Staying Awake at Work – 6 Tips to Stay Awake Without Caffeine

It’s important to stay awake on the job. If you’re juggling more than one temp position or short term work assignment, you’re tired. Staying awake at work can seem impossible, especially if you’re quitting or banning caffeine from your diet. Here are 6 tips for staying awake without caffeine.

  1. Get plenty of light. Light can work as a stimulant to the brain, letting it know it’s time to be awake. Step outside, open the blinds or turn on plenty of artificial light to wake up.
    Sunlight For Health Benefits
    Getting Some Sun

    Nap strategically. If this is a possibility, short naps have been proven to be beneficial. Naps tend to be more doable for individuals who are more in charge of their schedules like consultants and freelancers. But if you can make it work for your current job, consider it. If not, close your eyes for ten minutes.

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  1. Take walks. Exercising and getting the blood moving will help keep you awake. It will brush away any tiredness that’s threatening you while you work. Just get moving.
  1. Don’t eat heavy foods. Eat light foods, especially for breakfast. Heavy foods can weigh you down, and are harder to digest. They slow your metabolism, which in turn makes your tired. Instead, opt for energy boosting snacks, such as jerky or nuts.

    Walnuts Have Health Benefits
    A Healthy Snack Choice
  1. Splash cold water on your face. There’s a reason people say to take cold showers in the morning to wake up. It forces your body to regulate its temperature and keeps you alert.
  1. Give your eyes a break. Staring at a screen all day can make you tired. Turn your attention elsewhere. Watch your surroundings, or move your eyes around for a while before returning your attention back to the screen.

What are your caffeine-free tips to staying awake at work?

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