and age, it is not enough to be average. If you want people to notice you and have success you need to excel in what you decide to do. Any woman can on a business but not any woman can be a BOSS LADY.

Are you a boss lady? Here is a checklist to help you find out!

She knows what she wants

She might not always know right away HOW to get there but she knows what she wants. A boss lady is not walking around life with no sense of purpose. She has drive and vision and is ready to do whatever she needs to do to make progress.

She is not afraid to walk alone

A boss lady does not need your approval to start what she has decided to start. She is not afraid to walk alone because her motto is “Be so good that they can’t ignore you.” She knows that her value does not decrease based on others inability to see it yet.

She believes in herself

A boss lady believes in herself and in her abilities to make things happen. She clearly sees the vision in front of her and has no doubt that she is fully able to reach her goals.

She gets things done

A boss lady believes that actions speak louder than words. And she is right! She is more focused on getting things done than announcing what she is about to do. She is ready to use whatever resource she has in hand to work towards her goals.


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