Resume Writing Tips – 5 Words That Could Knock Your Resume to the Bottom of the Pile

There’s a lot of resume writing advice out there. It doesn’t matter if your resume is showing off short term or seasonal work, temp positions, or even full-time employment. The wording is everything. These 5 words and phrases could be knocking your resume to the bottom of the pile, and even the trash can. So, what should you delete from your resume?

Career objective. Using objective is seen as old-school. Unless an employer specifically asks you to include an objective or career objective, skip it all together. It takes up precious real estate on your resume, and can get your it tossed in the “no pile.” This rule also includes using “objective” by itself.

Resume Writing Tips
Writing A Resume

References available upon request. This statement tells hiring managers what they already know. If employers are interested in hiring you, they will ask for your references. So keep it out, like the career objective, because it just takes up space.

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Responsible for. Using “responsible for” stops you from showing off your accomplishments. It can be tempting to mimic job ads when they use this language, but don’t. “Responsible for responding…” doesn’t sound as great as “Implemented new response…”

Assisted. Many job seekers use this term when they really mean “collaborated” or “contributed.” It tones down your hard work. Instead, skip it and write what you mean to say. Let your achievements get the spotlight0.

Resume Writing Tips

Utilized. It’s a fancy way of saying “use.” We’ve all done it. Instead of telling potential employers you did something, show them by offering solid facts. Companies want to “see” you can do what you say. Results speak volumes.

A few honorable mentions also include creative, hard-working, and communication skills. Be specific. These terms are too vague for your resume.

What words do you avoid using in your resume?

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