Want More Job Candidates? Eliminate These Pesky Barriers

Searching and applying for jobs is a long and stressful process. It’s similar to the hiring process – long.

You can’t wait to choose the best candidates from the pool to interview, instead of wasting your time on difficult or unqualified candidates.

When it comes to job applications for candidates, it’s the same way. Why would they spend their time – which they have little – to fill out complicated and lengthy job applications? They won’t.

Want more job candidates? Eliminate these pesky job application barriers.

Unnecessary Requirements

Does your current job ad list a plethora of qualifications and experience requirements that aren’t necessary?

Your job candidates have probably seen many, many job ads. If yours list a slew of conditions, it’ll overwhelm them; they’ll leave your job ad in the dust, even if your company is better.

Human Resources
Eliminate Some Unnecessary Job Requirements

Look at your current job ads and delete qualifications and requirements that aren’t crucial to the posting.

It doesn’t matter if the job is for a temporary job, internship, or short term contract work. The post will be more attractive to potential applicants.

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Long Applications

No one wants to fill out a long and arduous job application. They’re time-consuming, and most of it is unnecessary.

If your current job application process is lengthy, you’re losing out on great candidates. 68% of job seekers give up on job applications that are too long or require too much information. It just isn’t worth it.

They’d rather fill out a shorter, less complicated application. You’re leading them to your competitors.

Human Resources
Shorten The Application Process

For example, if you need them to fill out their job experience, skills, and education, have them attach a resume instead – not both. You’re making them do double the work.

Also, keep interviews to a minimum, and only for top candidates. Don’t have them do 6 interviews, if 2-3 will do.


How can you make your job application simpler and more attractive to job applicants?


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