Free Job Postings – Why Paying for Job Postings is Better

Have you ever paid for a job posting? Or do you stick to free job ads? Free postings can be great because they’re just that: free.

But, free doesn’t always mean better. Are you having issues finding the right candidate, despite posting on free boards?

Many companies have trouble, and it calls for creativity. You need to do what your competition isn’t.

Time is money, and you need to find applicants on a timeline – the sooner, the better.

Finding employees is a valuable investment; you should treat it as such. Want to learn why paying for job postings is better? Let’s dive in.

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Free Isn’t Always the Best Route

Everyone loves free. It saves you money, and you don’t have to make any investments; however, free often gives you what you paid for – which can be nothing.

Paid extras are well worth the investment, particularly for companies that are serious about hiring an ideal candidate.

Job board premiums can include bolding, highlighting, and an ad-free space to highlight important info and avoid distractions.

You need to put yourself in your ideal applicant’s shoes. What draws them in? What turns them off?

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Stand Out from the Crowd

Paid posts can be a way to show you value your employees. If you invest in job ads, job seekers know you’re serious about finding the right talent. And you’re also willing to invest in your team.

What’s more appealing – an ad riddled with advertisements, or one that is clean and allows you to highlight important information for readability?

Paid options make your post easier to scan, read, and professional-looking. You need to impress candidates right away. It’s a two-way street.

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Highlight Your Ad in Search Results

Paid posts can put you at the top of relevant search results. To beat your competition, job seekers need to find you first. Make it easier for them.

With top search results and an effective job post ad, you can reel in quality applicants. You’re the first ad job seekers see, which will increase your chances of excellent candidates applying.

For many job seekers, they don’t want to scroll through page after page of job ads. They may stop at the first five pages, and apply to the positions that most suit their skills, experience, and career goals.

Ensure you’re at the top of the list. You don’t want other companies taking all the top talent.

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Less Likely You’ll Be Seen as a Scam

There are many scams out there, and job seekers are hesitant to apply to freelancing, contracting, and temp positions that are remote or work-from-home.

Free ads make it easy for fraudulent companies to post ads; however, if you pay for your posting, candidates will feel more confident about applying.

For many free job boards and sites, a majority of job postings for work-from-home, freelance, or remote work can be misleading or false. Often, fraudulent companies post these ads in hopes of collecting “registration” fees.

Paid job postings are one way to make your ads legitimate, and let job seekers know you are interested in hiring for a real position. Credibility is imperative.


Do you think paid postings are better than free postings? What’s your experience with free and paid postings for your business?

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