Company Branding – Things Not to Do on Social Media

Social media is an integral part of creating brand awareness and increasing your target market reach.

Over 75% of all Internet users use at least one form of social media. Social media sites are some of the most visited online locations.

With the right social media branding techniques, you can build a huge list of followers, be seen as an industry expert, and become a reliable employer for job seekers.

When it comes to company branding, here are things not to do on social media.

Excluding Visuals

On social media sites like Twitter, there are millions of tweets updated everyday. If you don’t have an image or graphic to grasp your followers’ attention, they may not even see your tweet.

This goes for your target consumers, as well as potential employees (temps, interns, short term contractors, etc.)

Social Media Plan
Is Your Social Media Marketing Plan Including Visuals?

You want likes and retweets on Twitter. It helps grow your reach. The more people know about your company, the better.

Adding visuals is the quickest way to stand out. It may take an extra minute or two, but the time investment is worth it.

Tweets with pictures, for instance, receive 150% more retweets, and 89% more likes than tweets without pictures.

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Creating Social Media Updates Not on Brand

 Everything you do should be on brand – meaning it should fit your brand entirely. You must be consistent. That’s why understanding your brand completely is so important.

Social media is an incredible tool you can use to help your company. Only share social media updates, information, pictures, and so forth that match your business.

Social Media Stratey
Brand Consistency is Important. Have You Assessed Your Social Media Marketing Plan Lately?

Otherwise, you risk confusing your followers. If you’re unsure if it matches your brand, chances are it doesn’t. It’s better not to post something you’re unsure of, then post something that doesn’t match the vision, goals, and voice of your organization.


Your turn! What are your tips for social media and branding?


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Do You Need to Disclose Salary in a Job Posting?

Do you need to disclose salary in a job posting? This question is met with half of employers saying yes, and the other half saying no.

When it comes down to it, you don’t “need” to tell job seekers of the role’s wages right away. It should meet the average pay of an employee with the experience, skills, and company’s location you’re looking for, if not more.

There are benefits of listing the position’s salary in your job ad, but it also has cons.

Salary Isn’t Everything

While many employers assume salary is the top motivating factor and a deal breaker for employees, it isn’t. Salary isn’t as important as you think; it’s the same for any job type – temp, internship, contractor, seasonal, and so forth.

Job Posting
Is Your Firm Adding Salaries to Job Postings?

64% of employees are happy with their compensation. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay your staff what you’re worth. As a recruiter or hiring manager, you should know how much the position is worth.

It’s up to you whether you want to let job seekers know right away what you’re paying, or let those who reach the later hiring stages negotiate wages.

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But It Can Matter

For executive and senior positions, companies may choose to disclose salary. Some organizations may not, and instead base salary “depending on experience” (DOE).

Is the open role entry-level? Or is it management? The position can influence whether it’s best to disclose salary details or not.

Job Posting
Have You Considered Adding Salaries to Executive and Senior Management Job Postings?

Plus, for job seekers who aren’t interested and are looking for higher pay, listing your salary can save everyone time. Why waste your time with candidates who aren’t interested in your company and only care about money?


Do you disclose job salary in your job ads? Why or why not?


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Here’s Why You Need to Search for Active Job Candidates

When you have an open position to fill, it can be hard to attract the right candidates. Some recruiters and hiring managers like to hire passive candidates.

But it can leave you wondering if you were better off looking for job seekers who were proactive and go-getters. There’s a big difference between passive job seekers and active job seekers.

Here’s why you need to search for active job candidates.

They Aren’t Resistant to Change

Active job seekers – temps, interns, contractors, anyone – are individuals who are willing to make a change, and who actively seek it.

They understand the road ahead of them. Changing companies, job roles, and even their residences are challenging and stressful situations.

Hiring Tips
Are You Searching For Active Job Seekers ?

Many job seekers can be resistant to change and are unprepared for it. They don’t want to deal with it. Active job seekers do not have this issue. They won’t resist change and welcome it so they can come aboard your organization.

They’re ready and prepared for it.

They’re Decision Makers

No one wants an indecisive job candidate or employee. Indecisiveness isn’t a sign of strong leadership or confidence.

Active candidates have strong career goals and know what steps to take to get where they want to be. You can count on them to make decisions, and they’re confident in their work.

You don’t want an employee who second guesses whether that project was their best work, or how they should resolve a problem.

Plus, indecisive employees will put you on edge, and add more stress to your job and their colleagues.

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Passion Drives Them

Studies have shown passionate employees are more productive, engaged, and loyal to their employers. They are also good at what they do.

You want passionate staff members who enjoy their work, who are productive, and who care about the work they do for your company.

According to the Polling Company, lack of passion is the number one reason why passive candidates fail at their new job roles; active and passionate candidates do not.

Plus, active and passionate candidates apply to your company for a reason. They’re interested in the job position, they connect with your business’s values and mission, and know what they want in their careers.

Hiring Tips
Consider Active Candidates That Have An Interest In your Company.

Don’t scare away passionate and proactive candidates. They’re exactly the type of team members your company needs to succeed and get ahead of your competition.

Success is On Their Side

Because active candidates are passionate about what they do and have clear goals, they are good at what they do. Passion and skill drive them.

They can be invaluable members of your team who work hard to succeed on every project. Active workers do not let setbacks get in the way, and have backup plans when things go awry.

You can count on them to do what they say, and you won’t second guess how well they will perform or complete a project.

Active candidates usually ask for more pay, but it’s an investment well worth it. They want to succeed as much as they want your organization to succeed.


What are the pros and cons of hiring active and passionate job candidates?


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What Are the Best Cities for Recent College Grads?

Earlier this year, millions of students graduated college and joined the job hunt. New grads will be looking for plenty of work, including temp positions, short term work, and internships.

What are the best cities for recent college grads? Zumper conducted a study on the best places for recent graduates. Let’s take a look the top 3 cities.

Madison, Wisconsin

According to Zumper’s research, this is the best city for recent college graduates. Why? While Madison is relatively large, it doesn’t come with the steep rent prices of more major cities. Plus, it boasts a well-educated, young, and single population.

Job Tips
Madison, Wisconsin Internships

Recent grads can make decent salaries and enjoy an array of restaurants, cafes, bars, and more.

Austin, Texas

Austin is known for its vibrancy and diversity. A college town, like Madison, it is also highly populated with a younger, well-educated crowd.

Job Tips
Austin, Texas Contract Work

The city offers both great food and music scenes. The only downfall is rent prices, which can be expensive compared to average entry-level salaries.

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Columbus, Ohio

Many recent college grads may never consider living in a city like Columbus. When grads think of career cities, they often think of New York, San Francisco, Orlando, or Phoenix.

Job Tips
Columbus, Ohio Temp Jobs

Columbus offers excellent employment opportunities and decent wages for new college graduates.  Plus, to top it all off, rent is much more affordable compared to other cities. Prices can range as low as $850/month for a two-bedroom apartment.


What are the best cities for college graduates, in your opinion? Should new college grads look for work in larger or smaller cities?


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Want More Job Candidates? Eliminate These Pesky Barriers

Searching and applying for jobs is a long and stressful process. It’s similar to the hiring process – long.

You can’t wait to choose the best candidates from the pool to interview, instead of wasting your time on difficult or unqualified candidates.

When it comes to job applications for candidates, it’s the same way. Why would they spend their time – which they have little – to fill out complicated and lengthy job applications? They won’t.

Want more job candidates? Eliminate these pesky job application barriers.

Unnecessary Requirements

Does your current job ad list a plethora of qualifications and experience requirements that aren’t necessary?

Your job candidates have probably seen many, many job ads. If yours list a slew of conditions, it’ll overwhelm them; they’ll leave your job ad in the dust, even if your company is better.

Human Resources
Eliminate Some Unnecessary Job Requirements

Look at your current job ads and delete qualifications and requirements that aren’t crucial to the posting.

It doesn’t matter if the job is for a temporary job, internship, or short term contract work. The post will be more attractive to potential applicants.

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Long Applications

No one wants to fill out a long and arduous job application. They’re time-consuming, and most of it is unnecessary.

If your current job application process is lengthy, you’re losing out on great candidates. 68% of job seekers give up on job applications that are too long or require too much information. It just isn’t worth it.

They’d rather fill out a shorter, less complicated application. You’re leading them to your competitors.

Human Resources
Shorten The Application Process

For example, if you need them to fill out their job experience, skills, and education, have them attach a resume instead – not both. You’re making them do double the work.

Also, keep interviews to a minimum, and only for top candidates. Don’t have them do 6 interviews, if 2-3 will do.


How can you make your job application simpler and more attractive to job applicants?


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