Temp Jobs – What to Do When Your Temporary Position is Ending

Transitioning between temp positions isn’t uncommon. They’re temporary, after all. To set yourself up to smoothly transition into your next position, here are a few actions to take before your next ship sails to new employment adventures.

Figure out your next move. Your soon to end temp position may not be your only job or obligation. So it’s easy to delay and avoid job searching. But don’t give in. Be proactive about those applications.

Ask for a recommendation. Hiring managers notice recommendations, especially from former employers. If you use LinkedIn, it can be particularly useful on a professional networking site. Plenty of companies check out candidate social media profiles, and many find work from sources like LinkedIn.

Temp To Hire Jobs
Temp Job Opportunity

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Stay in touch. Actively remain in contact with former places of employment. Provide your contact information to everyone you worked with. Tell them you want to stay in touch. They will remember you, and can help you land future work when there’s another job opening.

Ask if you can stay. If you enjoy your boss or the company, let them know – even if it means occupying a new position or working on another short term or seasonal project. If they like you (and there’s an opening), you may have a chance to stay.

temporary Job Opportunity
Short Term Work

Work hard until the end. Don’t let the end of days make you relax in your job duties. Now is the time to impress. If employers see you are not putting in the effort, you’ll risk losing a recommendation and being asked to come back in the future. Don’t slack off.

What do you do when your temp job is nearing its end?

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Land a Job this Week with a New Method

Job seekers apply to thousands of job ads every day. Some job seekers, apply to every job post available, regardless if they qualify. In fact, some apply to 400-500 jobs over a period of 4-5 months without doing any research on the companies or job positions.

Searching for jobs is a difficult task. And it’s time-consuming; however, landing a job is achievable with the right methods. Goal setting, self-discipline, and determination are valuable skills to possess.

Find the Perfect Temp Job
Find the Perfect Temp Job

Seek out employers. Contact them directly and introduce yourself. Let them know about your skill set and how you can help their company. This method is especially useful for small businesses. Do this for internships, temp jobs, and seasonal and short term work.

Perfect your elevator pitch. Having a succinct and catchy 30-second speech is handy. It can help you network, introduce yourself, and breeze through an interview. Most interviewees don’t know how to handle the questions, “Tell me about yourself. What do you do?” and “Why are you a good fit for our company?”

Getting the Temp Job
Getting the Temp Job

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Let them know you’ve done your research. Employers are more likely to listen or interview a candidate if they’ve shown interest in their company. This way they know you’re familiar with their values and what they’re looking for in an employee.

Don’t forget: stay organized. Keep track of every job ad and every employer you email. Note the date and set a reminder for a follow-up. It’s also helpful to keep a folder of tailored resumes and cover letters on your computer.

What’s your biggest job hunting struggle?

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Should You Really Hire Temporary Staff?

Temporary employees play a vital role in many companies. Roughly 2 million people in the United States work in temp jobs every day. Temporary positions are growing in demand in an ever-changing economy. Hiring temp employees has many advantages.

Let’s look at some ways temporary positions and employees can help your company.

Know who you’re hiring before you commit. Many companies hesitate to hire an employee full-time without evidence of their work ethic. You can provide a trial period before you invite an employee on full term. You’ll be able to rate their performance and decide if they are a  fit for your company.

Temporary Job Hiring
Temporary Job Hiring

Quickly fill a needed position. It’s easy to find temporary staff. Filling needed positions is often a quick task. It’s likely you’ll find numerous applicants who are qualified to fill the position, so you can focus on more important areas.

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They’re professional and qualified. Temporary staff are often consultants, interns, and freelancers who are experts in their fields. You can use their talents and expertise on projects and other tasks. Plus, short-term workers are often passionate about their work, which shows through their commitment, work ethic, and level of work they put into their projects and performance.

Temp To Hire
Temp To Hire

Adjust workflow issues. Workflow issues can be due to vacancies, illness, leaves of absence, maternity and disability leave, and unexpected departures. Temp staff prove to be invaluable assets during peak seasonal times and employee shortages.

What’s your best experience with temporary employees?

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