These companies are looking for interns this summer 2017!


Summer is just around the corner and if you are a college student or a fresh graduate looking to acquire some experience and fill the gaps, you are probably sitting behind your screen searching for an internship. Luckily, these companies in New York are hiring interns this summer!

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Sesame Workshop

Sector: Education

Salary: ‪$12 an hour

Company profile: Sesame Workshop, is an American non-profit organization which has been responsible for the production of several educational children’s programs

Job description: Sesame Workshop is looking for a Summer Intern to support our Education Group. The role is focused on helping to develop operational and communication tools and processes that connects our internal team to external partners and vendors for selected initiatives. As an intern in this group, you will have the opportunity to learn about the creation of educational content, media, and instructional design for early education school settings.


Other requirements:

  • This is a 8-week summer intern position.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in College or University.
  • Interns will be entering their Junior or Senior year, and have at least a 3.0 GPA.




Sector: Insurance

Salary: TBD

Company profile: QBE Insurance Group Limited is Australia’s largest global insurer. It provides insurance services mainly to Australia, America, Europe and Asia Pacific region. QBE has 14226 employees in 37 countries worldwide.

Job description: College juniors, seniors, or graduate students working toward a degree in insurance, risk management, or any quantitative field develop functional insurance knowledge and skills related to underwriting principles, operations and concepts. Develop procedural knowledge of policy rating, risk analysis, insurance products, systems, agency management, sales, communications and business submission. Responsible for generating profitable results for QBE by working with the distribution force to grow the company’s book of business. Develop a consistent underwriting approach within assigned authority, process work within defined parameters, and provide quality service to agents and insureds.

Other requirements:

  • ‪This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree or progression toward a bachelor’s degree


‪Summer College Intern

Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Operations overseas over $300m in funding annually, processes budgets, payments and audits for approximately 700 contracts every year, oversees funding for payroll of over 300 DFTA employees,  oversees compliance and prepares claims for over $130M in State and Federal revenue, processes payments for in-house consultants and supplies. In addition, the bureau is responsible for management and compliance of $30 to $40M in discretionary funding. Budget and Fiscal coordinate reporting and inquiries with DFTA’s oversight agencies including State Office for the Aging, Office of Management and Budget, Mayor’s Office of Contracts, Council Finance, etc.

The Intern will assist with several budget and fiscal projects. Projects include:

-Collection and analysis of data for the most recent Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for Aging services providers.

-Collection and analysis of data for Annual Implementation Plan.

-Review and analysis of Info Advantage reports.

-Historical spending and utilization analysis and reports.

-Other special projects.


Other requirements:

As of June of the Program year the prospective interne must be a student matriculated in a college or be a recent college graduate (winter/spring term of the Program year).




Sector: Marketing

Salary: TBD

Company profile: Sprinklr is a company that develops and markets a social software platform, also called Sprinklr, that provides social media marketing, social advertising, content management, collaboration, advocacy and social media monitoring for large enterprises.


Job description: Sprinklr is looking for an energetic and motivated Marketing Solutions Operations Intern in our Midtown Manhattan HQ. This is not one of those internships where you’ll fetch coffee and babysit the fax machine. You will be an integral part of the Sprinklr team. This means you’ll be pushed, challenged, and mentally exhausted. It also means you’ll walk away with some awesome and relevant experience.


The ideal candidate: The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding and interest in social media strategy. We are looking for someone who is passionate about social media, and is excited to show large brands how advocacy marketing can impact their business.


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Dealing with emotional employees? Here is how you can deal with them

As an employer, when hiring an employee, you sign up for the whole package. You do not only sign up for their years of experience or their talent, you also sign up for the times they won’t feel so well and the times they will go through difficult seasons. Have you noticed weird behaviors from your employees lately? Did you notice mood swings? Have they been acting differently and seem as if they are not putting in as much effort as they usually do?

Instead of thinking about giving them a negative note on their next evaluation, you might want to go deeper and figure out why this change in behavior has occurred.

Here are 4 things you could consider doing.


Understand the source of the problem

Take the time to ask questions and try to figure out why your employee is acting differently. In these types of situation, it is important to remember that your employees are human and not machines. They will go through difficult times and it is important that you, as an employer, show that you care. When you do so, your your employees will feel valued, appreciated and most importantly, understood.

Set up some time to talk to them in private in order to identify the cause of their behavior. It could be a problem with their family, spouse, health, finances or even a mistake they’ve made at work. Giving them a chance to vocalize what it is they are going through is the first step in the right direction. Once you understand the problem, transform it into an opportunity for positive change. Employees tend to get overwhelmed when they do not know how to cope with a difficult situation. However, feeling like they have a support system at work will make a huge difference.

Make sure your employee feels comfortable: Set up a proper environment, be alone and make sure it is the right time. After understanding the root of the issue, it will be easier for you to decide what the best solution is.

Cultivate empathy

A true leader understands that it is ok to slow down in order to help a member of the team in need. Do not be so focused on reaching your goals that you forget about the people who will help you reach them.View moments of emotion as opportunities to empathize and show compassion to a hurting employee. After you’ve identified the problem, put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their behavior. This attitude will give you a clearer vision so that you can identify ways to make them feel better. If your employee is going through a difficult emotional phase, perhaps it might not be a good idea for them to be around too many people. Maybe you could give them a more isolated cubicle for a certain period of time. If your employee is having issues with his/her family, maybe it could be a good option to let them leave early for a week so that they can spend more time with their family and resolve their issue. While it might not seem beneficial for you right now, making sacrifices for your employee will help them go through their phase and have a stronger sense of belonging to the company afterwards.


Provide help

Make sure your HR department is experienced enough so that they can help employees in their time of need. Employees need a listening ear and someone who will be able to give them useful advice. Communication and interpersonal relationship skills are a must in order to deal with these situations effectively.

Train the managers and other employees

When an employee opens the door to his/her issues, it is crucial to stay as discrete as possible. However, it is important that you make sure other supervisors or colleagues are aware that this employee will need a little more time this week to finish their projects or that they might be a little anti-social because of some personal issues. By making sure that your whole environment is cooperating, it will make it easier for your employee to feel secure during that time.


While it is normal to support your team, it is also important for your employee to understand that, emotional outbursts and inappropriate behavior that can affect their performance and your work environment will not be tolerated in the workplace. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, some employees might need more time than others to recover. However, always make sure they do not get too comfortable and use their situation as an excuse to deliver poorly.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Wondering if you are too young to start your own business? Here are a few steps to take before you jump.


Is there a perfect age to start your own business? How do you know you have acquired enough maturity? These are questions many go-getters ask themselves as they are thinking of taking the leap of faith and launching their startup. Truth is, there is no such thing as the perfect age. Each entrepreneur is different. Some start at 18 and others are not ready until they are 40.

But there are a few things you should think about before jumping

Make sure you have explored all the possible options

Make sure the decision to start your own business is not a fruit of your personal frustrations: not being able to express yourself at work, not finding a job you love… If this is the case, you might simply need to find a job that suits you better. Starting your own business should help you solve an issue that bothers you in your community, your country or the world. It is not a way of escape to your own personal issues and frustrations. If you do not feel comfortable working a 9-5, maybe working as a freelance could be a better option for you, or finding a career that allows you to work from home. The important thing is to make sure you have explored all the possible options and that you are sure that starting your own business is really what you have found to be best for you.

Make sure you have acquired enough experience

Making sure you have acquired enough experience doesn’t mean that you need to work 10 years before starting your business. However, having past experience allows us to better identify what we are good at and what we would rather die than do. It also helps us have a better understanding of the workplace, how to treat employees and more. Having some past experience also increases your chances of having the right contacts. There might be a boss you look up to, people who have been satisfied with your work in the past that can help you with launching your business idea and even mentor you through the process.

Make sure you are passionate about what you do

Make sure you are following your passion. Have you taken the time to study yourself? Sometimes, while we are young, we rush through life, only to discover later on that we took too many decisions based on the person we taught we would always be. Take the time to know yourself and make sure that the decision to start this business aligns with your vision in life, your purpose and long-term dreams.

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Be willing to learn at all times

Being young, we might lack wisdom and think we know better. As passionate as you might be about your ideas, be willing to learn at all times. Do not rush the process and  do not be afraid to change your mind about certain things. The good thing about starting young is that you have more time to learn from your mistakes and start over. Be willing to make your own researches, to take classes if you need to and to ask for help. We can never be over-educated.

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Diagnosed with micromanagement? Here is how you can cure it.

Micromanagement can kill the dynamic of your team. Have you ever heard of employees talking about their managers as a “control freak”? No employee likes having someone on their back at all times checking their every move. If you want your team to truly be independent, to fuel their creativity and reach their full potential, it is important to give them the space and freedom to do so. However, micromanagement is not an easy habit to break, especially if you have been practicing it for a long time. How can you step back and let your team grow?


Prioritize what matters and what doesn’t

Some things won’t go as you had planned and that is ok. It is important for you to decide what is important and what is not so important. You will learn when you actually need to step in and when the best option is to let it go. If an employee sent an email to a client at 11:00 AM instead of 10:30 AM like you had asked him to, it is probably not worth overreacting. When employees feel criticized over small things, it will demotivate them and affect their overall performance for more important things. When you feel agitated and the need to micromanage starts setting in, take a breath; go for a walk; do whatever you need to do to calm down and have a better perspective.


Have an open door policy with your team

Building a relationship of trust with your team is a must if you want to stop micromanaging. When your team feels like they can approach you for their questions, doubts and concerns, it will be easier to detect a problem before things get out of control. Make your employees feel like they should not be afraid to let you know when they are unsure about how to do something or when they’ve made a mistake. You won’t feel the need to verify every single thing they do because they will develop the reflex of consulting you/sharing with you along the way. – On the other hand, when your employees feel like you trust them, it will empower them to take on more initiatives. Most of the time, when employees are micromanaged, it slows them down and keeps them from reaching their full potential. Making sure your team members know you trust them and have faith in their abilities is actually an essential element to build a strong team of employees.


The tricks employers should use to get their staff to be more engaged

Take small steps

If you are a micromanager at heart, it will be hard to step back and give your employees some space. Do it step by step so that you, yourself do not feel too overwhelmed. Step back from smaller projects, let your employee send out that email without you having to proofread it or let them plan out the next meeting. Taking small steps will help you to slowly but surely let go and trust them more.


Do some introspection

In order to truly deal with an issue, it is important to identify where it is coming from. Ask yourself why you feel the need to micromanage your team. Is it because you are afraid that, if they do something wrong, it will reflect badly on you? Is it because you are unsure of your team’s capabilities?  Whatever the reason, it is important that you deal with it so that your team doesn’t suffer from it any longer.

Not sure if you are a micromanager or not? Here are some signs you might be.

  • You are overwhelmed with work because you cannot delegate
  • You panic if the job is not done EXACTLY how you wanted it to be
  • You check on your employees’ projects at least 2 times a day
  • You feel as if, if you do not take care of every single thing, the business will fall apart
  • You do not truly value your employees’ ideas and suggestions

If you can relate to these symptoms listed above, you are officially a certified micromanager! Do not panic… with the tips presented in this article, you will be able to work on yourself and develop an attitude that will benefit you and your whole team.


When you step back from micromanagement, these amazing things will happen

  • Your team will feel more valued and appreciated
  • It will encourage their sense of leadership
  • They will feel more productive
  • It will lower your staff turnover rate

Control in itself is not a bad thing. It is all about the way you do it. Find ways to make sure everything is on track without making your employees feel like they are chocking. Set up performance indicators, have specific dates of the month to talk about results and performances and give your team the time they need to get the job done. They will thank you later!

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Dealing with difficult employees? These 5 tips will make it better

Dealing with difficult employees

Dealing with difficult employees is plain hard. Employers might have great intentions, but not necessarily know how to deal with certain situations. Remember that difficult employees can demotivate your whole team so it is really important that you make sure the situation at your office is always under control.

Here are 5 ways that may help deal with tough employees:

Listen to what they have to say

If you are dealing with a difficult employee, you will want to take things slow when it comes to approaching them, especially in delicate situations. Before making any accusation, it is important to take the time to listen to your employee. A difficult employee might not take critic easily or might feel like other colleagues are talking behind their back all the time. Make sure you take the time to listen to their side of the story first. This will create a more relaxed atmosphere and put them more at ease. It will help them cool down and be more prepared for your discussion.

Give direct and honest feedback

Do not hesitate to give honest feedback, no matter how your employee will take it. It is better to be honest than having to say everything at once when the tank explodes. Take the time to talk to your employee about what went wrong and what could be better. Yes, giving tough feedback is one of the most uncomfortable things a manager has to do but it is necessary in order to keep the environment healthy.

Set clear performance indicators

Always make sure you have proof of what you are saying. Difficult employees can get easily offended and think the world is after them. Set clear performance indicators and make sure your evaluation is always based on these indicators. Employees need to feel that you know what you are saying when it comes to evaluation and that you are not making things up based on one brief observation.

Ask HR for advice before meeting with your employee

Employers do not always know the best way to approach difficult employees. Do not hesitate to reach to an HR  specialist to ask for advice. They will be able to tell you the best way to deal with certain cases and make sure you follow the company rules while taking care of a situation.

Set consequences

When you set rules, there needs to be consequences for violations. It is not enough to tell employees what not to do, there needs to be clear consequences so they know what to expect. If employees don’t believe their behaviour will have any real negative impact on them, why would they change? Be ready to layoff an employee if the situation doesn’t get better so that they understand that their attitude can cause them to lose their job.

Dealing with difficult employees is hard but not impossible. Make sure you have the right tools in hand and things should go smoothly at the office.

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Employees who use their vacation time work better. Find out why

On a market where job availability is always fluctuating, the focus is often put on searching for a job and keeping it. However, it is also important to think about what happens once employees do find that job they were searching for. Stress, working overtime, can all cause employees to lose focus and feel demotivated. Many employees, because of their desire to climb the latter quickly tend to forget about their mental and physical wellbeing, which is a mandatory factor to help them reach their goals. While it is great to have a team who is willing to work hard, here are the reasons why employers and employees should not neglect the importance of vacation time.

1) Keeps you energized and motivated: Many times, when employees feel like they want to quit or change jobs, all they truly need is a vacation in order to renew their strenght and energy. It is normal for employees, as human beings, to feel demotivated when their need for  disconnection and restauration is not met.  As employers, it is a necessity to carefully set up vacation plans in a way that will keep your employees from being overworked and drained. Making sure employees are physically and mentally energized will ultimately end up in better results.

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2) Helps you have a new perspective: Disconnection is sometimes the best thing that can happen to you. When you get stuck into a routine, it can become hard for you to see your workload for what it really is. You will easily feel overwhelmed and this will directly affect your results at work. Taking a vacation should not be with the objective of getting away from your job but to be in a better position to embrace your job and responsibilities. It provides rest and recuperation. In a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for Project: Time Off, talent managers and human resource (HR) professionals overwhelmingly agree that fully utilizing vacation leave drives higher employee performance and productivity, boosts organizational morale, contributes to employee wellness and results in higher employee retention. Almost everything starts working again once it is disconnected and reconnected…so will employees.

3) Allows you to do an introspection and reflect on your life (where you are compared to the goals you have set):  It keeps you focused on what you have to do in order to keep growing and progressing at work. Taking the time to reflect on who you truly are as a person and as a professional will keep you more grounded. Have you ever noticed how, after working on a text for several hours, it is almost impossible for you to track spelling mistakes? The same principle can be applied when it comes to your professional life. Without a step back,  employees tend to lose sight of the big picture, their WHY, the reason why they do what they do. Vacationing will allow you to do this and go back to work with a fresh mind and vision.

4) Increases your productivity and drive
(Direct relation with point 3): When your productivity increases, it gives you the drive to keep going. Because you will have a clearer sense of direction, it will be easier for you to work more efficiently. You will know exactly where to direct your effort and as a result, you will deliver better work.

Overall, vacation time is a great way to start fresh. It is not quitting on your job but rather, stepping back in order to start on tbe right foot.

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Create your own website today and land the job of your dreams

Are you currently on a job hunt and looking for an easy way to stand out? It might be time for you to set up your own website. Even as an employee, having your own website is always a great idea as it will allow you to have a platform where future business partners, potential collaborators and more can find you and reach you easily. Here are the top reasons you need to start creating a personal website.

It is more visual: Sometimes, it is not enough to list your skills on a piece of paper. Nowadays, it is better to provide your recruiter visual and tangible proof of your capabilities. A personal website gives you the chance to do so. Your website will allow you to showcase your work to potential employers and clients. This is especially useful for candidates in creative fields who sometimes have more pressure to stand out.

How to make your resume attractive for creative positions

You can freely share what you want to: Your resume forces you to condense your entire work experience into just a few bullet points. This often forces you, as a candidate to not say everything you would want to say. It also puts more pressure to do well on your interview since you will get the feeling that you were not really able to sell yourself enough with your resume. When you own your personal website, you have more freedom to showcase your work and experiences.


It is easier to advertise: It is not enough to put a great resume together or even a website. You will need to do some advertising in order to increase your chances of being found by employers. While with resumes, you can use job search websites to set up a profile and get connected to employers, having your own website will give you a little more control. You will be able to use advertisement options to boost your website, share your work on social media and more.


It makes you look more serious: Letting your prospect employer know that they can learn more about you on your personal website shows them that you are serious about networking and and making it easy for employers to find you. Plus, putting a good looking website together takes time and effort, which will prove that you really want to find a job. Do not forget to include a downloadable resume so that employers do not have to ask you for one after visiting your page.


Easier to find you: A website will make you more visible in search engine results, increasing your chances of landing your dream job. Make sure you plug in key words that reflect the skills and abilities that your prospect employer might be looking for.


It is easier to contact you: Do not forget to include clear call to actions on your website and to give direct info on how recruiters can reach you. Make sure the information is always up to date so that you do not miss any important job offer.


Most importantly, a website will be able to reflect who you really are. It can be hard to show your personality through your resume. Taking the time to set up a personal website will greatly benefit you in the short and long run by providing authentic information, giving you freedom and control and by greatly increasing your chances of finding the job you dream of.


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Is job hopping the best option for you? Things to consider before changing jobs

Millennials are often looking for “the next big thing”. Rather than climbing the latter to build their career like our parents did, most of us want to escape the routine, discover new things and touch multiple things. However, while this is not something bad in itself, job hopping can actually hurt your career. If you are one the numerous millennials sitting behind a cubicle, unhappy and planning your next move. Here are things you must consider before leaving your current job:


Make sure you have acquired enough experience to guarantee you another position elsewhere

As millennials, it is important to be careful not to make impulsive decisions when it comes to changing jobs. You might focus on factors like the fact that you “do not see any opportunity for growth” or that “your opinion is not valued”. While these are all good reasons to consider changing jobs, you must also ask yourself if you have spent enough time at this company to constitute valuable experience. When you leave one job, do not forget that you will apply elsewhere and that they will take a look at your past in order to determine if they will offer you the position or not. You might have the necessary skills but is your resume able to show it through your past experience? – Ask yourself: “Have I built up enough experience so I can effectively market myself for another role?

If you can’t answer this question by the affirmative, it might mean that you need to stay a little longer at your current position and acquire more experience before you consider changing jobs.


Look at other parts of the company to see if there is room to fulfill the need to explore and grow

Sometimes, while you think you need to switch jobs, all you really need to do is switch departments. Many companies like to hire internally. Do not be so focused on leaving your job that you forget to consider all of the other options available to you inside the company. If you are bored at work, maybe you simply need your manager to modify your task. You do not always need to wait for them to promote you. If you are unhappy and truly think you are ready to take on more responsibilities, just take a chance and ask. This will show your superiors that you want to grow inside the company and find new ways to work for them.

Find someone inside your current company who will be able to recommend you elsewhere

Make sure you’ve had enough time to make a good impression on your current supervisors. This will be beneficial in the long run, as they will be able to recommend you to other employers. Do what you can so that you can put your abilities out there while you work at the company. One thing you will learn as you grow is that one good impression can go a long way. When you do your job well and get recognized for it, it will open many doors for you in the future.


Make sure you will have another position waiting for you in the field you are interested in

If you choose to quit a job, don’t do it without having another job lined up first. Test the waters before you take your leap of faith. Do not leave your job before you have a plan B. While you consider leaving your current position, take the time to do your research. List all the reasons why you want to change jobs and also think about what you are looking for in your next position. Then, look for a job that fits your expectations and start applying. Give yourself enough time to find what is best for you.


Most importantly, take some time to yourself to really see if you are not making an emotional decision. Sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed simply because you need a vacation or because you are dealing with other difficult things in your personal life. It’s better to resolve the issues now than to carry them to your next job. Also keep in mind that changing jobs too often will not look good on a resume. Consider all of these questions listed above before making your big move.

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I hired the worst candidate ever! Now what?


The recruiting process can be tricky. Nothing truly guarantees that the candidate you hire is the right fit for the position. As a recruiter, you can do what is in your power to avoid hiring the wrong candidate but it is also important to know what to do after you’ve hired the wrong one.

Recognize your mistake

After you’ve realized you have hired the wrong person, it is important that you recognize your mistake. Oftentimes, recruiters, because they want to save their pride and image, do not admit that the candidate they have hired was not the right fit for the position. Instead, they keep them around and let the team pay the consequences of their bad decision. Delaying in hopes that the employee will change and magically learn the skills, will only make the situation worse. Keeping the wrong hire around will affect the whole team and eventually the company’s image and finances. The sooner you recognize your mistake, the quicker you will be able to take the necessary measures to make up for it.


There are a few things that indicate your employee is not the right fit:


–       The employee does not seem to know how to get the job done

–       He/she is always asking other colleagues for help

–       Your employee has a hard time respecting deadlines

–       He/she is embarrassed to tell you they do not know how to do something

–       Your customers are complaining

–       Your staff is complaining


If you notice these signs, it is important to acknowledge them as early as possible and consult your HR department to figure out what to do.



Hiring the wrong candidate is not only bad for the team but also, it is putting your new hire in an embarrassing situation. The whole team will know that they are not able to deliver the work. This will affect their ego and they will see their time at your company as a bad experience they want to forget.  Take the time to talk to them in private and recognize that you have made a bad decision when hiring them for this specific position. Do not forget to mention that it is not about them. The candidate probably has qualities and strengths that would be perfect for another position and you might have gotten carried away by their charisma. Try recommending them to other companies for which they will be a better fit. We all make mistakes and recruiters are not exempt from this. The important thing is to know when to apologize and end things on a good note. Also apologize to some of your employees who might have suffered from the new hire’s incompetency. Doing so will show your team that you value them enough to make sure you create an environment that will motivate them to be the best version of themselves.


Consult your HR department

Letting an employee go is not easy. It is important for you to work with your HR department in order to discuss the best ways to proceed. Before letting them go, see if this is really the right decision. Some employees only need some training in order to acquire the qualifications it takes to get the job done. Also, it is possible that the new hire has not felt integrated enough. There are different factors that could explain why they have failed to feel equipped to get the job done. Your HR specialists will be able to analyze the situation and see what is the best thing to do from there on. Do not do or say anything before consulting them as they will have a better sense of judgment of the situation.


Take the time to figure out why you made the wrong choice

The best way to avoid committing the same mistakes is to take the time to see why you made these mistakes and what you can do differently next time. Take the time to replay the interview in your head. Did you get carried away by their personality without considering their lack of experience? Did you ask the right questions during your interview? Did you truly take the time to analyze their body language and more? These are all questions to ask yourself in order to be more prepared when interviewing candidates who will replace the bad hire. You can also ask your team what they think went wrong and ask them their opinion on the qualifications the right candidate should have. Involving your team in the recruiting process will help you avoid making the same mistakes.


Do not wait till it is too late to recognize a bad hire. Take advantage of the 90 days probation and take the necessary measure if ever you think you will need to replace your employee.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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Advantages of posting job offers online

Job searching and recruiting are not always a fun process. Not only do they require time, work and patience, but we absolutely need to go through them in order to find employment or employees. Job search websites like are great ways to post job offers online and allow you to relax and let the system work for you!

Here are some advantages you will gain from posting your job offer online:

Increases your company’s visibility

An extra visibility never hurts. By posting your job opening online, you will make your company information available to a wider range of people. You can always Sign up today for FREE and add features that will help you promote your company better. Many people nowadays rely on online platforms for their job search so it is always a great idea to take advantages of these opportunities.

Makes the recruiting process easier

Recruiting can be very time consuming. With all the platforms available to us, it is important to make the most out of the available recruiting tools. Posting your job offer online will make the process easier for you as the information will be exposed in a place where job seekers can see it. Furthermore, they will be able to seek according to their field of expertise and interest which will automatically filter the number of applications you recieve. In this day and age, we are always racing against the clock so finding ways to manage our time better is always a good idea.

Helps you find the right employee

Many employers struggle to find the right fit for their company. Because online platforms present facilitating tools like filters (per cities, minimum wage, field of expertise and more) , it will be easier for you to specify what your company offers and help you attract the right candidates.

Saves money

Most online platforms let you post your job for free. This, allows you to reduce your labor cost. Plus, because posting job openings online can increase your chances of finding the right candidate more quickly, it will reduce the cost of having to replace a bad hire.

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How recruiters can use social media to find the right candidates in 2017

More control

When you post a job offer online, you have more control over so many things like: the number of applicants, the number of people who clicked on your listing, the candidates’ profiles and more. You might even be able to answer some candidates’ questions, which will save you hours of your time during the selection process and allow you to have more direct interaction with your candidates. (This is always good for the company).

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints


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